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  1. oneshot

    Willard HS Fishing Team Fundraiser

    Well missed it but I seen Willard Class of '71 was a long time ago. Freshman year first year they had Football, had Classes in old Quonset Huts. oneshot
  2. oneshot

    snake ID?

    Had couple Dogs get bit by them. Had them every place I lived at here in Missouri. Had them in Cooper County and Dallas County heavy. oneshot
  3. oneshot

    River Is Up And Not Wanting To Go Down

    Well went to Barclay and there is no riffle. oneshot
  4. Niangua is still up and fishing is slow. Some Guys were fishing for Goggle Eye in the Park. I figured not worth the Ticket if I got caught but they weren't having much luck. oneshot
  5. oneshot

    Just funny stuff

    Yelp just hope you still have enough in you so it don't hurt chewing your arm off getting out of there. oneshoy
  6. oneshot

    Chevy's don't float, for long.

    Drain the water out of everything and put fresh oil in has worked so far. Oh don't try starting a Pickup while it is in water but at night it was pretty. oneshot
  7. oneshot

    Chevy's don't float, for long.

    Friend of mine came pulled me out again. oneshot
  8. oneshot

    Goggle eye?

    Got to be 7 inches long now. oneshot
  9. oneshot

    Chevy's don't float, for long.

    One time I was half way passed out in back of my Pickup. I looked up and thought, Man them stars are sure moving fast as my Pickup rolled into the Lamine River. 😖 oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Best place for Sucker fishing - March

    I was wondering the same thing. I was considering Grabbing them. Here we have Redhorse. oneshot
  11. oneshot

    My Kind Of Woman

    She probably has her Daddy's Boat. oneshot
  12. Was at Wal Mart picked up some stuff. Woman checking me out says oh your going after some Crappie. I said yelp. Told her I like Catfishing. It's still too cold for Catfishing. oneshot
  13. oneshot

    Wonder If I Can Move With Out Her?

    THE Lake is still open. Actually thinking of staying here until Turkey Season. oneshot
  14. oneshot

    Flyfishing Is A Joke

    Bait up, throw out, set in the Chair and wait. maybe take a nap. oneshot
  15. This was my first thought. You can check it without starting the Motor. If anything just pull the Plug Wires while you check it couple times. oneshot

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