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  1. Had intentions of floating that morning myself. Went to the tdl access Friday evening to check river and it looked awesome. Got to mounts Saturday morning at daylight so I'd be first on the water. As I crossed the low water bridge my heart sank to see it muddy. I knew there were some pop up storms around Friday afternoon and evening. But had no idea the one around irondale had dumped so much rain. Knowing my muddy water limitations I turned the truck around, headed home and returned to my slumber....
  2. This may be the first pic I've ever seen Joe d smiling in......
  3. It's always funny finding out how many people call the same spots by different names.
  4. In the words of smallie bigs, "The internet. Ruining fishing holes since 1998".......
  5. Legends are super boats. But those as well as the other jet boats built here in the Mo-Ark region are built and set up for the gravel bottomed rivers of our region where we rarely rarely encounter the type of water that you all on the Delaware, Susquehanna, and other eastern rivers have to run. Seems like most of the boats you see from out there are heavy bottomed, console forward sleds, often with an additional layer of UHMW (??) plastic screwed to the bottom.
  6. Maybe I'm not reading this correctly but it seems like a real kick in the pants to the long time mercury dealers; especially for those in close proximity to evinrude dealers such as troutt and sons and cowtown. They're literally one exit apart.......
  7. I don't recall. But I can ask the guy who caught it when I see him at church Sunday.
  8. Though uncommon, I know of at least one 7 pound largemouth caught through that stretch and quite a few 4-6 pounders in the past ten or so years. As far as the smallies go, that species of fish seems to bring out the big eye in all anglers............. And for the most part that stretch isn't really known for giving really big smallies like some of the stretches of river a few miles downstream......at any rate a good day nonetheless and I appreciate the report. Been wanting to float the upper part but have been impatiently waiting for river and weather conditions to stabilize before doing so....
  9. Without a doubt, my favorite jet boat name ever................. "what's he saying?? " go faster"..............
  10. YES!!!!!! Have said the same thing for years. Family and I have eaten several spots; as well as crappie, walleye and saugers from the lower river (lower meaning below the Bourbeuse). So far so good. But then again I was raised on fish caught out of the Lead belt portion of Big River.................
  11. Could be wrong but the first one looks all spot to me???..... Totally agree on bottom one and inconclusive on middle one. Is what it is. The spots and meanmouths have pretty much claimed the lower meramec.
  12. One of my absolute fav's: "I'd rather drink turpentine and p!$$ on a brushfire". --Sheriff Kimbel Young Guns II.
  13. "He always said he wanted to run the gauntlet".
  14. "We may have to be neighbors but I don't have to be neighborly". "How's it with stains." "Well Mr. Capet bagger. Around these parts we got something called a Missouri boat ride".
  15. I think we're gonna check out Mina Sauk again. Should have a good flow after Thursday's forecasted rain.
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