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  1. Cooler weather decided to Social Distance. oneshot
  2. Taking Mother in Law vehicle. I guess our Son is going too. We was discussing putting her on top. oneshot
  3. Supposed to have a Family Reunion on my wife’s side. My Brother in Law has been exposed to COVID - 19. Asked my 86 year old Mother in Law about going? Might as well go it is everywhere. oneshot
  4. oneshot


    Just between two counties. In our county we started testing June 1, we now have 200 positivities and one death of an older person. So we had a Spike. My baby Sister said they had 6 cases but tested guys in the prison now they have 100 cases. Another Spike since opening. Just found this interesting. oneshot
  5. He would lose them Dad knows where his are. He has my stuff for months. Bad he forgets where some are and I have to buy them again. He borrows Hunting and Fishing stuff. Hey you might take the old man out. Sure! Well be over here 3AM. That is way too early. oneshot
  6. Well our Son finished yesterday and it don’t look too bad. He does good work but he works just enough to get by and he don’t have the tools he needs. oneshot
  7. oneshot


    How about Breaux Bridge? Hey the Beer is cold. oneshot
  8. oneshot


    I went to NO once and didn’t care for it. Hunting and Fishing to me is much better here. Black women take better care of their selves down there and better looking. And always very polite. Least that was the way they were in the ‘80’s. Always thought it funny, had a woman in my Pickup, she was looking through stuff. What you looking for? Yankee stuff. LOL My wife got mad at me hanging out with a Cajun Girl. Like I told her we was just friends. My wife did learn their language. I was looking for work. Was told I was stupid this is the Poor South go on Welfare. oneshot
  9. oneshot

    Tired Of It

    Had a Doctors appointment in Springfield but I was feeling sick so I went and was tested for Covid-19 came up negative. Then my Doctors appointment is canceled because the Doctor is sick. Guy owes me $10,000. He didn’t have any income for last couple months because of Covid-19 . Then he goes back to work. Told him I could use some while I was going through Radiation. He said he would see what he could do. Never seen a dime. Yesterday hear his Son say they was going to Destin for vacation. My wife was reading my mind because she told me to be quiet and good. The way it is I might as well forget getting the money back. No I don’t have anything in writing. My wife told me he knows he owes me this and will pay it back in time. oneshot
  10. oneshot


    Yes I have family there. Most time get a place of our own. My kids hated it. Fish and Rice all the time. LOL Bad you look out and see Mailman stuck by the Mailbox in 4WD. oneshot
  11. oneshot

    Raised Beds

    One place we had we had Raised Beds and Compost Bins. Talked with the neighbor that bought it about year later he said they had to remove bunch of the soil because of them. Ok right! LOL oneshot
  12. oneshot

    Raised Beds

    Two foot is a bit close. Might go with three foot across outside beds and four foot across on the middle. Had bunch of Cucumbers on the cabinet and they was gone. Asked my wife about them? Oh I gave some to Mom and some to our Son. I wasn’t happy and let her know it. oneshot
  13. oneshot


    Was just telling my Baby Sister Louisiana is the only state I lived in if you woke up it was time to PARTY!!!! Told her me and my wife need to go back down there visiting. LOL oneshot
  14. Got to thinking it don’t rain too much might make a drive catch some Catfish. oneshot
  15. I use to fly through the Timber when we lived there scare the something out of my wife then one day I about flipped the Boat over. I slowed down. LOL oneshot
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