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  1. Sometimes it is easier just to buy another. Son was looking for my Splitting Maul . I must have misplaced it because there is too much work involved for someone to take it. But someone stole my Leaf Blower left my Chainsaw next to it. oneshot
  2. I was setting reading guy come up said a woman seen me and thought I was dead. I said not yet. oneshot
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  4. Anymore they ask for a Tool. Most time I say I can’t find it. It is in the shop somewhere. oneshot
  5. Bolivar Hospital almost killed me. oneshot
  6. I HAD a nice shop. My wife was going to build on a place for her moms Washer, Dryer and Hot Water Heater. I said why not put them in the shop. Next thing I know half of my shop got moved down and a wall was going up. It seems me being stupid told my wife she could just make another room using my shop space. Oh it gets better. I did have a place to park my Pickup in the Garage. Not no more. Now my Mother in Law extra stuff is on my side of the Garage. oneshot
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  8. Got a nice Big Window in my Man Cave, set in my Recliner watching Birds. oneshot
  9. Actually I’m owed more money than I need just getting it. Because of COVID-19 its like pulling teeth. My wife didn’t know until a woman asked her about borrowing so. She was talking with my wife. You don’t know? Your husband is rich. First thing she says to me is no Boat! LOL Me and her went to them. Do you want lump sum or payments? We decided if we took Lump Sum we would blow it so we decided on payments. Got few thousand before COVID-19 then nothing. Asked about it with Cancer and all. We’ll see. Still nothing. We don’t really need the money or I would be pushing mo
  10. You know actually I’m pretty easy to please Faster Horses Younger Women Older Whisky More Money oneshot
  11. Actually I do good with just Sunflower Seed. Got tired of fighting Squirrels so I put shelled Corn out. Got some Ear Corn but it is too high dollar. oneshot
  12. Fishing anywhere as far as studying life. oneshot
  13. Woman was all excited said we are going to start breeding Rabbits. I just looked at her and told her I usually use a Buck. Her old man was just laughing. oneshot
  14. She says I have too many Squirrels. My Son today said my Squirrels attacked him. I told him they was just guarding the place oneshot
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