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  1. Facts only change as science improves.
  2. Opinions are not facts. Only facts are true. It may be better if you just send me a check now. 🤘
  3. OK setting some ground rules here . Just because it's your opinion doesn't mean that it is true. So all that crap you have said about the MDC is about to come back and haunt you.
  4. There isn't one in my opinion. I always use local material like logs and sticks and build a round "fort" if you will. I will take a couple of those $10 rolls of camo burlap and drap around. Find a nice log to use for sitting. Or you can build a lay down type with the same material.
  5. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Let us know when the cupcakes are done
  6. Dang! That took a while. Was you asleep at the wheel?
  7. When haven't found the end of it yet. We'll get back to you.
  8. Google is great. I love it. But you'll see it will send you right where I said.
  9. Ouch! But I did chuckle. And it's true, it is the most fun. Cross the bridge at Pineville and head west. The hiway will swing off to the south down a ways. Keep heading west on the paved road. There will be a couple of pull offs where locals swim and fish.
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