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  1. Redfish trip

    Have considered moving back to Louisiana but have things here might go down for a visit. oneshot
  2. America the Beautiful COE pass

    Yelp that is what I have. Had it since 2002. big rockpile
  3. America the Beautiful COE pass

    That is the Hanger from the Mirror that still cost I believe. oneshot
  4. America the Beautiful COE pass

    I have the Golden Access Passport it works well. Discounts on Camping and Free Swimming and Boat Ramp. oneshot
  5. Texas Dept Of Fish & Wildlife

    All fine and dandy unless your wanting to eat them. oneshot
  6. The Arkansas River is wonderful success story

    I use to live close enough to the Arkansas River by Salida I could fish out my Bedroom window. oneshot
  7. Niangua 7/30/17 short report

    Caught these one time up by River Front on Stump Jumpers. oneshot
  8. I almost got a Ticket for one. oneshot
  9. A Question of Ethics?

    Most the Pictures are already not Legal in state of Missouri. But I do know several that don't let Laws stop them. oneshot
  10. UK Strain Carp

    Ok my Grandson spent couple days with me fishing one day I told him lets try this, Within an hour he was Hooked. oneshot
  11. UK Strain Carp

    I was thinking with some on here they do not get MoCarp. Most people now days catch Bass and turn them Back they would never eat them but spend Thousands if not Millions to fish all the time for this Fish. And several will put down anyone keeping 6 and taking them Home cooking them up. MoCarp using specialized European Style fishing for Carp still has considerable amount of money tied up into fishing for Carp. And if people eat Carp it is a Bad no,no. The main difference is the money is not there for Carp because of this BIG LABEL TRASH. But think about this, Carp fishing, you set on the Bank, you Read or Take a Nap, when your Bite Alarm goes off most the time you will have 5X the fight you would ever have with a Bass. You don't have the money invested in Lures and Boats. You can do this several times a day. Think about this am I missing something? Me I'm not so fancy, I use my Medium Action Rod and Reels, 12# Test Line, 4 or 6 Treble Hook and a Dough Bait I mix up. Carp will work my Drag. Ok I can do the same with Catfish just not as fast or regular as Carp but I have better meat to eat. With these Larger Carp I may not fish for them but like Bass, Hybrid Bass, Trout and Musky. They are still there and are a special catch just bad some put such a negative Label on them. oneshot
  12. UK Strain Carp

    Are them Mirror Carp? If they are I thought they was already here. Over in Europe they are so much different here. Here I just use a Dough Bait on a Treble Hook. Catch Common Carp regular and they will put up a fight that will put any Bass to shame. If I wasn't Meat Fishing I could use this same method and release most fish and they would do ok because they don't swallow the hook. oneshot
  13. UK Strain Carp

    Sure will try it thanks. oneshot
  14. UK Strain Carp

    Caught plenty Redhorse as matter fact I caught the Biggest one I ever have last Spring. Now I'm Boatless so I'm fishing from the bank witch limits where I can fish. Oh I did catch a 6.5 Pound Rainbow on Night Crawlers, Number 6 Baitholder Hook, and 6# Test Line. oneshot
  15. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    Had a Big One break 6# Test line on the river. Might have been that one. oneshot

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