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  1. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Steak and potatoes.
  2. rps

    What's Cooking?

    I am not gong there.
  3. https://www.okeenesnakehunt.com/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=b9f52b10fd9f04559a1abc0d5c1d9c113fd1d9bf-1597184660-0-AeyFWGovYc_tLaDzHASNEi5ZE0B6xEcuEB0TJunU3ROvnJMVCj8maQxyza4I_HUmWjOIceHb1CUfc1JV4N1cIFE5ZKd90Qz__i_6NLILjcC7C5a13lZRmqt6-J428oZjmewx_bGb9mOpBFi3qCAMWsVOTRlBGKv6ELw5rttw8vY-RQX3QzYwwJUGO_ie9GUR68_jMHTF-FOKqluuI1kX2E6qg7jBsI-DlHbY2H9uhZl7ksonAk91O1PBjr24OJHRo15dW7uFb2fsTNNLafmv4c0
  4. rps


    How many "first time on the lake this year" boats have you towed. Numerous for me.
  5. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Fishbugers with salsa, corn, and a crunchy salad.
  6. I feel for you Dan. Do not let cursed fate and divine **** up thwart you. BTW, I am blessed to be several years down the road and able to hire people to fight that battle. I remember modifying my first boat, a Lowe flat bottom, to put in a floor. Never again.
  7. I do not know about interference if that close. I do know that one transducer in the front and one in the back has not been a problem. Consider using a transducer mounting plate (https://www.amazon.com/transducer-mounting-plate/s?k=transducer+mounting+plate). The plate reduces holes in the hull and eases change out of transducers. And, if you hit an obstruction at speed that rips the transducer off, it rips out of the board and not out of the hull. Just a thought.
  8. I hope the Simrad you just acquired replaces it well.
  9. I bought one of the first generation green boxes. I bought one of the first generation paper graphs. They helped, but only with my learning, not my fish finding. If you do not learn where to look, and why, the electronics do not mean anything. They are only dream tools. If you use them to learn patterns and probabilities, you can save years in learning a lake. For a beginner, I still say, go back and find old Fishing Facts articles. In Fisherman sprang from them. Then go out and use your graphs to find out about your lake. Troll. Drag worms. In less than ten years you will be an accomplished fisher person on your lake. I am now trying to apply that experience to a new lake. The pros and guides do it all year.
  10. Lund fit and finish is excellent. Their Pro V bass boat is on the same hull as their multi species Pro V, well tested by pros on rough water. I crawled all over one two or three years ago. It did not sound hollow or flimsy. It had a front deck you could dance on. I have never read a comparison of the ride to good fiberglass other than message boards, and those are always "what I bought is the best."
  11. HBD! Mom died in 1999 at 73. Cancer harvested her. Dad died in 2002, at 84, although he had not known the world since Mom died. Losing parents sucks, although less than losing spouses or children. When you all meet your time, may it be quick, clean, without pain, and no surprise to the ones who love you.
  12. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Cauliflower, carrot, onion, and curry shrimp,
  13. In the 1960's, my father took me to Rough Rock lake two times. Before that we had fished twice on Rainy River, and once on the English River. On four of those trips we had the same guide, Charlie Fisher. I hooked a Muskie on Rough Rock, but I was eleven and did not land him. The last trip to Rough Rock, I skipped an invitation to go to a concert called Woodstock. I made the right choice. Great fish! Wonderful memories.
  14. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Breakfast casserole. Stale bread, egg custard, sausage, bacon, chilies.
  15. You are right. The trolling motor is very fast, even on 24v. I did not get the live scope, but can see a bit bt swiveling the side view transducer in the prop.
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