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    What's Cooking?

    Short ribs braise - Soak dried mushroom, broken into tiny pieces, in chicken stock until soft. Set oven to 350. Use small amount canola oil at or near smoke temp and brown all sides of ribs previously, and generously, salted and peppered. Remove and set aside. Pour fat from braiser or dutch oven. Do not wipe. 1/2 to 1 onion half rings go in hot pan, but reduce heat to avoid burning onions. Cook until onions are brown and headed to dark brown. Add generous tomato paste and cook until paste tuns from red to brick. Add a generous amount of thin sliced garlic and continue
  2. Hey guy! Good to hear from you. @fishinwrenchwill be able to answer your questions. I am a strong Evinrude ETEC fan. My present boat and the one before are/were powered by one for 11 years and counting. No repairs and minimal maintenance (300 hours between service). If I were going to buy a boat tomorrow, I would figure out a way to put one on it.
  3. rps

    What's Cooking?

    short rib on polenta
  4. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Linguini with marinara, olives, and capers.
  5. @ness, @JohnP or I thank you
  6. Well done! From there, you have so many choices. Fried. Baked. Chowder. Fishcakes. Fish pie. I have posted them all, and, when made with walleye, each is wonderful.
  7. As always, ask and OA will give you good options and opinions.
  8. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Miso marinade wings with rice pilaf. Salad too but out of the picture.
  9. Let me know. I could use instruction from a multiple champion.
  10. Not all run up rivers. For example on several lakes, walleye spawn on the rocked dam walls. For them, and for sauger, they need and sense flow and wave action and are looking for gravel. Others know better than I about trout or salmon, but I would imagine their needs determine their actions as well. The really interesting behaviors are that of steelhead trout. They are rainbows who choose to go to the ocean to feed, and come back to their rivers to spawn.
  11. I knew you could do it!
  12. If the family wants a bit more, stay at Gastons and drive to Bull Shoals Dock to fish. No shows or shopping, but a serious cut above rustic.
  13. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Last night's frittata and tonight's teres major steak with miso butter, potato stick, and mushroom broccolini.
  14. Same is true in the White above TR and above Beaver.
  15. Great fish! Right after I took my fourth hook, I bit the bullet and bought a Boga grip. I hooked it to a lanyard with a pool noodle section. I combined the Boga with a good pair of locking forceps. I have avoided any more personal hookups. BTW, the pool noodle has already saved me the loss of the Boga. I wasn't paying attention and a fish flopped while I was getting my phone for a picture. The fish and the Boga went over the side. I got my floating Boga and the fish back.
  16. I was introduced to quality fishing by my father. He owned an Evinrude 18 hp motor, and we rented 14 or 15 foot aluminum boats. We fished Tenkiller, Spavinaw, Eucha, TR, and Bull Shoals. Once a year we went to Canada and used comparable boats to fish Lake of the Woods, Rough Rock Lake, and the Winnipeg River. I remember when he spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy old man Lowrance's green box. With the boat traffic now days, my insistence to drive a 16.5 foot boat is absurd. In addition, I have learned how to drive defensively on a lake! Despite these changes, I still enjoy
  17. Trout are ambivalent. Silver bullets fresh from the hatchery taste nasty. If they have been in the river a long time, the flesh turns orange. Then they are good.
  18. People say they love fish. What they mean is they love fried fish. What that means is they love the fried batter or breading. If they ate baked fish, the crappie and tilapia love would disappear. There. I said it. Prove me wrong.
  19. rps

    What's Cooking?

    Oh good heavens. I have an egg, a flat top, and now you tempt me with a pizza oven? Satan, get thee behind me!
  20. TR down river of 39 is the new LOZ. Heck, even Big M has too many destroyers. You need to move to my former end of the lake.
  21. The Backbone has hundreds of keepers.
  22. I never made that kind of money even when I was lawyering. The wife came a bit closer her last couple of years in telecommunications. Fortunately, we did not spend all of what we made and rat holed it in 401k mutual funds for over 20 years while we taught and lived on that income.. Still can't afford $8,000 per month. Older daughter lives in Rhode Island and works for a school system. She and her husband can afford a modest home, but likely will never see that kind of income. Younger daughter just took a job at a non profit here in Tulsa at 50k per year. She has some equity from her
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