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  1. Fishmeister

    SAFETY while boating

    Also inspect your kill switch lanyard. If any doubt replace it. I saw this same thing happen at Truman many years ago, takeoff at tourney two were ejected, both had pfd's on lanyard kill switch attached. Lucky for the two there were several boat around to rescue the two from the water, while another boat placed his boat next two the driverless boat and killed the engine. Been a long time ago but stays with you, could have ended entirely different. Thank you to the OP for reminding us all, and hope you recover soon.
  2. Ranger is making a fishing pontoon. Tri-Toon with a 150, looks pretty nice, and for a new rig price isn't bad.
  3. Fishmeister

    Blue Gills

    Red Ear
  4. Fishmeister

    303 Protectant

    Got my last bottle at Camping World. Use it on the rubber surrounds on my travel trailer windows. Have purchased it from Amazon in the past also. Good stuff!!
  5. Fishmeister

    Vlog 7 -- Tying Demo and Parking Lot Distance Casting

    Great video, looked like everyone had a good time! Thanks for posting. BTW - Great looking family.
  6. Fishmeister

    Another one bites the dust

    FYI.... Went to find auction information. Says auction has been cancelled due to theft?
  7. Fishmeister

    Roaring River Opener

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like your group had a great opener.
  8. Fishmeister

    Anybody Heading Down To Bssp On Aug 3 & 4

    Thanks, NoLuck good luck fishing this weekend.
  9. Fishmeister

    Anybody Heading Down To Bssp On Aug 3 & 4

    NoLuck more details on new campground across from the back entrance of the park. Full hookups, what/where is the back entrance to the park, name of campground? Might give it a try in the future if your experience is good. This will be only my second trip to BSSP, so still learning the area. We usually go to RR, its a tad closer.
  10. Fishmeister

    Purple Martin Housing

    I bought mine from a neighbor as he was moving to a Seniors home. Mine has a cable system to lower for cleanout and stays out year round but does need to be cleaned each spring. It is located in a open area and has a big 4 prong pearch located close to it. Martins are a pleasure to have, I look forward to their arrival each spring. Of course, their is a multitude of info on the web about these interesting birds.
  11. Fishmeister

    New Years Get Together 2012

    Bump to the top!
  12. Fishmeister

    Green Sunfish

    These are my favorite!!!!
  13. Mark builds a great rod. I purchased one and liked it so much that I got another. The feedback he has received is accurate, you will be pleased with your purchase.
  14. Fishmeister

    Lamar Lake

    If I was able to go this weekend, Stockton would be my choice also. Good luck wherever you end up.
  15. Fishmeister

    Lamar Lake

    Crappie are hit and miss for me, so I will comment on the gill fishing. We are a week or so off from the best fishing, this weekend I would rate as fair. I would expect sometime between the 10th thru the 24th to be the start of the best gill fishing.

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