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  1. Hunter91

    Crappie bite

    My son, a friend and I fished Pomme this morning from daylight til noon. We caught 75+ crappie to get 27 keepers. Also picked up a 3 lb channel cat. Most fish were in 7-13 fow in small pockets. Caught them on blk/chart jigs.
  2. Hunter91

    5-20-18 Osage Bluff

    Got out after the rain. Caught a dozen crappie on jigs at 10-15 fow in some coves. Also caught 4 nice blues drift fishing cut bait in about 10-12 fow.
  3. Hunter91


    We were in the middle of the pack with 10 and change. Very few big fish all in the 2 lb range. Lots of fun though!
  4. Hunter91


    My son and I were in that tourney out of Masters Saturday. I think out of 30 boats all but 4 teams weighed a limit. We caught 30-40 bass all day on everything from topwater to jigs. We had two nice walleyes for consolation prizes:) They are biting good. Sounds like you have a great honey hole!
  5. Hunter91


    Very nice job! Are you seeing any beds still?
  6. Hunter91

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    So if fish sink when they die. How do we know that so many die after all these tourneys? Do we just assume that or is there proof? I like how a lot of people throw out numbers without backup. Would love to see several certified studies on this before claims are made good and bad.
  7. Hunter91

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    Just a question. Do you think that we as fisherman catch a majority of bass in a lake the size of Stockton? Or do you think it’s a drop in the bucket of how many fish are really in the lake.
  8. Hunter91

    I know it’s their right, but!!!

    I grew up eating every legal bass we caught. These days I seldom eat bass and I do tourney fish among other fishing. I have seen some tourneys that had fish floating after the weighin but I have been a part of a lot more tourneys that are to the point of obsession in keeping fish alive and released healthy. If we were losing so many fish after each tourney there would be a lot of dead fish floating around the lake. I am on the lake a lot and don’t see that many floaters. I know some sink but you would see a lot more floating if it was a major problem. My .02 worth. Btw I can’t stand those bluegill fishermen. All those floats cluttering up the lake. They should outlaw bluegill fishing.
  9. Hunter91

    A Bit Breezy on the Upper End Today

    I don’t know about the Terrova but I just got an Ultrex to replace my older motorguide and it’s like night and day with the wind.
  10. Hunter91


    We caught our on ARigs.
  11. Hunter91


    Caught a dozen more Saturday almost on back to back casts. They were about half and half male and females so they must be doing their thing. Also picked up a 17 in eye and a nice crappie. Could have caught a ton more whites but was more interested in the eyes and crappie.
  12. Hunter91

    FLW Costa

    Is there a leaderboard link?
  13. Hunter91


    We never saw water temps about 54
  14. Hunter91


    My son and I took the day off yesterday to fish in the horrible wind. We caught 29 whites, 1 crappie and several largemouth. All of them on windy points and banks which were really not to hard to find yesterday on the main lake. When we cleaned them, almost all the whites were busting at the seams with eggs. Isn't it a little late for them not to have spawned?

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