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  1. Seems I heard of a 19 lber caught on Bull Shoals a few years ago during a bass tourney. Anyone else hear of it?
  2. As I mentioned in some posts, the crappie fishing has been good. How do you think this upcoming cooler weather will affect them? Back off deeper or pull up shallow?
  3. I agree. Best fall crappie fishing I have experienced in several years. Most of what I have been catching has been black crappie with a few white crappie mixed in. I have also exclusively been catching them on jigs. They do seem to be biting in a range of depth for me from 2 feet to 20 feet. Very slow retrieve. I fish the big sac and Sons creek arms.
  4. Hunted Bois D Arc CA the first day will 11 guys in our group. We killed 92 doves. I caught a graze to my cheek and three hard hits to the back that didnt break the skin due to another group shooting at a low bird close to me. Besides that incident it was a great day!
  5. Hunter91


    Are they still schooling on the flats? Been a couple of weeks since I been out.
  6. Will- I have found that anywhere on the lake can be the best largemouth area at certain times. Upper the river arms are good and the central lake has been good for me in the past several weeks. Good Luck!
  7. Caught several short walleyes, a couple keeper crappie, several bass trolling flicker shads 20 ft deep over 50-70 fow in the dam area. Thought it a little strange.
  8. Saturday morning I had a good trip with my grown son. We caught several good bass, drum, catfish and one 21 in walleye near the dam. Some of the smaller bass we caught were the crooked or hunched backed bass. In the 20+ years I have fished area lakes, I have caught more crooked or hunched back bass and walleyes in Stockton than any other area lake. Is that just my luck or has anyone else noticed this?
  9. Congrats on the walleyes, Hunter75!
  10. nice bonus eye there!
  11. So no one was hurt? When we came by the water patrol was there.
  12. Did anyone see the cruiser that was grounded on the island outside of Wolf Pen Saturday?
  13. I catch all my ducks and geese on a spook also! Nice hunt!
  14. We bagged almost exactly half as many ducks this year as last year and hunted more often and harder. No complaints here. If you never had slow years you would not know what great years were! Been through thick and thin seasons and never makes me want to hunt less the next year. Nice end of season hunt, John!
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