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  1. oneshot

    Does It Matter?

    Been on the river many times fish every cast 🙄 This is with Low Clear water. And if I use worms for Suckers I'm using size 6 Hook and can't catch Suckers because of the Trout. Was there one time Guys Cat Fishing and kept catching Trout and no one had a Trout Permit. I have been just Catfishing and only caught one small Channel Catfish. oneshot
  2. oneshot

    Bird ranches

    High Prairie Lebanon, Missouri. oneshot
  3. oneshot

    Does It Matter?

    Everyone says 2 or 4 pound Test Line for Trout. Yes I've use light Line but seems I do just as fine with 6 pound Test that I use for Crappie and other Pan Fish. Yes they are for the pan. Also makes it nice if I catch a big Redhorse. oneshot
  4. oneshot

    Still Not Catching

    This year I have not caught the number of Channel Catfish as in the past. Went Tuesday, fished for 3 hours and caught one five pound Channel Cat. Sure would like to catch 3 or 4 like that but it is not to be. Couldn't even catch Bluegill. oneshot
  5. oneshot


    My wife use to work and go to school in Jefferson City. Did you happen to go to the LEO Memorial in back. I went brought back memories knowing some personally. oneshot
  6. oneshot


    Lets keep this country Great. Was at Jefferson City last Winter, talked personally with Eric Greitens. Talked with Mike Parsons at a FEMA Conference couple weeks ago, seems like a nice Guy and says he always has time to talk but yes they are politicians. Have a Good Time. oneshot
  7. oneshot

    Bait to Use for Catfish

    Here lately I've been using Sudden Impact Punch Bait and it is out fishing Sonney's on regular Treble Hook. oneshot
  8. This year I've caught far less Catfish out of the Lake but see there was a Major fish kill. Think this is the problem? oneshot
  9. Got a Spinning Reel that quit Locking. I figure it should be simple. Any ideas before I tear in to it? oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Arkansas River Trout?

    Thanks and Great! 🙄 oneshot
  11. I have eaten Carp all my life. My fishing was started out with Carp but unlike many anymore I depend of Hunting and Fishing for our meat. Carp are just too much trouble to make edible unlike other fish. Even Native Buffalo are easier to make edible. oneshot
  12. Thinking of catching a Carp, beating it and cutting it up and using it for Catfish Bait. oneshot
  13. oneshot


    At Pomme de Terre if you see a school of Shad coming through lots of times it is Bass but Muskie will to feed on the Shad. I use a Beetle Spin and catch either pretty fast. Thing with Muskie I'll take time and tie a Steal Leader on but like I say easy to catch if a person watches. I usually don't fish for Muskie on purpose but they are fun when hooked. oneshot
  14. oneshot


    This guy was taking a knife and cutting through the gills, said he had done it for years the same reason this other guy did. And yes I have caught other fish they have tried to catch but I never have intentionally killed any. But if people know Pomme de Terre Lake they know they are fairly easy to catch. oneshot
  15. oneshot


    Use to know a Guy over on Linley Arm catch a bunch and would kill every one.. oneshot

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