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  1. I’m thinking we need few days of steady warm for Crappie and Mushrooms. I’m sure ready. oneshot
  2. I have came to a conclusion that if fish are biting it don’t matter what you are using. I was at the lake and people were catching Crappie using Jigs and Minnows. Next day they weren’t biting either. oneshot
  3. Well finally got my head out of my back side. Found if I unlace my Boots I can get them on, just lace them back up. You know if I had a brain I would be dangerous. oneshot
  4. Uncle Sam was good about teaching long range with M14 and M16 but there is no reason for it hunting. oneshot
  5. I give up. I thought it was done raining. Stepped out and still raining. So set inside. oneshot
  6. That is what I was wondering about the Dock by the Dam but we have bunch more rain coming oneshot
  7. Times changed the Mennonites here. It became all about money. They became modernist and bunch left the area. Not the same people. oneshot
  8. First Farm I had they was Logging next door. Guy came up said Man Ticks are sure bad here. He was covered. One of my Sons Tick put him in the Hospital and almost killed him. oneshot
  9. Got two TV’s put them both on Antenna back in the Stone Age only have 20 Channels. LOL oneshot
  10. Let me see what I can do. My wife says I need Heavy Boots for cutting wood. oneshot
  11. Well I need to take into consideration I have not hunted Deer for couple years. I better use good. I shot my 45Cal. Apex with Nikon Scope yesterday. That sucker was nice. So I need to reconsider if I get the chance to go. oneshot
  12. The river is up and I don’t see it going down for awhile. oneshot
  13. Ok guess they are still going. I figure the water might be down Thursday I might go then. oneshot
  14. Bennett might be closed I don’t see anyone fishing and the water is still up. oneshot
  15. Hope I can quit the Depends soon $15 a bag. oneshot
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