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  1. Huge Crowds

    To fish the river he would have to buy Trout Permit instead of the $3 Daily Tag in the Park. That is if he is keeping Trout then all he needs is a Fishing Permit but he still needs it in the Park. oneshot
  2. Huge Crowds

    Spend a few more dollars and fish the river. Les crowds and don't have to worry about the Whistle. oneshot
  3. Slow

    Very on both. oneshot
  4. Boat ramp

    Yelp had an inch of rain and didn't touch it. Plus too much Plant Growth for Gigging. oneshot
  5. Slow

    Went fishing where the spring comes into the Niangua River. Everyone else was catching a few Trout, lots of small ones. I caught one Rainbow and a Sucker on Worms. Nothing bit on Power Bait. oneshot
  6. Land locked

    Bad but still sounds better than me. My Back has been messed up since early September. Was all set up for Deer hunting but can't walk much fishing. Been getting Road Kill Deer. Got few Rabbits and Squirrels around the house, few fish where I'm close enough to drive. oneshot
  7. Here I go again

    Welcome Back! They have Movie Night up at Wild Oaks then was having Music Saturday night. Good people. I live the other way on 64 HWY by the New KOA. oneshot
  8. Not Biting

    Went just outside the Park. Worms and Power Bait. I wasn't having no Luck neither was anyone else but Cold Front just went through and river is Low and Clear. oneshot
  9. crappie help?

    You put in at Fairfield go East under the Bridge on up is plenty of Structure ( Timber) Never fished it but should be plenty of Crappie. If you go West from the Ramp and around the bend there is a few Tress and kind of a bluff. Should be Crappie in there. I've always just did Catfish but yes plenty Crappie. oneshot
  10. Niangua Sunday-Monday

    I fish now by the park but down by Lead Mine I like the stretch just before the ramp, catch anything there but Trout. Like to go over and catch bunch of Redhorse. oneshot
  11. Fishing gear stolen :(

    I had a neighbor like that. I went by his place one time heard him talking loud to someone. I couldn't see them oneshot
  12. The Bigs Are a feeding!

    Most time .22 or Muzzleloader 12Ga. both Barrels are fixed Modified. In that one picture I have Black Trumpet Mushrooms in my Hat. oneshot
  13. The Bigs Are a feeding!

    Yelp old oneshot gets around.
  14. Fishing gear stolen :(

    Had a Pickup broke into one time for a Deer Tail hanging on a mirror. My House was gotten into, not broke into, they just walked in, took all my Firearms. Another time House walked into for my Medication. Now everything is Locked and Security Cameras up. Hope you get your stuff back. oneshot
  15. Trout Park Etiquette

    Ok not actually in the Park but what if you see a guy using Power Bait Paste, been fishing for years. He enjoys Catch and Release. He catches Trout, takes his Pliers out, pulls Treble Hook out of Trout and throws it back? Me I'm fishing River with Worms, 6# Test Line on the bottom. Anything bites that is legal goes home. oneshot

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