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  1. i'm heading down to the lake for the next couple of days and was wondering how crowded taney usualy gets with boats on this weekend.i'm not much on crowds so i'm hoping people prefer the bigger lakes.
  2. thanks for the info.my roommate got a boat today so were gonna take it out tomarrow and do a little fishing.cant wait!
  3. does anyone know where i can find a list of all the boat ramps on taney on the internet.thanks
  4. this morning me and a friend went crappie fishing at a little lake out by my house.when we got there i had caught three nice crappie on the first three casts.on the fourth cast i had on a fish i was sure was a crappie but when it got about 20ft from the bank and just stopped then it took off and about broke my line.my friend said i just probably had a little bass on.i was joking around and told him something bigger probably ate my crappie like the sharks do in the ocean.just then a huge bass came up,with my crappie in its mouth.it spit it out but i did get my crappie.it was about 9 1/2 inches long so it had to be a huge bass.anyways this had never happened to me before and probably wont again.i was pretty excited so i thought i would share it.
  5. i went to lake fork a few years ago.caught lots of nice bass.we went in may so i dont know if the same tatics will work but we dead sticked zoom trick worms and wave tiki sticks around lilly pads and reeds.thats what we were told to use by a guide and it worked good.fished them really slow.like i said that was in may so i dont know if that works this time of year.hope this helps.be ready to catch a lunker cause that lake is full of them.
  6. nice picture.what is a lamprey?
  7. ive been hearing people talking about trout season opening today.what changes when the season starts?
  8. wow,i dont know what they feed on up there but we need to get whatever it is and put and taney so we can get more fish like that.
  9. i like to fish but it has its limits. fishing in the snow aint my thing.
  10. when using soft hackles do you use the with a float or not?
  11. a couple of weekends ago i was fishing way down the lake useing corn and had on a huge brown.it wasnt but it sure felt like a record on my little 4'6" rod and 4lb line.i faught it for about ten minutes before it took off under the dock and broke the line.i seen it twice and i guessed it was probably over 25".i was just trying to catch a few rainbows for supper,i dont know what i woulda done if i would have got him in cause he was about 3 times the size of my net.
  12. i dont know how far your willing to drive but grand pass is a good duck spot.its up by carrolton.if you get in on a good day you can shoot a limit of ducks easy,but it also has its bad days.it usualy ends up holding about 200,000 ducks.the only problem with it is you have to draw to be able to hunt so your not garinteed to be able to hunt.
  13. if i dont have plans which i almost never do ill be there
  14. im just curious.how does the tippet affect the fish bite?
  15. i heard about this recently to.i cant remeber where i seen it tho.i didnt really pay much attention to it.kinda wish i would have now.
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