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  1. New Zealand 2018

    Thank you! It was a fantastic trip. BilletHead, I'm looking forward to it!
  2. New Zealand 2018

    Hey Guys & Gals, I just returned from another amazing trip to New Zealand. Here are a few photos from my adventure. I hope you enjoy! All Images © Randy Hanner and www.sovereignpiscator.com, 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.
  3. estes park

    Pondhopper, PM Sent. I work and guide for Front Range Anglers and we spend a TON of time guiding in Estes Park.
  4. Fall in the CO Mountains

    It definitely is, It was about 33 degrees that morning, and there was also snow a little higher in elevation.
  5. Fall in the CO Mountains

    A few photos of a trip to the mountains this last weekend. Camera: Canon 7D Lens: Sigma 10-20mm
  6. A Utah teaser

    Nice Tiger!
  7. Frying Pan Brown

    No problem Phil! I'm glad you like it! Snagged--I hate fishing by the dam. It's usually packed with people and there is much better fishing elsewhere on the river. I prefer the middle and lower river. Plenty of fast moving water that just about all other fisherman avoid. I managed to land about 40 fish in a few hours, including the one in the photo, from the faster water.
  8. Frying Pan Brown

  9. Frying Pan Brown

    I caught this guy on Saturday on a day trip to the Frying Pan. Drakes, PMD's, Caddis, Yellow Sallies. This guy ate a jigged green drake.
  10. Images of Scotland

    That is true, there are populations of ARCTIC grayling in Montana. There are Arctic Grayling in Colorado as well. The grayling I caught in Scotland are European Grayling. They have different habits than their Arctic cousins. European grayling are more like Mountain Whitefish in their habits such as the water they hold in, the flies they eat, how they eat flies, shoaling in groups etc...
  11. Images of Scotland

    Yep,these are european grayling Thymallus thymallus NOT arctic grayling. The small one was my first grayling The second grayling was my biggest 47cm, which is quite large for European grayling. The next one was a average size about 30-35 cm. The closest fish we have to European Grayling here in the states are Mountain whitefish.
  12. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    You can also just check it in your luggage and save yourself the hassle. I'm also not talking about shipping 1 or 2 piece 11ft rods. I'm talking about 4 piece fly rods.
  13. Images of Scotland

    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed them!
  14. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Im not talking about carp fishing
  15. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    I just added some photos from my trip in the photography section! I'll post a full report soon! Don't plan on carrying your rods on the place coming back from the UK. Rods are banned as carry on items. You MUST check them. I had no trouble carrying them on going over, but coming back they weren't having it.

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