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  1. oneshot

    Got a Good Woman

    Well I was at Barclay at the riffle. Of course it was low but just below the riffle it was foamy and stagnate in that area. I can't remember seeing this. Was getting nibbles and caught one Small Brown and turned it back. This river like all others change each year. oneshot
  2. oneshot

    Got a Good Woman

    Just came up with this. https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/swimmersitch/faqs.html oneshot
  3. oneshot

    Got a Good Woman

    Ok this may be it is running Low and Warm. I was up by the Park the other day and it didn't look that good. But there was still thousands Floating today. oneshot
  4. oneshot

    Real Good Year

    Don't think I talked with him, I think it was Johnny I talked with. Went by there it was packed and they are expanding. oneshot
  5. oneshot

    Real Good Year

    All this season has been great for Outfitters in the area. River hasn't been way up and it hasn't rained that much. Drove down the river and every Campground was full and it isn't a Holiday. oneshot
  6. oneshot

    Got a Good Woman

    It rained last night so I didn't have to water. So decided to go fishing. the river was packed, pushing 90 degrees at 9AM, fish weren't biting so came home. Found my wife wasn't here, so I called her, she was on her way to Lowe's. I asked her if we was going to do any work on the house today? She says no it's too Hot that she is working on some Signs. Thinking hey not doing anything today. Dear can you stop get a 12 pack? Yes. oneshot
  7. oneshot

    It Was Hot

    Went down by the Park didn't get a nibble but went on down to the access across the highway caught two Rainbows on White Power Bait Paste. There was plenty swimming there and it was 93 degrees. oneshot
  8. oneshot

    Sad Sight

    The water is very warm and Musky can not handle it. Seems it has been too warm for all fish this year. Last year the water was up for a long time. oneshot
  9. oneshot


    Went couple weeks ago and only caught two on Rod and Reel using Stink Bait. oneshot
  10. oneshot

    Dealing With The Heat?

    Ok weekend is suppose to be nice but I have things to do other than fun. My wife also just told me we probably won't be going to Colorado.. oneshot
  11. oneshot

    Dealing With The Heat?

    Oh I've often wondered what a Velociraptor sounded like 😮 oneshot
  12. Ok running from mid 70's to upper 90's with humidity any way it is HOT! How is everyone dealing with it and are you still enjoying the outdoors for hours instead of minutes? oneshot
  13. oneshot

    Never Thought Of This For a Room

    Only on Fridays, last couple weeks haven't had them. Do Silver Sneakers Workout 3X a week and most the time do Water Aerobics. My Doctor is all for anything keeping me going. oneshot
  14. oneshot

    Never Thought Of This For a Room

    Well we went for years with out Electric. After we got Electric I went had a Computer Built for $1,500 in Springfield. Nope 64 year man, Retired, live by Bennett Springs, use to have a farm in Lead Mine. oneshot
  15. oneshot

    Never Thought Of This For a Room

    Well Lord was looking out for me. Don't have to worry about the money thing for awhile but my wife says this is no reason to buy a Boat. Actually have two trips planned. oneshot

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