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  1. So no one was hurt? When we came by the water patrol was there.
  2. Did anyone see the cruiser that was grounded on the island outside of Wolf Pen Saturday?
  3. I catch all my ducks and geese on a spook also! Nice hunt!
  4. We bagged almost exactly half as many ducks this year as last year and hunted more often and harder. No complaints here. If you never had slow years you would not know what great years were! Been through thick and thin seasons and never makes me want to hunt less the next year. Nice end of season hunt, John!
  5. Congrats on a great hunt and a band!
  6. Those were from a different taxidermist. The widgeon looks a little like a gad I guess. I do have a banded gad coming back this spring from our taxidermist. One of the boys I hunt with has a beautiful shoveler make the one I have look bad. But all those birds represent memories of great hunts !
  7. We have a few mounted already but I like the idea on the divers. My son has an eagle head snow mounted that looks good.
  8. My son and two of his friends have birds to mount this year. Always wonder about the best position to mount them in. The birds they have are goldeneye drake, a wood duck hen ( he has a drake on the wall and is going to add this one), a scaup drake and a snow. Any suggestions?
  9. My best call is my son Once he learned to call I leave most of it to him and his buddies when they are along. I used a haydell for many years as well as the old olt calls. Never said I was a good caller but can get the job done when I had to. I like to call when we are hunting on the x. Makes me feel like I know what I am doing :).
  10. Was fortunate to hunt again at Grand Pass last week on another buddy's quick draw. he had #1. three of us killed 11 mallards. This old man was one shy Had to move three times to get on the x and ended up shooting all our birds between 12-1pm. The birds were very shy. The highlight of the trip for me was when two A10s buzzed the marsh! Very cool! Need some new birds though.
  11. That’s usually my luck on a quick draw. They usually wack em good for a week until I get there then it’s tough.
  12. Anyone have a semi easy goose or duck recipe? I do marinades and wrap breasts in bacon to grill. And being originally from Louisiana I make duck gumbo. Just interested in something different. thanks
  13. There wasn’t any ice Last week. Maybe some by Monday though. Never had a chance to fire a shot to scare off the eagle as it happened so fast. After seeing it my son said “ Well, that escalated quickly!”
  14. Son and I went to Grand Pass recently on his reservation (quick draw). We killed our mallard limits after a heavy snow came through. Tons of birds around there! I shot a mallard that hit dry ground about 40 yards away but before I could get to it an eagle swooped in picked it up and left me there watching! Kind of cool but lost my bird. Great hunt with my son!
  15. Hunter91

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    Dutch- I was in a dark champion.
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