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  1. Hunter91

    Baxter Marina Ramp

    I was there Saturday. Launched my champion with my Honda Pilot no problems.
  2. Hunter91

    Weekend walleye excursion

    Great job!
  3. Hunter91

    White Bass control needed

    I think whites have there own taste. I cut the red meat out and just fry or bake them. If you expect them to taste like walleye or crappie you are going to be disappointed.
  4. Hunter91

    I figured out where the bass are going ;)

    Was that a common merganser?
  5. Hunter91

    7-4 walleye

    Tried out of K dock this morning. It was pretty slow for us. Bottom bounced for several hours in 30 fow. Caught two nice eyes 22 & 24 in. One small yellow perch. Trolled cranks for a couple hours and had only one 17 3/4incher.
  6. Hunter91

    Upper bull 7-28/29

    How deep? Thinking of going down to K dock Saturday looking for eyes. Thanks
  7. Hunter91

    White Bass control needed

    My son and I went yesterday evening. We got into the whites on the Mutton Creek flats. Caught 50 plus. We only kept a few. With the cloud cover they stayed up for hours. It finally got pretty windy before dark and they quit busting. Lots of fun!
  8. Hunter91

    Crappie 7-22

    Didn’t see one dead fish and we did run toward the dam but not all the way to it.
  9. Hunter91

    Crappie 7-22

    Slow for us today only had a dozen keeper crappie from 9.5-12 in on jigs in 20-25 fow. Saw some others doing well with shiners in same general areas.
  10. Hunter91

    Any crappie?

    Thanks. Gonna give it a try Sunday morning.
  11. Hunter91

    Any crappie?

    I haven’t been on the lake in about a month. Are crappie still biting?
  12. Thanks I will check those out.
  13. I have a 1998 Mercury 225 EFI. I run it just about every weekend. In the past month or so sometimes I go to turn the key to crank it and nothing happens as if it was in gear or something. I can play around with trimming the motor up or down, sometimes this works sometimes not, or just continue trying the key and eventually it will crank. When it cranks I generally have no more problems that trip. It is a very sporadic issue. I have checked all connections, always make sure its out of gear to start. Just thought someone could give me an idea of what to check next if they have had the problem. Thanks.
  14. Hunter91

    Fish care

    I have not tried the hydrogen peroxide before. Has anyone here? I use the Gjuice, ice, recirc pump also have an oxyenator. Seldom have problems. But I am paranoid when I have fish in the livewell in warm weather.
  15. Hunter91

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Caught these two today during a tourney. 30-40 ft on three casts. 5.75 and 6.02.

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