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  1. I am fairly new to NWA, via the Springfield MO area, and as I am getting more comfortable with the lake at night I was curious where the night tournaments are and the hours they run? I come from Table Rock where they are everywhere, and just about every night of the week and weekend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. If anyone is looking to fish this weekend there’s a Fishing with boundaries tournament out of Shell Knob bridge. It’s a very inexpensive tournament. You can find more information on our Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/Table-Rock-Lake-Fishing-with-Boundaries-Bass-Tournament-1151615798288126/?ref=bookmarks $25 entry fee ($5 of that goes to Big Bass pot) 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Shell Knob Bridge (HWY 39) The picture is what the boundaries will be. Any questions gove me a call or shoot me a text. 417-987-1005
  3. Alan is my cousin and I sent him this link so he could defend himself. Lol. HE HAS NOT SOLD THE BUISNESS NOR HAS HE GONE OUT OF BUISNESS. Pig Sticker has a Facebook page, if anyone ever has a question he’s usually quick to respond. I know he’s family but I have seen first hand the quality that goes into the baits he makes and I would NEVER throw anything but Pig Sticker jigs.
  4. I just signed up for AnglerSpy yesterday. Thanks everyone!
  5. I'm heading up next week to bass fish and was wondering what part of the lake to put in at? What are the water temps running and is the lake starting to turn over? Thanks for the help
  6. Just reminding everyone that the Campbell Point Friday Nighter should start this Friday. It always starts on the first Friday in April. -Last year it was- $35 per boat ($5 extra for the year end points total). 7:00 pm until 1:00 am. 5 bass limit. Wear a coat cause it might be a little chilly........ Any questions call Dean Gautney. I don't have his number but I'm sure someone on here has it.
  7. This was caught today by the Shell Knob island. I didn't realize Table Rock had striper's?!?!?!?
  8. Yeah I have one but I got lazy and thought I could get it but obviously didn't work, and the other one that broke off was just a bad spot in the line but it never surfaced so I have no idea what happened.
  9. yes and yes. If you could tick the brush that would even be better. Lost 2 of em in the brush if that tells you anything.
  10. I unloaded at the SK bridge at about 7:30 and ran up White, about a mile, to the clear water and threw jerkbait, rock crawler, jig, A-Rig (for a minute), shakey head, and jigging spoon. Only bite I had was at about 9:00 on a jigging spoon (video game fishing) and was very surprised about that, 14 1/2" Kentucky. I tried that technique for a while and didn't get anymore bites, so I made the decision at about 11:30 to go towards Baxter until I found dirtier water and it didn't take long to find it, I stopped around Big Creek. Fished a spot that I've never fished before and just as the sun started
  11. Thanks Mike for the reply, that will help a lot!
  12. I am new to LOZ and i was wanting to go to the North Shore/Dam area and was wondering what is a common pattern this time of year (with water temps in the upper 30's) and also where is a a good place to put in up there? Be specific on where to put in because I don't really know where i'm going. Thanks everyone.
  13. Its aggravating when people make special arrangments and the day before the tournament they cancel. Gotta love the role government plays in our lives
  14. Homer Sloan Buddy Bass Tournament POSTPONED 2013-10-04 The Homer Sloan Buddy Bass Tournament has been officially POSTPONED – NOT CANCELLED – due to the government shutdown. We will advise you when the tournament is rescheduled, and apologize for any inconvenience. John Coonrod, Chairman Homer Sloan Buddy Bass Tournament
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