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  1. I have a H4black. Love it. Probably getting another in the coming weeks when the price is expected to drop.
  2. Had a little fun this past Saturday below Beaver Dam. Went fishing and took my gopro and decided try and film my casting technique. Here's what I got. Don't laugh too hard. https://youtu.be/lwjV76Q4RQU
  3. Yesterday I got up at dark thirty, grabbed my gopro and my fly fishing gear and headed up to Beaver dam. The sunrise was off the charts fantastic! Fishing was on the slow side, but made the best of it. At the end of the video if you turn up the volume you can hear the horn blow. It's fun when you're two favorite hobbies (photography & fly fishing) blend so well together. Fly fishing, GoPros, & Sunrises Video
  4. I've had an experience or two like this myself in my kayak. I didn't "salute" anyone though (but perhaps should have).
  5. Very good Scott...the ISO was closer to 400. Just a little noise reduction in post.
  6. These were 20-30 second exposures.
  7. I camped up at Beaver Dam last night and snapped a few photos...
  8. Well, since I own lots of GoPro accessories and whatnot I decided to explain how I use them as well as how I organize all those things. Maybe you'll get some ideas from my video that will be helpful, especially if you are new to the GoPro system. One thing to keep in mind before you buy one of these cameras is that you will need a good computer (i.e., processor) and a nice graphics card in the computer. The software you use will require such things for successful editing of your videos. Otherwise, it will either take forever to render the video or simply crash your computer every time yo
  9. The mount you choose depends upon what you're attaching the mount to. There's a flat mount for flat surfaces, a slightly curved mount for curved surfaces. However, there are also head mount and chest mount options as well. Mostly I wear the chest mount when wade fishing. I've attached a flat mount on my kayak to use when fishing out of it. I take a series of videos when out fishing. You couldn't just leave the camera on the whole time. Your battery will die after about 45 minutes or so. Once you have your video clips from your trip, you have to splice them together and then edit the ent
  10. Bead pegging? Whats that? I was dead drifting a nymph under a white indicator. Very simple setup.
  11. Here's an stylized picture of a trout I caught yesterday...kind of cool I thought.
  12. Slow day below Parker Bend but managed to land a few...see video link below: http://youtu.be/MFCtxYzmyX8
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