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  1. Thinking of going up by the Dam Thursday Cat Fishing. Water is just too high where I normally go. oneshot
  2. I found Barclay good. But I was fishing with Power baits. We are getting inch or two of rain every couple days keeping the river up and down a little. oneshot
  3. Sorry 64 HWY Bridge. oneshot
  4. No pictures but I still have the old Wood Plugs. oneshot
  5. I'm thinking Charity but don't hold me to it. oneshot
  6. Ok it is 2PM and river still looks good but it is clouding up again and all the water from the South hasn't got here yet. oneshot
  7. It went North of Lebanon my wife went in for a couple hours. Might go back it later. oneshot
  8. Still running about a foot deep. We haven't got much rain here yet. It is Good right now, floating and fishing should both be Good. oneshot
  9. Went down the Highway by the Park they still had the sign out that the Wooden Bridge was closed. oneshot
  10. I went down to the river about noon, 5/18, it is up but floatable and Rainbow Trout are biting. I didn't float but I would be watching for Trees more than river level. oneshot
  11. I went down to the Niangua River checking it out. Yes it was up and yes it changed. Seems they are releasing more and better Trout into the river. I caught Limit in an Hour with Orange and White Power Baits. Nice Heavy Stringer. oneshot
  12. Well their calling for 3 inches of rain. oneshot
  13. Ok just drove to the river this morning they still had the road blocked to the Wooden Bridge. River is back in its banks so Spring should be good. oneshot
  14. Went down this morning it is back in its banks. Not sure what it looks like down stream as far as trees. Kind of got on to on another Forum because they was going on Gage Readings. So I won't be posting no more other than water color. oneshot
  15. Went down to the river to fish. It is running bank full and trees breaking off into the river. Suppose to get rain again tonight it is going to be awhile before the river is going to be safe to float. oneshot