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  1. DHS . Like was said we train 98% of the time the other 2 Pure Adrenalin. We are over big chunk of SE Missouri just South of St. Louis oneshot
  2. I went to Truman Lake one time a woman in Minnesota had State Police looking for me because I hadn’t been on the Internet. oneshot
  3. Some ask why we are armed. Simple it is in style to kill any in Government. Finally some of our Higher Ups are seeing we could be in danger with Coronavirus and Riots. Thing is in truth my wife is in more danger than me being higher rank but if I’m with her anymore I’m collateral damage. What is funny she is my Boss so if it could get bad she sends me in. She has told me she isn’t sure she could put someone down. Like I told her if they are in this position they have no problem putting her down. Choking we was told we couldn’t choke so I would come up under the arm and pull with the other hand. Some said I was choking, it was determined I wasn’t. oneshot
  4. Well I paid him half told him I wouldn’t take it until I paid in full. He said he didn’t care but wants time to get his fishing stuff out. oneshot
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  6. Well I bought a Boat. 17 foot Bass Tracker, Aluminum, 65 HP Suzuki, New Trolling Motor, two Fish Finders. Needs Batteries. I asked my wife about it. She said she felt sorry for me. Hmmmmm! oneshot
  7. My Niece is manager at Walmart they took bails of cardboard stacked them in front of the store. oneshot
  8. Rain this morning put it up Bank full. Spring was running high too. oneshot
  9. I think it is mostly young kids. How many older people beat someone to death with a Skate Board? oneshot
  10. Only couple thousand the guy is needing money. Been here before they sell you the Boat then want you to take them fishing. Hope my Left Arm being messed up won’t be a problem. If it has a Console I shouldn’t have a problem. oneshot
  11. My wife found a Boat for sale and is saying I should buy it. 17 foot V Bottom, 75 HP Motor. I haven’t seen it but she says she trust the guy. Hmmmm! Seems like this would be on her terms. oneshot
  12. My wife says Riots I said is it Riots or Protest? Like I told her there is a difference. We are to be Neutral but most don’t know the full story on this. Let it go through the courts and accept but if it don’t go their way it will be back on the streets. oneshot
  13. Me and my wife won’t be going because of my treatments but some of our people have to go to the Big City of West Plains for protest tomorrow. We been busy with few storms, flooding and Coronavirus. oneshot
  14. Well Rifles I have to go to the Range. Had a neighbor shoot out a car window mile away. Got my Scopes changed had to change one twice put a clearer one on it. oneshot
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