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  1. I've had a Skeeter 200TZX, with a Yamaha 200 HPDI, for 15 years. I've never regretted the purchase. The wide front deck is great, making for a good fishing platform, and the deep "V" hull performs very well in rough water on Table Rock, and the rougher water on Toledo Bend.
  2. A group of us fished Lake Michigan, just out of Sturgeon Bay, around Labor Day in 2016. Our guide was Dale Stroschein, who owns Sand Bay Beach Resort and Suites, at Sturgeon Bay. It's a beautiful place overlooking Green Bay. We fished the same point on Lake Michigan, two days in a row--never left it. The smallmouth were incredible, heavy bodied with "shoulders." Attached are photos of just a few. We fished heavy boulders and rocks in shallow water, with square bill crankbaits, small BPS swimbaits and wacky-rigged BPS stickbaits. It's a great trip, if you can make it. We're going back t
  3. Thank you for your prompt response, Bill. I may wait a bit to see how the great trolling motor debate shakes out, before I lay out the $$$$. In the meantime, best of luck to all of you who contribute to the best fishing forum I've found. You're so fortunate to be able to enjoy such a beautiful and productive fishery!
  4. Bill, I was looking at reviews on the new trolling motors, and turned to Ozark Anglers to see if there had been a discussion about them. I stumbled across your comparison of the MinnKota and Motorguide versions, posted in this thread. Have you had an opportunity to further evaluate them? And, have you had an opportunity to review any of the newer models, and/or to talk with any of your friends about them, speaking candidly? My buddies and I missed our Table Rock trip, the third week in April. While self-quarantining on Toledo Bend, it's just not the same as making our annual trip to b
  5. Thanks to everyone. A good conversation!
  6. All great recommendations! Thank you all. I've tried fluoro and fireline on my Pfleuger 2500's, and really didn't like the way the line flowed through the guides. No comparison with mono, in my limited experience. I haven't tried braid on my spinning reels, but have on casting reels, and just couldn't get used to it. The only time I've used the braid/fluoro combo was at Sturgeon Bay, with Dale Stroschein (a great guide). I found it a little awkward, for me, and didn't like the way the knot hit the rod tip, if you weren't paying close attention. But oh, those Lake Michigan smallmouth! S
  7. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out. I've stayed with mono on the spinning reels, but have to admit that I struggle with loops when I'm not paying attention, because I refuse to use the anti-reverse so that I can back-reel, when needed. Mine are Pfleuger Supremes, and they've been reliable, so far.
  8. We finished our 37th annual trip to Table Rock, on April 29th. 16 of us made the trip from Louisiana, this year, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, as always. A shout out to Tommy and Melissa, at Happy Hollow, for being such gracious hosts! Everyone caught a lot of fish, which made the trip even more special. Some of us targeted smallmouth, which are a real treat for us "lowlanders", but others had luck chasing those "football-sized" spots and largemouth. It's just a beautiful lake, and we look forward to coming each year just as much as we did in 1982, our first year. The Ned was our top
  9. Thanks to each of you. We had trouble fishing the Ned and a Carolina Rig with Speedcraw last year, in areas where we had caught smallmouth in the past. Still had a great trip. We just fished other areas, and caught mostly spots and largemouth.
  10. Thank you for your reply. Can you comment on the area between the Branson Belle dock and Indian Point?
  11. We're making our annual trip to beautiful Table Rock next week, and will be fishing from the 23rd to the 28th, primarily from the state line in Long Creek to Point 5. Last year, the spots we normally fish in the dam area were covered with snot grass. How is it so far this year?
  12. Great stories!!! Keep them coming! Can't wait 'til we make our annual trip from Louisiana to The Rock, in April. Toledo Bend has been unusually slow for January and February, but is beginning to bust loose. All of our guys envy you for being on such a beautiful lake, with smallmouth and those football spots.
  13. Take a look at the underwater footage on the D-Bomb. It seems to stay upright, although they move it pretty fast in the video.
  14. Have any of you tried the Live Target Baitball, as an alternative to the A-rig?
  15. LSU Tigers!!! Beat the undefeated pretenders!
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