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  1. Went to Fairfield Ramp and lake is back down. It was just too windy today. oneshot
  2. I’m thinking of going where the spring comes into the river. Setting there with two Rods for Suckers and one for Trout. I’m sure someone from the Park will run telling how I’m breaking regulations . oneshot
  3. I was looking at the hole upstream from the ramp and was thinking of getting there with Prop Motor on left side of the riffle. Just not sure it is deep enough there. oneshot
  4. Well riffle was pretty good right there, few rocks and really didn't look that deep. oneshot
  5. Well they was but I was questioning it in my mind. oneshot
  6. Done . Got New Bridge in and nice road around to the access. oneshot
  7. Well don’t know. Water Patrol was heading to the river with his lights flashing but haven’t heard anything. oneshot
  8. Little after 10:00 PM seen Water Patrol headed for the river. After I seen him it dawned on me this is opening of Gigging Season. Just pray all is well. oneshot
  9. oneshot


    I get into Big Bluegill Pomme de Terre and Fellows. Found Big Redear in that small lake South of Tipton. oneshot
  10. And it is always Trout and Bass between September 15 and January 30. Never Suckers. Yea Right! oneshot
  11. Yes but I have never seen one put more than one hole in a fish. oneshot
  12. Yelp I remember back in the '60's, go in Doze Timber and plant everything in Fescue. I've made bunch of money off Fescue but hate what it has done to Quail and Rabbits. Use to be there was two different types of Dogs. Hunting Dogs and Worthless Dogs. Didn't matter breed. oneshot
  13. Me and a Guy took out his New Bronco his Sugar Mama bought him. After we got through he had one heck of a story to tell her so she would fix it. LOL Crazy the best Vehicle I ever owned was a '85 FORD F150 Pickup 4WD, 4 Speed Stick, Straight 6 Cyl. . oneshot
  14. I mowed grass found a bunch of Chanterelles. I like Black Trumpets best. oneshot
  15. I was working as a Meat Cutter, hundreds of Knives. They found I was carrying a 3 inch Sheath Knife. Was called to the office telling me I couldn't have that weapon in there. LOL oneshot
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