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  1. Guy next to me was catching them on Minnows which I didn't have. Oh well I'm close enough the river is always good to me. Had a Big Party down there. Talking about spoiled to me is was just too dang hot. oneshot
  2. Went fishing in the Park. Could see fish. Cast bait to them and they just looked and went on. Worms, Salmon Eggs and Power Bait. Nothing! oneshot
  3. oneshot

    Moon Valley

    River has been pretty Good. Up there rather have it a little high if floating. Several Outfitters put in at MV. oneshot
  4. Went to the river yesterday it is up a little but pretty clear. oneshot
  5. Agree I use to hunt 5 acres and kill Deer all day long , I have killed Deer there before getting set down. Being said I know a Guy that would get Landowner Tags and shoot Deer on Public Land Tag them with his Land Owner Tag. Know another Guy lives in Springfield, drives to his Moms place by Stockton Lake and uses Landowner Tags. He also Baits. Like he said never has had to call a Turkey. oneshot
  6. This Trailer was made by High School Kids in Carthage. I took it to Springfield Highway Patrol from Lead Mine. I no longer have the Trailer . oneshot
  7. oneshot


    I always fillet mine with skin on. Bread with Cornmeal and Flour, Salt and Pepper and Fry. Caught nice ones down all Taney with red meat. Found they didn’t taste any different than the ones I get out of the Niangua River. oneshot
  8. This was Highway Patrol. I told them there was no way I was driving back to Joplin for a Parts List that I MIGHT get. So I figured I bought some high dollar scrap. oneshot
  9. I tried Home Made have to be 12 foot or a list of parts put in to building it. oneshot
  10. Looking like rain Wednesday, not sure how much but after that hot and dry. oneshot
  11. I enjoy going hunting if its for Squirrel or Deer. I remember hunting back before there was Deer and Turkey around had plenty Rabbits and Quail and always had a good time. I hunt for meat and I’m good with 3 for the year. oneshot
  12. oneshot

    Back Down

    The river for now is down and any float would be good but I would pull out Saturday evening because of forecast . oneshot
  13. Yelp be the KOA. Always welcome. oneshot
  14. oneshot

    Good News

    Went to the Doctor on my Shoulder she seems to think I will get full use of it over time and don't feel I will have to have it operated on.But need to go see another Specialist in St. Louis.Therapist told her I can't raise it at all. She told them she didn't expect me to after what I did, it will take time.oneshot
  15. oneshot

    Dang Good !

    Oh I forgot they Tapped it up yesterday to replicate muscle. Supposed to help. I keep getting conflicting reports on it. One says it will be good as New, other one says I’m going to lose use of it. There is only one that knows for sure and that is our Heavenly Father, what will be will be. oneshot
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