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  1. I am gonna throw the Ned for the first time this weekend. Any pointers would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
  2. A little new to the Ned discussion.... Is there a ideal size for the jig head? Has anyone fished it around grass?
  3. What is "the little varmit" you are referring to?
  4. I don't think that will work.... The rubber cap raises above the switch to elevate the grey trigger on the foot pedal..
  5. I am looking for a replacement part in Kansas City. It is the foot swtich under the pedal. It is for a motor guide trolling motor. I have found the actual switch part but can't find the rubber piece that goes over the top? Any suggestions? I have friends/ family down there if there is somewhere I could buy one from near Branson area.
  6. We caught about 20 bass in cricket last weekend all on shakey heads. Was muddy last weekend but still caught them.
  7. I have always heard Pro Blue. I got a few this winter havent got a chance to use them yet though..
  8. I have been bass fishing Table Rock for a couple years now. I really started fishing seriously 3 years ago, got a 19 ft basscat a year ago, and am a novice boater at best. I have experenced these waves as well and too dont like them. My biggest gripe is the size of the pleasure boats. I strongly feel that there should be size limits on the baots on any lake. Some of the 30 plus footers were not built for lakes and i often joke that they are "oceanliners" on Table Rock. There is no reason for a boat over 30 foot to be on a lake. The wakes not only cause fishermen like us headaches but cause damage to property, erode shore lines, and damage habitats for the marine life. Until this problem is addressed all of those factors will suffer, including us fishermen. Saying that, I know good and well that is a lofty propisition that most likley will never happen. Just my 2 cents...
  9. water is still cold up north most lakes around KC low to mid 40's first big tourney is in 2 or 3 weeks.
  10. thx red i was kinda hoping there were more pics of the area crica 1950"s to see the structure that is underwater now.
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