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  1. Topwater fishing of any kind is hands down the best! Congrats on the nice browns.
  2. I’m you’re huckleberry CWF. Just don’t crack my rib, ha.
  3. Gavin, I'll gladly take them for $40.
  4. That's a beaut Clark!
  5. Thanks for the report. Enjoyed reading it. That's awesome you got to see the bobcat too.
  6. Dang that sucks. The Cold Water F'der.
  7. Thanks awhuber! I like it! Gonna be a bit of a haul for canoes & gear now. Speaking of which, do you know if there's any reason we can't put canoes in there now?
  8. I'd like to see the pics.....please post.
  9. Rumor has it they are done at Baptist.
  10. Hopefully they will put up some sort of barrier so no one will drive right down to the river.
  11. Can you drive around that circle in the last pic and unload your canoes/gear back there or is that circle just a sidewalk? Tough to tell from the pic.
  12. slosh


    Your wife didn't mind!
  13. slosh


    Anyone on here happen to take a hammock that was left behind back off the river below Cedar Grove? I accidentally left it. We floated out on Sunday April 24th and I went back down Friday April 29th and it was gone. I thought there was a chance it would still be there since it was back off the river behind a huge log jam.
  14. Great hike from current river to rocky falls! Take the ozark trail. Go to ozarktrail.com for moe info including detailed maps. Probably my favorite section on the trail!
  15. slosh

    Fly Rod

    Anyone lose a fly rod on the eleven point recently? I found one and would like to return it to its rightful owner.
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