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  1. Well I don’t think it is just Tree Pollen. I went out with a masks for about an hour. My mouth and Throat feel like they are on fire. My wife thinks it might be Poison Ivy. Told my wife it is something New that could literally kill me. oneshot
  2. I like Arizona. Maybe my Doctor has something. I live in Oak woods. oneshot
  3. I was told not to hold my anger in. oneshot
  4. Was checking lines with my Brother in Law. Said watch that snake. Snake falls into the boat, Brother in Law jumps out. I was laughing told he was supposed to throw the Snake out. LOL Had to tell him one time not to shoot my dog, we was Rabbit hunting and he pulled down on my dog. oneshot
  5. Was going to a Shrink that made me realize just get my Head out of my Backside. Ah woman on top. oneshot
  6. Yesterday I went out for awhile. Today woke up my Throat and Mouth were swollen. I was thinking it was something Citrus I had ate but had never had a problem with before. Got to thinking I have had a problem with Tree Pollen last couple years. It isn’t bad yet and I’m feeling like it is going to kill me. oneshot
  7. Seems my Dog all of a sudden decided to jump our fence and run off whoever is on the other side then jump back over the fence . Who me I have been here. Oneshot
  8. oneshot


    It is so real. Tuff guys. oneshot
  9. Actually too many Pines down South. Ate many Pinons In the mountains. Best time to eat Mule Deer I hear is in the Spring. oneshot
  10. Eat Polk, Lambs Quarter,Dock and many others. My wife says turn me lose I’m too busy eating. Everything is food. oneshot
  11. Afraid this will burn them. Same with 50/50 mix of Worm Castings. That is why I’m asking. Transplanted some seedlings in straight Pro Mix because it is lighter soil. I was told Pro Mix will work fine but 50/50 mix will be way better. oneshot
  12. Hey Wrench found out today if you buy a Coffee and it don’t come out the hole in the lid you might have two lids on. But I’m sure bunch didn’t have holes. Gave away a Battery Pack Jump Starter because I couldn’t get it to work. Found works just fine when you remove a piece of tape. oneshot
  13. Well got a Garden Weasel but didn’t find no Worm Castings. oneshot
  14. I get free Fishing and Hunting License, Meals, Phone and Discounts of food , camping , rooms and bunch other stuff. oneshot
  15. Don’t everyone? oneshot
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