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  1. True drew but I already own a pair of Simms boots that are already broken in, had a chance to get the new Simms with the BOA system but I like the ones I have.
  2. FFM I did have felt on my wading boots and had them resoled by Craftwell & Dunnright in Farmington, cost $15 to ship by USPS and $70 for the the new soles
  3. Ok guys I just had my wading boots resoled and from what I hear they can get very slick, my question is do I spend the $30 for the name brand studs or would sheet metal screws works the same.
  4. Ok guys I have been banging out trout for 8 years in Missouri now its time that I look for bigger and better. I am heading to Martha's Vineyard in Sept 2012 during the highet of the big Bass And Bluefish Derby that is held every year out there. My question is have any of you guys fished the famous fall run out there and what fly line would work, fly selection, and rod and reel would work for this advanture. I purchased and 8 weight Ross Essences, Lamson Konic 3.5 and Rio Redfish line, is this going to work or am I going to be a little out gunned any advice will be much welcomed. I will be fishing from shore.
  5. Just picked up my tickets today I can't wait heck I hope it lasts all night, but the sad truth is I have to cut my trip to Montauk short so I can make it.
  6. A trip to the east or the FFFT now thats a tuff choice, but I think I would get in less trouble at the FFFT. Then again if they give you a discount with your ticket stub over at the east side then I am all game for a night on the town.
  7. Just got this on my facebook page Attention Missouri, help spread the word. New show added for Saint Louis! March 28th @ Tivoli Theatre. Discount tix available at Feather-Craft for $12. This will be our first year ever in St. Louis and we're super stoked. Let's see how well Missouri can represent!
  8. I don't have any experiance with Coasta sunglasses but I do with Oakley, I wouldn't trade them for the world and if you buy them from Bass Pro I know they carry them in polerized.
  9. If caught sleeping at Tan Vat do they give you a warning the first time or is it a for sure ticket
  10. I thought I had seen a sign last year while I was down there saying no over night parking but I figured I would ask, I will be fishing most of the night so it is going to be more of a crash spot for a few hours of slepp before I head home.
  11. Hey guys I was wondering if you can still over night at Tanvat, if not are there any places close that I could crash in my car for a night and not have to pay.
  12. Not to worried about size of the trout I am taking two newcomers to trout fishing with me and figured I would sit the fishing out this year and make sure the noobs gets there chance at a few, I have heard the smallie move into the park but I have never had any luck catching any.
  13. Hey guys and gals anyone heading to Meramec for the catch and release opener on friday.
  14. Thanks for the info STL my other question is how is the night fishing outside the park, after my recent trip down to taney and doing some night fishing I was wondering if the Current would produce at night
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