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  1. Looks like somebody's getting taken to the woodshed here! It's refreshing to see things haven't changed a bit. A little observation. It was said here many times over the years by the east coast gang that I was the one causing all the trouble and dissension. Yet I go into retirement and drift by occasionally and still read same ol tired echos. Well played boys, well played. It's refreshing to see constant consistency!
  2. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    That just screams for a cold, dreary, winter day by a crackling fire in a turtleneck sweater!
  3. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    I just smoked 5lbs yesterday! Float trip!
  4. Well, so much for all of those horrific gigging theories we've all had pounded into us for years and years.
  5. And here is what it all boils down to. The law is as deep as your pockets are. Each local Judge has their own interpretation of the law. It may or may not coincide with your interpretation. If it doesn't, you have to start writing more and bigger checks and take the chance you find a more favorable judge somewhere in the system. Or pay your $20 and be sneakier next time.
  6. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Cast iron pan seared wild duck over Cajun wild rice. Simple in preparation, exquisitely complex in flavor!
  7. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Dang you boys have been busy!!! This thread just won't die and it shouldn't! Heres my meek contribution. A simple bacon wrapped grilled cheese. I made them many times with some crispy, fried bacon on the inside, but this time I put the crispy bacon on the outside.
  8. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Wild duck, in my opinion is to be eaten extremely rare. I fry the breast very quickly and season with only salt and pepper. There is a huge difference in Wild and domestic too. I wish Marty was still hanging out here. I know he would have some excellent recipes to share!
  9. I've got some good news and some bad news. I'll do the bad news first. But really it's not bad news, it's all good. Nobody from here won the yak. And I really thought one of you guys had a really good chance because I sold the most tickets to you four! But it wasn't the luck of the draw. The guy that won it, donated it back for the auction we also had. It brought $160. Now the good news. We raised over $7k for the kids. I came in 4th in the wing contest, not high enough to get my name called. I want to thank Rick, Ness, Pete and Nick(???) sorry your name escapes me at the moment) for your heartfelt donations! I realize it wasn't for the really needy Merc owners, but these kids will appreciate it just the same!
  10. Wasn't sure there would be enough room. Thought about putting DW on there. But decided not to do that to the kids. 🤣🤣
  11. I've got the tickets filled out for everyone. I want to you for your selfless contribution. Even if you don't win, you money is greatly appreciated by all the kids! You guys Rock!
  12. That works! Thanks! And thank you to all of you that contributed!!
  13. Chief Grey Bear

    What's Cooking?

    Practicing for my wing comp next weekend.
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