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  1. oneshot


    Well taking out Windows and there is Electric there. Plus wanting one easier getting me out to Ambulance. Plus Wheelchair if needed. Have a nice Ramp. oneshot
  2. Done plenty of fishing this time of year and use to High Fence Hunt. oneshot
  3. oneshot


    I already have two Slidding Glass Doors and was going to put them in. My Son says over time things will settle and the Doors will be harder to slide. He said I will be happier with just Double Doors. What do you guys think? Be nice to open them going out on Decks. oneshot
  4. Use to be I considered weather weather and nothing I could do about it. I have pictures of me out hunting in the mountains completely covered with snow. I forgot to add because I’m on Blood Thinners I can’t take Anti Inflammatories for my Arthritis just more Pain Medication. oneshot
  5. Funny she left her husband on Friday hooked up with me the next Friday. My Ex was very good for 10 years. We got into Swinging and me working 7 days a week, Farming and wanting to go hunting I told her the Swinging had to go. She didn’t want to quit. This woman has been good other than the Sex thing. 16 years ago I had sex with her and she said she wasn’t wanting it so I figured I rapped her and never did that again. Oh I do my own cooking and laundry. oneshot
  6. If my wife is to be at work or if she is called in. If she can’t drive Highway Patrol gives her a ride. The people got to the office and outside locks were so iced they wouldn’t stay unlocked. oneshot
  7. I found out what I needed know. Plus found with my Shoulder I can’t get off the floor if I’m laying on my left side. Kegel exercise is for men getting control after having their Prostate removed and there is exercises for men. Was talking with a woman her husband has Prostate Cancer but don’t want him operated on because he won’t be able to get an erection. Guess he still will when he is dead. oneshot
  8. I have considered moving back to Louisiana for some Gulf Fishing but my wife says stay where we are and we are getting too old. I actually had everything for my Charter but like I say at the last minute Arthritis put me down. We had everything paid ahead even places to stay. oneshot
  9. Interesting my Ex was good looking and good in Bed but decided to share. My present wife good woman but don’t care for sex. Oh my present wife if I start working on something she gets upset because she knows how it will turn out. My wife does make Bailing Wire, Super Glue and Gorilla Tape work in a pinch. oneshot
  10. I know a guy that fishes the Gulf out of Florida. He pulls his Boat out every few days cleans it up. I lived in Louisiana but it was just Fresh Water. Catfish and Mudbugs. I know Coon A diet. My kids hated fish and rice 3X a day. LOL oneshot
  11. Arthritis messed me up on my Gulf Fishing Trip. Yes I know Salt Water Fish fight harder but is it worth it dealing with the salt as far as Boat and Reels? There are plenty Fresh Water Fish that put up a heck of fight. oneshot
  12. My wife is Office Manager and is off on Friday. This morning because of weather people were calling her at 7AM wanting to know if they should go in? She told them if it looked too bad not to worry it. I looked at the Highway and it was just wet. oneshot
  13. On the Bridge do you hold up or go kind of fast and how many reps? To me it seems Doctors don’t really know just give a person literature and go on. If I had a Doctor that knew I would be getting Radiation by now. Talk about exercising I’m exercising for my Prostate and for my Shoulder. Real Pain dealing with Bladder with one Good Arm. oneshot
  14. Remember many mornings waking up raining or snowing just stay sleeping a bit We had a creek by us. Was down in Ozark County camping in middle of nowhere, rained was best time I ever had. oneshot
  15. Oh this is much easier. Just drive them in there. oneshot
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