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  1. oneshot

    Long Night

    Went to the office about 10 talked to my sister North of California, MO. She said it had just hit there. I’m waiting to hear back from her. Heard about Jefferson City. Was told about midnight to stand down go home but be ready. I’m sleeping in my clothes thought I was hearing hail but Tornado touched down by us. We haul tail for the office 1:20 running ahead of the system. Then another touchdown. Far as I know only one house distroyed no injuries. Get to the office watching Radar Tornado goes to FLW. Boss said there was one on the ground at Edgar Springs. Where is Edgar Springs? I knew because I use to hunt up there. They was touching down all along the line, every time seemed it had calmed down there was another. Finally one of my Bosses asked what I thought? Told him I thought it was done but had 2 more touch down, so we wait. Then 4AM they said stand down go home. On way home pointed out to my wife that all the Mailboxes were open. She might be deployed to Jefferson City right now dealing with Media. oneshot
  2. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    Haven’t been to the river today but I’m sure it is way up for days still raining here. oneshot
  3. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    That is one thing my wife does is make assessments for FEMA and I may be wrong but my understanding is if you have Insurance they won't help or if your Renting and it is a one time thing. We had a Guy Renting, second time around and he was POed because FEMA wouldn't pay him again. What people don't understand is FEMA says they paid out millions but spread out it is only couple thousand paid out. Funny there is so many Government Agencies that come in but it has to be the right Agency to get anything done. I'm with 3 different Agencies here while back one was needed and ready to go but was told they were not needed, so what was they to do? I'm surprised they would do this fishinwrench usually they don't give a crap. oneshot
  4. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    I had a question at one meeting why are they so focused on Tornadoes when straight line winds cover a larger area? Seems FEMA pays on Tornadoes. oneshot
  5. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    Ok just got word to plan on working all night, at least lots of rain which we don't need. At night I listen to National Weather Service and watch 3 Radars. Yesterday we was about to close shop and Hook Echo popped up by Fair Grove, was watching then it disappeared as fast as it came up. Be careful. oneshot
  6. Ok even Jim getting under bided he still gets the bid??? The place could be very nice and the area depends on it but it's like they no longer care. oneshot
  7. Ok I went to a meeting last Fall, they was going to take the Bridge out but after talking with locals found that it was needed and it was agreed to build a much better Bridge. When I seen the New Bridge I was very surprised and thought this was not what was agreed on. Is there anything that can be done to correct this? At the same meeting they said they was going to take out the Swimming Pool. At the time I felt it was a bad idea and still do. People come to a State Park like this expecting more than fishing. I feel they are losing to other Camp Sites in the area. I really do like the area as far as a place to Picnic. oneshot
  8. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    We have a problem being too fast to set off Sirens, then have trouble not setting them off. Have Spotters out during the day which I'm trained, then have the Want to Be Spotters messing up If I get a call, get name ,Phone number area and what has happen. Keeps BS down. oneshot
  9. Went through the Park and the spring was up but looked ok. The water was over the Wooden Bridge. We have had bunch of rain since but tends to go back down pretty fast. oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Yes It's Up

    Couldn't had to work. I'm the Guy watching Radar telling when to sound the Siren. oneshot
  11. Went through the park, water is up and over the Wood Bridge but Spring still looks good. Just hope we don't get too much rain tonight. oneshot
  12. Went down to the river it is running bank full and we are suppose to get more rain so. oneshot
  13. Sorry didn’t get back did you go and if yes how did you do. There is several other places to put in other than the Ramps oneshot
  14. I have found any water rising Fish bite, falling they get Lockjaw. Had some Guy setting out Lines on Lamine River one time after I did well on a Rise. I told them they wouldn't get a bite because the river was falling. Seen the Guy couple weeks later and he said I was right they had wasted their time. But if Fly Fishing or Lure Fishing if water is up it gives more movement. Me I'm more throw it out, put Rod in Holder, set back take a nap. So it is better if the water is not up. oneshot
  15. I was told it is good being up a little but what do I know. oneshot
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