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  1. 2018 KVD Big Bass Classic - March 24th/25th

    Are the hourly weigh-ins broadcast on the radio?
  2. Tough fishing for me

    This is our first day here for our trip this year. My partner and I had 52 total and 17 keepers. We're in long creek area. Had a full limit of smallmouth plus 2, 1 Kentucky, and 2 largemouth. Mostly pb&j ned, Carolina rig, a and shaky head. Not quite sure what to look for, as far as a pattern goes.
  3. 4/16/17 "DD" Area

    Thanks Alot
  4. 4/16/17 "DD" Area

    What color senko were y'all throwing?
  5. Anyone Do Fantasy Fishing?

    Toledo is my home lake and I will say that the grass is spotty. I think they sprayed some the shoreline hay grass, but it has more to do with water clarity and water levels for the growth of the hydrilla. I think this guy is full of crap when he was talking about all the filleted fish. The Lake always has lots of pressure and some folks keep fish, but not to the extent that the article says. I have had an excellent year so far with numbers and size. Maybe this guy had a bad trip. This past week was tough with the rising water, water changing color, water temp dropping, and high pressure. Not to mention the transition the fish are making. P.S. We will be at Table Rock in 13 days!
  6. I'm looking to join the bassmaster fantasy group.  Please pm me the password 

  7. Swelbo1 -

    I went to TB 30 ago. I don't recall what end of the lake we were on but there were millions of stumps barely under the water.  One guy at the resort we were staying tore up his lower unit the first day before wetting a line. 

    I have 2 boats - 1) a big boat and 2) a 16 ft big wide John boat with a 20 hp Merc. I like to use the John boat on trips.  I used a similar boat there at TB years ago but again I have no idea where we were but the John boat worked fine.

    The question - Would this John boat work in the area discussed in the recent TR thread and to what wind speed?




  8. Whopper Plopper on Toledo Bend

    I second what DavidB says. We are there every weekend and it is a tough place to navigate in 15+ mph winds. You could stay at fin and feather That is located on the southern end on the tx side in Hausen Bay. Van Dam caught the majority of his big fish in Pirates Cove on the southern end on the LA side. Holler if y'all have any questions
  9. March 20th. Current Table Rock Report

    Bill, are you using a weighted hook on the swimbaits? If so, how heavy of a weight and hook size? I have a hard time matching the hook size and weight size to the swimbait to make it have the best action. Thanks
  10. Rod suggestions (on a budget)

    Sorry I was late to the party, but, if you haven't check out the Kistler Carbon Steel rods, they are very good rods with a good warranty and built in the US. The price point is very affordable for a very nice rod.
  11. Dtrs5kprs please contact me

    Thanks y'all. I couldn't get the email icon to work for me.
  12. I'm in need of some 1/8 oz Ned heads. I ordered them earlier in the year. Holler at me so I can order more. Is it possible to get them before November 22. Thanks
  13. A great start to our annual trip

    Thanks Dave. We all made it home safely, but just as we were leaving happy hollow, there was an incident with a deer and the front bumper of one of the guys brand new truck. Nothing bad for the truck, but probably not good for the deer. That was at 5:00 AM. There was a decent bluff bite when the bluffs had shade.
  14. A great start to our annual trip

    I am in this same group that is up here and I have not really thought about doing that but I do have some places in mind that it will probably work.

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