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  1. rps

    What the Heck?

    Even when I am spoon jigging the drop off at Eagle Rock, I have no problem with a bass boat on plane and moving fast. The wake is near nothing. A ski boat or a PWC may annoy, but still - not that much of a problem. A wake boat that passes within 50 yards is an tsunami, with which I cannot deal without expletives. On a side note, my, how my initial post has found legs as a wake boat thread.
  2. rps

    What the Heck?

    The bad manners were a few of the tournament fishermen. I was fishing up the side of a point, and a boat pulled up on the other side, maybe a cast between us, and also began fishing toward the point end. I was fishing the space between some docks and someone ran WOT past the docks, well inside the no wake buoy. Last, and most irritating, more than one boat plowed rather than idled through the no wake zone at the HI marina. As for the wake boat, it docks at HI as well. I know the folks. Pretty nice actually.That does not mean I like their boat. Here in the skinny end, there is no where to go to get away from them.
  3. I went down to fish at noon today The normal parking and overflow parking had overflowed. Some big bass tournament. I went out anyway. Many boats here at the skinny end, and I have seen better manners at a juvenile detention facility. I caught 10 in four hours with three on a RC and 7 on a Ned. One nice spotted bass keeper. Water temp 59. Talked with Colin, the HI concessionaire, when I came in. He told me he made very little money off the fishermen. They all had gas and oil when they arrived and bought no items other than a few pizzas and beer. Oh, and the first wake boat of the year came by me three times.
  4. I see a mixed bag. Crappie, white bass, and walleye. Great fish fry in the making!
  5. rps

    What's Cooking?

    I wanted a red sauce tonight. I found two partial boxes of pasta in the pantry. Rigatoni and rotini. What you see is mixed breed pasta with a semi Puttanesca sauce.
  6. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Two or three years ago, our high school built a green house and began an agricultural program based uponn a grant. We got lucky and the man hired as the teacher, Jason McAfee, is a winner. Nancy and I buy the produce he and the kids produce. Look at this salad!
  7. I have said this for years: We need to spray where they breed.
  8. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Sesame noodles with poached shrimp and blanched sugar snaps and carrots. I had a little dipping sauce on the side.
  9. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Turned out well!
  10. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Just finished putting together a meatloaf. First picture is mushrooms, leeks, celery, sweet pepper, and garlic sweating to remove moisture. Second picture is the loaf I put in the refrigerator to chill. To the veg and meat I added an egg, a couple tablespoons of sour cream, and panko. Seasoned salt and lemon pepper as a rub. Later today I will put the loaf in the egg to smoke. When it comes out, I will take more pictures. The loaf is out of the smoker at 165 degrees internal. I coated it with a homemade barbecue sauce and put it in a 160 oven to hold for dinner.
  11. Evidently, they smoke very well.
  12. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Hash from the leftover smoked pork tenderloin with a poached egg and an avocado salad.
  13. Missed this post in 2014. Best TR fish - was 2004? where the Kings flows into the White off the tree tops on the bluff wall near the point. I was trolling for walleye and the fish hit right as I yanked the lure out of a tree top. (This is a common trigger move for fish.) The largest while fishing for bass was a fat 23.5 inch fish in early June on one of my Top Dollars. 2013,2014, or 2015? I was fishing the early morning shad chase on the flat outside Stubblefield branch. I had no scale that day. I estimate 8 to 8.25.
  14. rps

    What's Cooking?

    I marinate overnight. You can use the same marinade for trout or salmon, but only for about an hour.
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