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  1. oneshot

    Bucks Only On Public Land Macon County

    I would hunt whatever they have the same sign at Lead Mine CA and have to use Any Deer Permit on Does. Some up at MDC don't know squat, had one tell me it was Illegal to catch Suckers on Rod and Reel, one Agent wanted to write me a Ticket over a Common Snapping Turtle. oneshot
  2. oneshot

    What Type Of Fish

    Yes we was at Shadow Rock Camp Ground and thought it would be cooler than Branson. oneshot
  3. oneshot


    I was fishing on the bank by the spill gate Woman Agent comes down there asking for my Fishing License? I told her they was up the bank in my Pickup, she was nice carried my fish up there. They had a Big Meeting in Tipton said the Lake was over run with Crappie and was going to have to kill it and restock. Seems the Bass got to work, ate the Crappie, got fat and they open the lake. Use to go Rabbit Hunting South of the Lake. Had to wait on the Dogs to quit messing with the hides in the Parking lot. oneshot
  4. oneshot

    What Type Of Fish

    In the Spring what type of Fish can I expect just below Taneycomo Dam? oneshot
  5. oneshot


    I took a Small Boat out there one time. Got some very Big Bass. Had a Woman Agent that was a Hoot, lay Sun Bathing. Write Tickets to people not releasing Bass fast enough. oneshot
  6. oneshot


    Looks like Manito Lake they have very Big Shell Crackers there. Remember the Lake was almost not opened because someone put Crappie in it. Use to be very good Rabbit Hunting around it. oneshot
  7. oneshot


    When I was young all kids fished for Bluegill with long Cane Poles and later in life I enjoyed large stringers of Bull Bluegill from ponds with Rod and Reel. What has happen with people fishing for Bluegills for the Frying Pan? oneshot
  8. oneshot

    Best catfish tutorial I've ever seen!

    Very informative I think I have been making it all too hard. oneshot
  9. oneshot

    Slow Day

    Went down to the river Sucker Fishing, using Worms. Didn't catch a one. The river is way low and clear. Leaves in the water now are making it fun too. oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Anybody see this yet?

    Ok I have only hooked one Muskie on Pomme de Terre Lake, I don't ever just fish for them. I like having them and like having this unique fish in the area but years ago I met a Guy that lived about a mile from the lake said he caught them all the time and killed every one he caught 😬 Yes I have caught fish that Muskie have tried to catch but I also have caught plenty to do me that were never touched. I couldn't help feeling what this Guy did was Illegal it was just wrong. oneshot
  11. oneshot

    Full of dinks.

    They said because of the filtration system, it is messing up the Drinking water on one well, plus said the concrete is busting up. They seemed to be clear as to shutting down the pool. oneshot
  12. oneshot

    Heritage Days?

    We went visited with Marie at the Nursing Home, whole different person. She didn't recognize anyone. She had a thing for me because I reminded her of her late Husband. She got White for a last name because her Dad killed a Guy in Arkansas was close to the White River so decided to take White as a last name. oneshot
  13. oneshot

    Full of dinks.

    Well last night the Hatchery Manager made it a point to say they are releasing same size of Trout as ever. I know I don't believe last few years they have been stocking the river as in the past. From what was said they are going to try and save the Bridge down at the far end if not making it better for safety reasons. But they are going to do away with the Pool, thing is I believe people camping there being a State Park they expect a Pool. oneshot
  14. oneshot

    Heritage Days?

    Yes they was good. Some stuff being sold there they seen that City money coming. Remember years ago about this time of year listening to a Fiddler in a Country Store just Fiddlen having fun. Some might know the store White Store in Lead Mine. oneshot
  15. oneshot

    Heritage Days?

    Well we went I'm very sore walking around but we had a good time. My wife forgot the Key to our Cabin so we didn't go to it. oneshot

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