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  1. I remember Taney a few years ago oneshot
  2. Sargeant been in many year and has did duty in the sand pit many times. She has been talking with me about VA Benefits. I also know her Daughter. oneshot
  3. Ok she is in the Army and knows plenty single Guys. She is kin by marriage. She has been fishing from the Bank. My wife knows her better than I do. Here is my Fishing Buddy oneshot
  4. Have a woman corner me couple times a week. She has just started fishing and lives by Fellows Lake. Always wants to know what to do? I've tried explaining Slip Bobber and Carolina Rig. Last time I told her with out being right there with her I really can't help her. I really didn't know what else to tell her. Any other ideas other than going with her? oneshot
  5. We use to do a High Fence Hunt once a year during the off season, then I guess it got to be too much for them to go. We had fun and yes did Party and have fun. But like I say no more. I now go on other Hunts but it is not the same. I use to live right on the Arkansas River in Colorado, that part I did enjoy. Have fun. oneshot
  6. It's still up a little but actually pretty clear. If your floating look for a bunch of people. oneshot
  7. Went below 64 HWY Bridge, was slow caught couple Little Rainbows. Went on down to Barclay caught 4 Keeper Rainbows on White Power Bait. Camp Sites were full, Outfitters were very busy and had to watch it on narrow roads. Everyone making money. This is a Good thing. oneshot
  8. You can tell Truman is running more the way it is going down. Told my wife we could fish by our Cabin but it is still too muddy. Once everyone quits running water on the Lakes and everything settles down might be better fishing. Seems water going down Catfish don't want to bite. oneshot
  9. Don't think the river could look better. Not too Low and clear. oneshot
  10. Went up by the Dam the Lake is still going down but Pomme de Terre River is sure running high. oneshot
  11. That is what I'm thinking. A long ways down. oneshot
  12. I went to Pomme de Terre Lake this morning. Soon as I got there it started raining. The Lake has really went down but it was just raining too much this morning to even think about fishing. oneshot
  13. Ok figured it was like Truman. They will close Ramps. Of course it is bad when the Parking Lot is under water. Still going fishing in the morning. oneshot
  14. Your more in the know. Just when I was over there water was up in the Timber by the Dam and Dock was still way out there. Going back in the morning. oneshot
  15. Yes but Truman is up. I think everything is going to be up for couple more weeks. oneshot