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  1. Ok so Chemo is taking a bath in stuff to kill all Cancer but it will probably take out some good but oh well! My Sister went into the Hospital, thinking they would treat her and she would go home. She passed few hours later. oneshot
  2. Seems if you are diagnosed with Cancer they still insist on Chemo. I know you have other options but seems they don’t put them out there. Most time they say this is what we are going to do. oneshot
  3. Every time I turn around there is talk of New Research on Cancer. But it seems for years your only option is Chemo and or Radiation. Is there New stuff out there or are they just going with what they have been doing and collecting money? oneshot
  4. Years ago someone put Crappie in a small lake South of Tipton, MO. The MDC wasn’t going to open it. They was going to kill the lake and restock it. I guess the Bass decided to clean up on Crappie so MDC went ahead and open the lake. I’ve caught some big Shell Crackers out of there. I tell you the worst thing on ponds is small Perch that nobody stocks. People should keep all they catch. I stocked a pond with Channel Catfish and Hybrid Bluegill and have been happy with it. oneshot
  5. oneshot


    Still hanging around has gotten to where it pays me no mind just eats my corn. oneshot
  6. I have found after wearing Hearing Aid I can’t hear anything with out it. Shut it off to save battery. My wife is real fast to tell me ( Even though I can’t hear) That it does no good to have a Hearing Aid if I’m not going to use it. oneshot
  7. I have to laugh my Mother in Law don’t like my wife helping me do stuff but it was ok her helping her Dad. My wife still does Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Carpenter work. oneshot
  8. oneshot here. Have found out that having family and or friends in the same house NEVER works. Your In-laws are living like they was brought up. Pain but can’t change it. My Mother in Law lives next door in an apartment we fixed up. Me and her agree on nothing. She don’t eat anything in our house because it is hard telling what it is. I have made her sick many times by her watching me eat. All in your head. My Mother in Law is getting tiered of living here because in her mind her daughter would be over there 24/7 but there is no way. I respect her because she is 86 years old
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  10. Yesterday my wife came to me choking. I pushed it out and got her going. Today she has a Rib hurting but she said it’s better than dying. She was surprise I had so much strength in my bad arm. Didn’t think about it adrenaline rush. oneshot
  11. Well I have some Canned but I’m really interested in the lower cut thinking it is boneless. Getting ready to Can some Chili. oneshot
  12. I caught a 35 pound Buffalo over at Pomme de Terre Lake on Rod and Reel. But I use to Bow Fish in Central Missouri during the day time along the river and creeks. Thinking of catching more Carp for Freezer and Canning. oneshot
  13. Tube for.22 Semi Rifle. No more than it is high dollar. oneshot
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  15. More interesting I left my wife and she left her husband. Her Ex was here from Iran. He wanted to take the kids into town. My Mother in Law said it was ok. ????? I told him no. He was treating his daughter bad. I told him he better treat her better this is the good old US of A not Iran and we don’t treat women like that and if he didn’t like it he could pack and go back to Iran. My Mother in Law told me I couldn’t talk to him like that he has money. I said shut up old woman or I will take off with the kids and she won’t know where they are. Long story but she took my Siste
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