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  1. Bobby and others, thanks for the updates. I ordered the Garmin 106SV ultra units for bow and console; panoptics livescope and the Force trolling motor. All are in except for the Force. My guy who ordered and doing the installation called me today and said Garmin informed him there will be a delay in shipment to the end of July. They have discovered an issue with the "key" or fitting connected to the compass in the head of the unit. If the motor has impact with something, it could cause the key to pop out of place and affect the anchor lock ability to control the motor. They said it is a very small percentage of cases they know about and don't plan on a recall, but will offer full refunds, etc. if you have this occur. They are putting in a more robust bracket for the key apparently. This has happened only when the TM is in Anchor lock. Just wanted to share that with you all. Bummer that my set-up is delayed now, but glad they discovered the issue.
  2. Bill, thanks for the information on your Garmin set-up. Sounds awesome! I went ahead and ordered the Garmin gear from the guy doing my installation: Force TM; (2) of the Echomap Ultra 106SV's for bow and console; and the livescope transducer/box. I also decided to get a custom shaft to mount the Livescope transducer to. I ordered one from an outfit near St. Louis-All aboard Marine. They make custom shafts for Force; Minnkota and Lowrance TM's also. The shaft attaches to the Force TM and doesn't move when the TM is moving and comes with a handle to adjust the position. Also, didn't need to get the Perspective mount, as their hardware allows movement of the Transducer to the perspective mode as well as forward view and down view. He charges $385, which includes shipping. A guy I work with got this set-up a couple of months ago and he said it works well. He has the Minnkota TM. I plan to retire end of next year, which will allow more time on the water and makes this investment easier!
  3. Bill, I was also interested in how you mounted the Livescope transducer-on the trolling motor shaft, or separate custom shaft that could attach to the TM. I'm looking into investing in Garmin units and the Force TM. Thanks for all the information you always generously share!
  4. Thanks for the information, Bobby/Hughesy!
  5. I'm considering Garmin including Force TM and Livescope and was curious if those who have one have the transducer mounted on the trolling motor or on separate bracket/pole. I would think if you are running the livescope and have the trolling motor on spot lock, the constant movement would mess up the livescope picture? Appreciate any input. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, Bill. He popped it hard once, then came back and nailed it again and I had him hooked good. I was disappointed we didn't do better on the topwater. thought it was an ideal day for it. Was thankful to catch the others on the swimmer though. Take care and be safe this weekend. Weather could be a bit rough at times.
  7. Tried to add this picture of a nice 18 inch smallmouth my friend caught on swimbait in Cow Creek.
  8. My Friend and I started at about 6:45 this morning putting in at Indian Point Marina. Went toward Cow Creek and stopped off at a cove just above Point 5. Caught a nice keep smallie on a red fin on 3rd cast. But no more action on top water. Went on down to Cow Creek and caught a few decent keepers on swim baits, mostly just off secondary points, sitting in about 20 feet. On the way back to the Marina, stopped at the pocket by Point 5 and got 3 more good smallmouth (17-18.5 inches) all on swimbait. Didn't catch numbers today, but had 7 good keepers. Got off water about 1:00 PM. Water temp 65 degrees.
  9. Ok, thanks for the update, Neb! Appreciate you sharing information on your trip.
  10. Nice pictures! How was launching out of Indian Point? I'm thinking about putting in there tomorrow. thanks.
  11. Guys, thank for your inputs. Just looking for less crowded options to get the boat on the water.
  12. Does anyone know if you can launch from Joe Bald campground? i know its been closed for sometime, but I was able to launch from there after it closed, but that's been quite a while. Haven't been there in along while. Just looking for other launch options. Thanks for any info.
  13. On Sunday, it was a little dingy between Cape Fair marina and virgin bluff.
  14. Will certainly keep Aaron and his family in our prayers.
  15. Glad to hear your wife is doing good. Well have her and your family in our prayers.
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