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  1. I fished it twice in the 70's. Good bass lake. Unlike Hamilton, Ouachita is not surrounded by houses. If you make the drive choose later in the fall.
  2. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Nancy has traveled to Iowa. She has inherited a portion of the family farm that was homesteaded over a hundred years ago. There will be a recognition ceremony at the Iowa state fair. The press interviewed the family today and took pictures. Meanwhile, I am home and on kennel help duty. In Nancy's absence, the Corgis are dancing to the Beastie Boys. Something about their right to party. The Corgis just told me they wanted meat, real meat, for their appetites. As they did so, they did shots. Chicken broth shooters, straight. No weak sister umbrella drinks for them. At their urging, I burnt some meat tonight. Tenderloin fillet, potatoes, and broccoli rabe with a sriracha Worcestershire compound butter.
  3. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Starter: Main: Side:
  4. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Hey guys! Everyone on vacation? Or is it just too hot to cook? This evening's Bill of Fare: Starter: Avocado toast with prosciutto and manchego. Main: Seared scallops with lemon butter. Side: Gazpacho with garden garnish Sweet: Raspberry icecream I will edit later to add pictures.
  5. In June, I had a local (Tulsa) marine repair place replace the burned vinyl and carpet from the electrical short fire I reported in the summer of 2018. They did great work, although they are not cheap. Shoreline RV and Marine Repair is the name. But that's not why I started this thread. While Shoreline had the boat Tulsa endured two days of torrential down pour. My boat sat in it without its cover. The auto bilge functions only if the key is in the boat. I was impressed that Shoreline had drained the boat for me on the first dry day, but found later that the bottom Plano box in the stack in the storage box sat in water long enough that it never really dried out when the boat was drained. I did not notice immediately as that box contained baits I use only in the Spring - my warts and rock crawlers. When I found the box the hooks were sad messes. Stop for a moment and think about how many warts and rock crawlers you and your fishing buddy have. You can imagine my dismay. I took all the rusted hooks off and used what I had on hand. I used a few Deathtrap 4's on the front hook. I found a few Stingers in the right size and put them on. For the remainder of the replacements I bought Gamakatsu G Finesse trebles. By the time I finished replacing all the hooks I learned a couple of things. The Gamakatsu G Finesse was sticky sharp and was as dangerous as a Deathtrap. They are very well made with good quality control. I later discovered a negative. When I went to buy some more to have on hand, the price I found earlier at the local BP no longer existed. Now they are uniformly $10 for six, there and everywhere on line. I guess I unknowingly stumbled upon a mismarked price. Had I known, I would have bought more in several sizes. What did I learn from this? 1. Don't let your wart and rockcrawler box get wet. You will spend dollars and time fixing the problem. 2. If you find Gamakatsu G Finesse hooks on sale, stock up.
  6. rps


    Left the marina stall at 6:15 this morning. The forecast gave me 70/30 odds of being able to fish until noon. Within 15 minutes I coaxed a 17 inch largemouth into slashing a Sixth Sense Splash Back 70. Another 30 minutes and that fish was still the only one. I marked fish and bait fish at 27 feet and set up a jig rod and a vertical spoon rod. Minutes later, the thunder began. I headed to the marina and and was in the slip as the rain began. The irony is that as I trudged to the car, I saw an eruption in the channel outside the marina. What looked to be hybrids pinned a baitfish school and began to decimate it. I thought about going back to the boat, but even as I considered that, I watched a lightning strike split a tree on the other side of the cove. So much for 70/30 odds.
  7. rps

    What's Cooking?

    I ran across an interesting recipe a couple of days ago. It was a faux risotto made from farro. I made it this evening. Really, really good stuff. Google New York Times farro risotto to find it.
  8. rps

    What's Cooking?

    We can all probably agree that stew is better the second day, right? I just put tomorrow's stew in the oven. When it is done, I will refrigerate it. Tomorrow I will skim the fat cap off, reheat, and serve with crushed butter and parsley red potatoes. The type of stew? https://www.ozarkrevenge.com/2017/12/coq-au-vin-blanc.html
  9. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Good choices!
  10. The good part first: The Rest: Water temp 82 - 84; no wind; clear skies. Early a few fish chased shad in 35 to 50 feet of water. They were very scattered. One here, another over there, then 50 yards away a third. I had two swats at a walk the dog lure. I tried a Keitech unsuccessfully as well. By 7:30 I was looking for baitfish balls and marks below them. I found only small schools of baitfish, suspended around 28 fow over 35 to 50 foot depths. Spoons below them drew no attention. I came off the lake around 10:30.
  11. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Tomato risotto with mushroom.
  12. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Playing with a recipe I have tried before. A few changes, though. Cheesy cauliflower, bacon, and mushroom sauce over cheese ravioli. And a avocado with tomatoes and balsamic.
  13. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Braised country style ribs and fingerling potatoes.
  14. My posts are missing. This is good.
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