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  1. I was just telling my wife once in Heaven I probably won’t remember her because it will be all about God realizing Him and why we are because of Him. We are here a very short time and being man we consider so much here important but it is here to have fun with in this world. Most don’t want to be without Hunting, Fishing, Sex or other things of this world. And we are all sinners and fall short but because of Jesus we can be with God. With the Jews and their Laws we had no hope but Jesus gave us hope. oneshot
  2. Actually nothing is the same in Heaven as here. Nothing is important here other than Salvation. Just things here to keep us occupied until we leave here. oneshot
  3. I’m sorry this post turned Religious. Out of 6 children this one is the best. At times me and my wife have got tiered of waiting and went ahead and done it. One time this Son said he would help me get a Deer out but he got side tracked so me and my wife got it out. But again this Son has helped me get out much larger animals. Right now this Son has my Pickup having some work done on it. I told him how I clean it, I basically detail it when I clean it. I know from the look on his face saying I’m lucky to get it just washed. I liked Cut Off Saws but decided to just buy a Miter Saw. My Son asked why I bought it? I hope he understood I was kidding. I said I figured you needed one. I have used it once, pretty cool. In time this will work out thanks. oneshot
  4. I was thinking Leadville. Where Live Camera is on million dollar highway West Slope. oneshot
  5. That is what my wife said and I should know by now . I was taking medication for PTSD and it messed me up more than my problems. No Love Life, I was in another world, very strange. And I know things could be worse. Like my Sister, had her mind but that was it. She couldn’t see or do anything on her own. Even Jesus mentioned the Apostles having little faith at times. oneshot
  6. Well I was having troubles and was told I keep stuff bottled up. Then it is not good when I let go. I’m just afraid I say anything I will lose what help I get now. Maybe it is my fault I was beat regular. When I left home I was told if I tried to talk with my Mom even over the phone I would be killed. I dropped out of High School to go to work for Uncle Sam. I did get my GED. I retired from a Union Job.Two of my kid’s graduation from MSU. I didn’t want my kids being raised like me so I gave them what they wanted. oneshot
  7. I must of forgot. We lived there in the’80’s and the snow was dry enough my wife was riding a Harley to work. I know for awhile it was deep enough Sled Dogs couldn’t run. Like 200 inches on the ground. I have Live Camera out there now and the trees are covered with snow. Is the early snows wet enough to stick? oneshot
  8. The money owed me at first they asked if I wanted it in one lump sum or payments. Me and my wife at the time said just payments because if we got it all at once we would blow it. Payments were good for a short time and got a few thousand. Asked them about enough for a trip? No problem they had enough laid to the side. Then I got down so the heck with the trip. Now all of a sudden they no longer have the money. My wife told me to just wait I will get it. Years ago I made a Big Loan with just a Hand Shake they told me to forget about them paying me back. I got the money back but I wasn’t nice about getting it. oneshot
  9. Yes we are taking care of my Mother in Law. All I really want for her is to be happy. I figure she is 86 years old she needs Respect and the best. She has children just waiting on her to die. She has a Pacemaker and my Sister in Law called her up said time is up on the Pacemaker when are you going to die? oneshot
  10. Know a kid I told his Dad he needed his butt busted. I was told that you can’t spank a kid anymore. Then the kid jumps me says anyone lays a hand on him he would call Family Services. Now the State is taking care of him. oneshot
  11. He learned from his Sister. She got a Judge to say she could leave home at 15 because she didn’t want to move here. Then she wanted me to help her out 100 miles away. Now me and her are into it because she says I need to be a Vegetarian. 16 I asked my Son to do some Chores. He got mad and left, moved in with some people that had him doing more chores than I had. Oh to keep me from doing some things he is here. Like the other day I was going to clean out gutters and he was right here. oneshot
  12. I know bunch of dang drama but normal people don’t deal with this crap. I’m really wanting to tell him to get the stuff here but I do that I can forget him helping when I really need him. oneshot
  13. I was going to blow leaves off my yard. Get home they are in the road. 😎 I live in the woods which is the way I wanted it but the Trees can be a pain. oneshot
  14. I don’t know how to deal with this so ideas. I like having nice stuff and take care of it. I’m very possessive and don’t even want my wife messing with it. I get sick with worry when someone else has my stuff. My Son is I guess partners with another guy doing Handyman work plus my Son is selling Firewood. Right now my Son has my Framing Nailer, Chainsaw, Wood Splitter and Pickup. My Son is saying I’m not using it he might as well. I try telling him how to take care of stuff. I can see it in his eyes this is too much trouble. I ordered a bunch of Ammo he is saying why did you order it? Hey I need some Range Time. Plus this to me is Temporary I’m going to be back out there. I have a bunch of money owed to me. People are telling me not to worry about it I have plenty without it. My Son today because I can’t legally drive said I might as well give my Pickup to him. Heck it isn’t even paid for. Thanks up front. Too too much to deal with this right now. oneshot
  15. Well the only place they could get Blood was out of my Hand. Talked with a woman there. Her husband had the same and quit peeing, lost his Kidneys. Always could be worse. oneshot
  16. I think I got a does of Medicare for all. My Insurance pays 100% . They spent a bunch on me still in pain was told take more pain medication and walk it off . Well I’m home have to have Blood Work tomorrow and to see a Doctor Monday. oneshot
  17. My wife was with me at the Hospital. She was told to stay with me. We are both to watch Radar and decide when to set Sirens off in the area. Talked with people at the office on what they did? They said they was on the fence didn’t set the Sirens off but afterwards thought they should have. That’s the thing with the Sirens we know people count on us and need spotters for say Tornadoes we had Media saying there was a Tornado once when there wasn’t. Was called wanting to know why we didn’t sound the Sirens then another time Tornado touched down for 50 yards. Get calls why didn’t you sound Sirens. One time 4 AM Boss comes by me watching Radar asking what I thought? Told him I thought the system was done. I no sooner said that and 3 Tornadoes touched down 50 miles from us. Told him we better rethink this. Oh well try to always be there. My wife has her phone on in Church. If she can’t be contacted and they know she is in Church they will send a LEO after her. Could you see that in Church? LOL oneshot
  18. Finally done still got upset stomach but good. oneshot
  19. Once again waiting on Surgeons sure getting old . I no longer trust a fart. oneshot
  20. Niangua is close and that is why I Fish it but I Fish Pomme de Terre but rather fish Truman Lake over all. Lived by Truman Lake and fished it all the time and very seldom fished the Niangua. Had a Farm in Cooper County and ate Rabbits regular. Could stick my head out the door and kill one every day. Early’70’s lived along a creek ate Coons and Bullheads. That is what was provided. oneshot
  21. Funny just talking with my Baby Sister and it is getting deep but like you some don’t agree but I still want the best for children. Telling someone to give up everything they have and follow the Lord is just too much. That is if this is what the Lord wants. Haven’t had sex or hunting in years not saying I don’t enjoy both but there is things more important.. Eternity is much longer than the short time we are here.Just want the best for you. Got a lot of time to think about this stuff. oneshot
  22. Oh got everything we need for Winter. They are thickening up my Blood before they do anything so it will be tomorrow. Ah the way I figure it He feels things are more important than Hunting and Sex or other things of this world except salvation. Just does things different than what we would and I know it could be worse. oneshot
  23. Well still waiting on the Doctor. I was going to see if I could run a Chainsaw today even though my Therapist said no. They told me I wasn’t even to drive. Yea Right!! I was all Gung Ho but the Lord has a way of saying not so fast. oneshot
  24. I have fluid pockets in my Stomach they are going to drain them this morning. All was good yesterday went to the Gym and Therapy then started hurting. oneshot
  25. oneshot


    Got too many over me not to be legal. Plus like I say I’m not paying for it. oneshot
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