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  1. Yes. They work too. The random flutter of the spoon on drop seems to be a bit better. However a Silverbuddy working down a point in the fall is killer.
  2. Good for you. It is vertical jigging time, although I tend to use spoons. I am surprised at the depth you had success. From mid August through to October, I never could find them anywhere but near the thermocline or suspended in timber.
  3. Yes, I use a very big net. It makes me feel powerful,.
  4. This time of year, unless you fish at dusk or dawn, I suggest you fish just above the thermocline. Walleye stay close to the bottom or suspended in trees. Finding them with sonar rarely happens.
  5. Trolling has always been a good way for me to learn a lake. Sometimes I catch nice walleyes that way. The lake was 78 degrees surface temp, calm, and almost completely empty of boats. Trolled for about three hours. The new Force tm does a great job. The fist several runs, I ran the bait at 15' in 15 to 20' of water. After that I switched to 20' and ran it in 20 to 25' of water. What fish I marked were deeper, between 25 and 30 feet, and singles. The fist hit was strong and the fish immediately started to take line. I tried to pretend it was a large hybrid bass or a record walley
  6. rps

    What's Cooking?

    My birthday dinner. Seared swordfish with a mango salsa and a twice baked potato. Nancy made Boston cream pie for the dessert.
  7. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Appetizer tonight.
  8. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Trust me, try it.
  9. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Real maple syrup in Grade A form cannot be beat. I use it a a sweetener in BBQ sauce, marinades, and salad dressings.
  10. I love that story, even though the first time I heard it had a donkey and a fan and wound up with a line about a piece of posterior.
  11. May I help return to the real topic? As part of a writing exercise for my classes, I would ask them to tell a story with a point in less than 100 words. One year they told me it could not be done. I wrote the following during that class to show them it could be done. September 2001 On the 11th, I was in Texas to visit my father. He was in a nursing home and could not recognize me. Still, I visited when I could. That night I laid awake and tried to digest the horror which overlaid an already bittersweet trip. As I finally fell asleep, I realized my father was lucky.
  12. Really good advice. For the spoon, try a 3/4 to 1 ounce Binks or War Eagle in any color so long as it is white or mostly white.
  13. First, you should know I am fussy about my tackle and stubborn in my ways. I use Daichi Death Traps or Gamakatsu G Finesse Tournament Grade trebles. Second, IMO, braid is not your problem so long as your rod has a slow enough action to avoid ripping the hooks out. The rods you describe sound fine to me. I fish braid to lure on nearly everything now days. Check out the Finatic line or braid. Instead, when you feel a fish, you might try reeling quickly until you feel the fish, and then simply lean back against the fish without an explosive jerk of the rod. With both topwaters and
  14. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Baked cod with a balsamic onion tomato jam.
  15. It was overcast and cool this morning, and it is after Labor Day, so I went to the lake. I only caught two, both small. Why am I rejoicing? One of them was a 12" walleye. If you catch a walleye on a Ned while bass fishing, the lake has enough walleye to spend time learning where they are. My wife, who loves walleye, is excited.
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