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  1. Use to have Lakes where people paid to fish for Common Carp. I know of two in Missouri, use to go to one all the time. oneshot
  2. Carp were introduced as a Food Source and I grew up eating Carp. They are much better eating than Non Native Trout in our area. Me I rather eat Suckers and Goggle Eye but enjoy Buffalo, Crappie, Bluegill and Catfish. oneshot
  3. It shouldn't bother me because I never fish the Park. I do enjoy just going down there. But there is other places I enjoy much more. I like quiet brings me closer to the Lord. oneshot
  4. I'm thinking heading West and if they had been there before knowing RV Camping is at that end. I'm not sure there is enough room to turn around, before turning they could go on across the Bridge and turn around at the access or Sand Springs. I do know we didn't get what they said they was going to do last Fall. oneshot
  5. Ok I went down there today. It will be interesting someone pulling a 35 footer off 64HWY seeing they can't go that way and back out onto the highway. oneshot
  6. I downloaded the MO Outdoors App and really like it, I have found Areas that I didn't know about. https://mdc.mo.gov/contact-engage/mobile-apps/mo-outdoorsWith this, onX, Maps and Information off their site, Outdoor Atlas and regular GPS hey all good. oneshot
  7. Thanks rather have Suckers over Catfish any way. oneshot
  8. I'm fishing from shore what fish can I expect? I like Catfish and Suckers. oneshot
  9. Well just shows how I keep up on things. I live here and hadn't heard. My wife worked for him years ago. He will be missed. oneshot
  10. Actually right by the Park is good. Like going just below the Bridge but there is a Tree there. Like going below the riffle at Barclay and by the Ramp at Lead Mine. Anyone can catch Trout just not as good eating and that is what I want. Go up to Truman Lake catch some Crappy and White Bass but I rather catch fish here. oneshot
  11. If I was fishing for Trout but Suckers have to have it setting for them to find it. oneshot
  12. Well to me it is still up I was using one Rod with light 6 Pound Line, 3 Split Shot and Worm. Cast out and the current catch it and it was gone, reel back in same thing. Won't hold long enough for a fish to find it. oneshot
  13. I know it takes two days for the water to get from I-44 down here but we had hard rains and the ground has been saturated. Have seen the river way out before but this year I'm confused, actually it is staying pretty steady. Actually right now it is good for Floating and Fly Fishing. oneshot
  14. I use 3 Rods and have to find real slow water. Plus place to put my Rod Holders in, have one place I like but there is a Tree there until the river comes up and washes it on down. I could get No Roll Sinkers but their hard to come by around here. I don't mind going by the Park but have to beat the Rod Holders in. oneshot
  15. How many did you catch? I can't get my Bait to stay in one place long enough to catch anything. Like I say though surprised the river isn't up higher with the rain we got. oneshot
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