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  1. I’m thinking next year. Heck I had Gulf Fishing Trip last year but Arthritis put me down. Seems like something every year. Had Blood Clot put me in the Hospital all Deer Season one year. Got all ideas on hunting just need get feeling better. Got plenty for this Winter. oneshot
  2. Just went to Therapy she told me no on many things. No since April 8 ☹️ oneshot
  3. Neighbor told me the other day he would take me hunting and I turned him down. He told my wife today and told her he didn’t think I was interested. She told him I was really wanting to go but I can’t lift a Rifle. Oh I didn’t know this. oneshot
  4. Nice Mule Deer. We lived in Salina, CO and I would not go back far happier here in Missouri. oneshot
  5. This is very humbling like I told my Sister I’m a Man and do Man things but can’t hunt, cut Firewood, do Garden Work if I try I’m told to get out of the way. Didn’t think about it they operate on me again my arm will be in a sling for 6 weeks. Needed still my Son came in with two Chainsaws that needed sharpening. Told him to just hang loose get them right now. Showed him what he was doing wrong. Got them sharpened. If I go Fishing it would be just for a meal because we have enough to do all Winter. So yes we’re blessed. Very upsetting but comes back to this could be worse and this is temporary. If I should die so be it everybody does. oneshot
  6. Ok it’s the last weekend of Deer 🦌 Season but still. oneshot
  7. Ok found out they wanted me because I’m insured to drive Government Vehicles but it is going to be all day. They have Port ta Pots but I can’t change in one of them. Opening day of Firearms Deer Season so it’s hard to find help. oneshot
  8. Lebanon Christmas Parade. Just too long being 4 hours. I think a friend is going to do it. They asked my wife but she is in charge of taking pictures. oneshot
  9. They wanted me to drive Truck during Christmas Parade again this year but I’m not able to do the four hours. 😕 oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Varmit weapon

    And the Dummies went to M-4 Used M-14 when I was there went to M-16. Too bad your saying not much money I'm thinking something in .223Cal. oneshot
  11. River looks good. Seen Sand Springs and NRO still taking Floaters out. Leaves are about all off the Trees. KOA by me has Gates up and Locked not sure what that is about. oneshot
  12. One time years ago I caught a Rainbow that weighed Six and Half pounds out of the river. Took it to Weavers and weighed it. It was during the Winter. oneshot
  13. Yelp my Dad came home from Korea at the age of 22. He married my Mom she had me at the age of 16. oneshot
  14. People don’t realize how many Rattlesnakes are in Missouri. Seen Rattlers every place I’ve lived. Boonville, Tipton, Lead Mine and Lebanon. Know a guy in Lead Mine have half gallon of just Rattles. Had a couple Dogs got bit by them. I had one 8 inches from my face, I almost died of no air getting into me. oneshot
  15. If I look around I have pictures back in the’50’s. Remember going to Silver Dollar City to me it was more fun than now but kids are different and it is more about money. We had Tickets for two days but couldn’t handle one day. Use to fish Taney it was different but know people catch Ice Chest full no way Hatchery could keep up with that. I went to Cooper Creek dock caught some. Cooked them up and tasted the same as out of the river so why drive 100 miles one way We are burnt out on the shows so they are out. I thought go down for Christmas Lights but was told we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves. Anymore like to stay in Forsyth. Taney and Branson to me is a good place to take kids for awhile. oneshot
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