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  1. Oh Life Is So Hard

    Yes they told me they shot it. When I got there the woman had it in her Pickup, said she was going to take it to a Processor but they wouldn't do it, she was told by the Law to just throw it in the ditch. So she called MDC they called me. They have called me before telling me the Deer was still alive and like I say .22 bullet to the Head. oneshot
  2. Oh Life Is So Hard

    Got two through MDC and Neighbor gave us one so doing ok on Deer. I've always deboned all my Deer so really don't worry. Who ever shot it don't know much, High Caliber to the Heart. Me when I shoot them .22 to the Head. I bring up the Boat real regular and she gives me the look. You know the Look? Yes that one. oneshot
  3. Oh Life Is So Hard

    Was getting some Firewood up. Get a call from the Conservation Department. You want a Deer, it got hung in a Fence and we already shot it? Yes I'll take it. Go over there it is just a little Button Buck. Couldn't get it loaded in my Pickup. Makes me think do I still want to buy a Tag and still go Deer hunting? Well had Deer Meat and Trout today. Lord watching out for us, not going to starve. oneshot
  4. Oklahoma ?

    She usually gives up. Ok I was wanting a set of De Walt Cordless Tools from Lowe's, we was in there the other day, looked at them. The sale is up Wednesday. She says I get paid Wednesday. Does this mean she is going to get them? oneshot
  5. Oklahoma ?

    Oh got Bugs figured out I think other than a Tick putting me in the Hospital 5 years ago. Boat I can't help but think a 48/16 Jon would be great. oneshot
  6. Oklahoma ?

    Sounds like my wife. Go to the Cabin, go Deer Hunting and Fishing, sleep in a real Bed and watch T.V. Closer and much cheaper. oneshot
  7. Oklahoma ?

    Oh I think she gets it from her mom. But she has kept me out of trouble most of the time in over 30 years. oneshot
  8. Oklahoma ?

    Was thinking around Broken Bow Lake SE Corner of the State unless someone comes up with a better area. oneshot
  9. Oklahoma ?

    Was thinking of going to Minnesota hunting but got to thinking about brush and mosquitoes so thought more about Oklahoma. Thinking of hunting Hogs,Deer,Camping and Fishing. Anyone ever go down there? My wife is already having a fit over cost of Permits. Thinking of going during Muzzleloader Deer Season but see I can use a Crossbow during Archery Season so that might work. oneshot
  10. This is what a 50#er looks like

    Yes 50 pounds he would have at least one arm resting on his thigh. I've seen 50 pound fish and I have to call BS on this. oneshot
  11. Spoonbill

    Use to Snag for them it was fun. Anymore just set on the bank taking a nap waiting. oneshot
  12. Are you glad to be away from Oak Hill? I live across the road and the guy that owns it is something else. Never see too many in there. oneshot
  13. Ok the White seems to be softer and leave a sent trail. I bait fish on the river if I use Power Bait I use #12 Treble Hook, if I use Worms or Minnows I use #6 Straight Hook on 6# Test Line. oneshot
  14. Not good for spring fishing

    Been waiting for it to warm up for Catfish and Bluegill. At least it isn't flooding oneshot
  15. Anything other than Trout ? Help !

    Table Rock and Bull Shoals not that far. oneshot

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