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  1. Fishing At Powersite?

    Thinking of going Camping that area by the Ballpark and fishing in Taneycomo from the Docks. Should I be able to catch Suckers in the Spring? Taking 3 Dogs, they are well behaved should I keep them tied? Or better just leave them at home. Thinking of Turkey Hunting on COE Land. oneshot
  2. Wonder if this can possibly happen?

    Ok not so much to do with trash but as a young person remember many more deep holes because gravel was taken out and we caught many fish in these holes. oneshot
  3. Seems Berkley has quit making White Power Bait Paste for Trout. I want to have a chat with them. oneshot
  4. Line Size

    Ok I was thinking of going to lighter Line. I have some Reels with 6# Test, some with 12# Test and some with 30# Test all Mono I change once or twice a year. Drags work fine on my Reels but the other day I was fishing for Trout by the house. The water is very clear where I can see fish and use to use 2# Test for Trout because I was told I had to but here I was using 6# Test and doing just fine. I go fishing for Channel Catfish and most the time catch 2-5 pound fish my 12# Test line would be fine but I put my Rods in good Holders and might not be paying attention, look up and the Rod just dancing. So I see no reason changing like my wife says why fix something that an't broke? Oh I do this Deer hunting shot many Deer using 20Ga. and Slugs keep thinking of improving but will still use 20Ga. Maybe I'm getting too old for change. oneshot
  5. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Ok I was looking at the South side. That looks like some areas I drive getting down to Truman Lake. I was at Truman Lake one time driving out, talking with my wife on the phone, broke my front window out. oneshot
  6. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Ok went over there. How do you get below the bridge? oneshot
  7. Willard Fundraiser

    And to think my Freshman year was the first year for Football. oneshot
  8. Well!

    Went to the Gasconade found it was froze over so I went back to the Niangua by the house. Was trying to catch Suckers but caught my limit of Trout. The river was very clear so I used 6# Test Line. oneshot
  9. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Thanks I'll try it. oneshot
  10. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Ok sounds good I need to find where I can get below a riffle. Don't have a boat so have to look around. Get my Maps out and look. oneshot
  11. Bennett's Springs C&R - 12/30/17

    I'm usually around. oneshot
  12. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Yes and anymore fish for Suckers, Bluegill and Catfish in that order. oneshot
  13. Fishing The Gasconade?

    I was fishing where the old Bridge is and I-44 goes across. North East of Lebanon. oneshot
  14. Bennett's Springs C&R - 12/30/17

    You know you went right by me. I live just West of the KOA. oneshot
  15. Fishing The Gasconade?

    Ok I live 5 miles from the Niangua River but find my best fishing 20 miles from the house. About 20 miles the other direction I can fish the Gasconade. I've been told there is good fishing on the Gasconade but went fishing there once and didn't do well. Is it me or is the Niangua better? Or is it just a matter of confidence? oneshot

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