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  1. This is an interactive map. Zoom in on Stockton Lake. It will show you the locations of the brush piles. What I did was to look at the ones in the areas that I fish. Several were new ones or at least the date was listed as 2019. Click on the icon and it will open up and give you the brush pile ID and what it is composed of. Seems that they are all cedar. It also gives a year, which I assume is when they were placed. I used EASY GPS to add the locations in. Saved it to a .gpx file. Then for Humminbird you need to convert to a .hwr file with another program. I am not on my home laptop. Can't remember the name of the other program that I used. At any rate, there were brush piles labeled as 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2019. I did put a different color icon for each years brush pile. Once I get my boat fixed to be able to fish then will try to see how the new piles compare to those older ones. Any idea how long it takes cedar pile to decompose? https://mdcgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=aa720aaaf06b49269b355b5a6e049d28
  2. Well, I did a little more research on the MDC site. Looked at the PDF file of the map of the brush files. The map is interactive in that you can click on the brush file icon and it will have a pop-up to let you see when it was placed and what it is composed of. I found several that are labeled as 2019. So the MDC did in fact place more brush piles in Stockton. Guess that we will have to wait for an updated file for our "fish finders". An alternative but very time consuming is to manually add them from the map when you find one placed this year. I will add a few in the area where I fish most often. Jackie
  3. I checked the MDC site for the 2019 brush pile ( fish attractor ) data files. They put up a new file for Stockton Lake. the date on the file is 7-22-2019. It tried opening it up and there looks to be only one brush pile location. The first hint was that the file was only 1000 bytes which I believe is about the smallest file that you can create in Windows. I talked with the folks at the MDC here in Springfield on Friday. They are running this up the chain to find out what went wrong and see if they can get the latest brush pile data file for us. Some of the other files are also very small. Maybe the MDC did not put any brush piles in this year due to high water levels. But I thought that these were cumulative data files. So the old brush piles should be there too??? Jackie
  4. Just looked at Stockton Lake level this morning at 10AM the lake was at 885.18. Certainly not going down any. I had hoped that once they opened the gates on Lake of the Ozarks, that Truman and later Stockton would start letting out some of their excess water. On the 18th Truman was at 735.50 and today is down to 733.93. Maybe they are waiting for Truman to drop much lower before letting much water out from Stockton. I did see a report from 2018 where the Army Corps of Engineers did a risk assessment on Turman Dam and reported it as potentially unsafe. Glad I don't live downstream from Truman especially now with it at near records levels. I don't foresee Stockton releasing much water until Truman is much lower.
  5. MO Panfisher, what was the record level of Stockton? Just looked and at 11 AM today it is at 884.95. For me, the lake is not useable at it's current level. Have heard that Lake of the Ozarks as well as Truman have been allowed to open up their outflow due to dropping water levels in the rivers. Hopefully they will soon be able to begin a draw down of Stockton as well.
  6. I just heard that they had 7 inches of rain over in Oklahoma just this morning. Those storms are headed this way. Hope that they dump all the rain before it gets to the Stockton catchment area.
  7. Thanks, I do live in Springfield and Springfield lake will be closer for me. So will try it first.
  8. I just bought a 12 foot solo canoe this last weekend. Thought at using it on Fellows and Lake Springfield. Do we have to get a permit for Fellows? What about Lake Springfield?
  9. I'm not sure that muddy water is bad, just the floating wood debris that you could hit with your boat. I'm going to wait it out another week before trying to put my boat at risk of hitting something.
  10. FOX 5 Weather reports that the level is at 875.50 today. Going to be higher before it starts to drop.
  11. I've had work done on my boat at Son Sac. Will be using them again if needed
  12. Or you can Ozark a 5 gallon bucket into a "drift bag".
  13. Where and how do you get the "Senior passes"? I turned 65 today and was thinking about sending in for fee for this this year. If there is any pass that I can use to either get a reduced fee or free than I am all for it. I agree with Zarra, seems like the gov'ment always more out of my pocket book and gives back less to those that actually worked for a living.
  14. Fished out of Roark Bluff today and on the way back to Springfield, took a detour by Arcola. Stopped at Ken's Kafe. I agree with lundone. Good food and friendly people. Thanks for the information lundone. I will make it a point to stop by there again.
  15. jbeenemd


    The drum IS a fresh water sheepshead.
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