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  2. My 30-30 is sighted in for 100 yards. My Shotgun with Slugs is sighted in for 50 yards. My Inline Muzzleloader is sighted in for 100 yards. My Sidelock Muzzleloader is sighted in for 50 yards. My Crossbow is sighted in for 20-60 yards. oneshot
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  4. Figure I’m safer on the ground see as many Deer. But if setting up high is your thing so be it. oneshot
  5. While I was at the Hospital my Bad Arm was hurting very bad and different from before. We think maybe them Nerves have grown back together. If they have I should get more use of it. Then I noticed my Drain Tube was badly stopped up but fluid wasn't coming out on my side so maybe they will pull the Tube out and I won't have to go through Radiation with it. oneshot
  6. My normal routine is taking care of my Dogs first thing in the morning. This morning I get up asked my wife when I had to go in for Blood and Urine work? Oh we can go anytime. I asked her what time it was? I heard 5:30. I thought it strange the Dogs were not out of Bed but I hollered for them and the came. I got dressed told my wife I was ready. She says it is awful early but ok. Come to find out I didn't hear her correcting herself saying it was 4:30. If I had heard this I would have went back to Bed but I was dressed, lets go! They didn't get to me until 6:00. They just called I have to go back in later for a Scan. Son came by yesterday telling me I might as well sell him my Pickup because I can't legally drive. Told him to change Oil in it and shut up. My wife drives me most of the time. oneshot
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  8. Actually they were not because you get caught walking on RR Right of Way you could get a Ticket for Trespassing. Did it all the time along the Missouri and never got a Ticket but this was my understanding. oneshot
  9. Oh these people seem proud of the fact they messed up people Turkey hunting. oneshot
  10. Oh Old I knew couple Guys is Springfield that retired from building Steam Engines for the Rail Road. But I also knew an Indian that remembered traveling with his family, living in a Teepee. I protested them shutting down the Rails for Bike Trails because the land was to revert back to the farmers. oneshot
  11. I use to ride from Springfield to Willard but I was much younger. Just riding from here to Lebanon wouldn’t be bad but might be dangerous. oneshot
  12. They had that at this one. My wife won a Log. Thinking about it for just personal use but too late to cut the Logs here but know a Guy that has Tops from Logging that should work. oneshot
  13. oneshot

    Cast iron

    I think it is mostly in a persons head what is being ate. I've ate many things that most turn their nose up to but to me it is actually good. oneshot
  14. Yes and I do much better in the Fall. I told them that best time is during Turkey Season for Morels. Oh we know this and we have run into many Turkey Hunters. I know legal but I would be POed be trying to get a Turkey and bunch of Mushroom hunters decide to cover the woods. oneshot
  15. Several instances and I'm just thinking again. What brought this up I was told that I couldn't make anything off 100 acres, that it was just a Hobby Farm. Yes this is true if I'm talking to the Tax Man but if I didn't own I would have to pay rent. I cut Firewood off the property to heat with and raise most of what we eat. I was told I don't count that but in my mind I still knew it was there. Did have a few Cows and Bull. Hogs and raised Wheat and Soybeans. Last Farm we had was mostly Brush and Rocks. Everyone said Doze it off, plant grass and put Cattle on it. I didn't listen to them, Goat market was good so I put Goats on it and they did well. Here we have 3 1/2 Acres could have a bunch of stuff but like I told my wife we would be tied here. oneshot
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