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  1. The line rating on the rod suggests what load the rod can stand. As Bill suggested, if you set the drag to avoid tear-outs, you will also protect the rod from overloading. By the way, I run 10# Finatic on my Ned rod and it has a Revo MGX baitcaster. Works just fine. As mentioned above be sure you wind the line on with some tension to avoid digging in, and be sure you do not wind it on over mono. The mono squishes and gives under the braid which worsens the digging in problem. I use cheap braid fishing line as the base for the working line braid.
  2. If you go with Power Pro (a very good line) do not go over 20# If you do, you will find it difficult to break off. If you want the best I have found, check out this: https://finatictackle.com/
  3. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Great stuff! I know too well the pain of putting down an old friend and pack member.
  4. say it again brother
  5. Dang! I just moved away. Hope you find a ride!
  6. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Last night's marinated cod.
  7. I too have had all three. The Lowrance with the structure scan had the best imaging, but not by much. The extra money and set up made that choice questionable, unless you are hardcore or a guide. Once you choose the total scan transducer models, I cannot tell the difference. Do note that the Simrads are made by Navionics , the same company that makes Lowrance. Check to see if the Go9 is cheaper than the Ti because they are virtually the same. That is what I have had on my boat since my Garmin crapped out. (The Garmin replaced the Lowrance that was stolen. The Lowrance replaced the birds I ran for years. BTW, I found the Garmin warranty/repair service very poor.) My next change will be back to the 'birds. I plan to upgrade the troll motor to the Ultrex with the mega down image built in transducer and Ipilot link. This means a mega di bird up front and a networked si bird at the dash. Sadly that combo, with the Ultrex, runs a bit more than your $2000 target. I do not know if that information will help you, but it is what I know.
  8. rps


    Infrequently. I plan to put the boat on alift at an excellent marina and fish dawn to 11 AM on Tues - Thurs.
  9. I loved that series as well, and to this day I always carry a towel.
  10. rps


    Phil created this forum in an act of kindness that left me stunned. I will post reports on this nearly Ozark lake as soon as I have information worth telling. Thanks Phil!
  11. Douglas Adams book title, but wonderfully appropriate for leaving TR. The moving van comes tomorrow and unloads in Tulsa on Friday. I will come back next week to take the boat off the lift and move it there. Assuming the flooding does not breach the dam, I will put it on Skiatook Lake soon thereafter. I will continue to read and post in the forum. The reports will be for a different lake though. Thanks to all here. You have been invaluable in learning and fishing this lake, and I appreciate all the wonderful things you find here compared to other forums. rps
  12. Kenneth Leroy Stainer, WWII, USAAF, 1941 - 1946.
  13. Cpt. John David Benien, 26 years old, Darlac, Vietnam, February 13, 1969, Panel 32W. He was my coach (assistant to Angelo Prassa) in high school football, played for OU, and one of the nicest persons you could know.
  14. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Ness, it's a form of gribiche. Typically the sauce contains hard boiled egg, shallot, sometimes tiny dice potato, cornichon, a ton of herbs (I used dill, celery seed, dried tarragon, chives, dried thyme, and parsley), vinegar, and mayo. Google the term and everybody has their own version just like there are hundreds of ways to make gremolata. If you give everything a food processor ride it makes a dip for vegetables. Edit: Capers too
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