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  1. Recorded minus 28 on my way to work the other morning....yes that is in Nebraska but it was the coldest on record. For a moment I thought that Nebraska had won a football game and hell froze over! C4F
  2. I am working to stay ahead this year so that I don't zero! Fall guy you are right....wasn't sure who/how to pick this tourney. So I let my dog help me....you know what they say about sunshine and a dog's butt! C4F
  3. Swindle was one of my picks....19th place....the rest are holding up the basement.. C4F
  4. I am in....not to often do I get a chance to run with the cool kids....What can I bring from the great State of Nebraska? Chips, soda, burger meat, desert? I will not be able to bring a winning football team as that request has been backlogged for some time. C4F
  5. I'm in.....and what Champ said. I was given my allowance yesterday for the month and it just barely covers the entry fee.... C4F
  6. Blessings to each and every one of you and your families...I was thinking that for as weird as it is this year it is teaching us to slow down and focus on people other than our selves. C4F
  7. I just wanted to get that out there - much drama, turmoil and uncertainty in the world today but as I looked around I see that we have been truly blessed beyond what we deserve for sure. I pray that you and yours have a safe and great day also!! The kicker today was when the wife came down early this morning and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and wanted to know if I was up for an adventure....O yeah I thought! I can still hear the words she said ever so softly to me....would you go to the store for me this morning!!! Not at all what I was expecting...
  8. Great Job JCK & Uncle! I finally gave up Sunday around 2! I don't think I could have thrown one more cast of anything, well maybe the Ned. The guy that won came over to the dock where I was staying and was talking to his buddy....that guy was smiles ear to ear! It was fun to hear him tell the tale of "the catch" By the way I threw almost that same darn jig from Bo and had a couple of thumps but that was about it..glad you mastered it! C4F
  9. Quill - I did not see any smallies....all were large mouth. Funny you say that as I was thinking, while not catching any fish, how great it would be to catch a nice smallmouth that would weigh in around 4lbs! C4F
  10. Fishing is pretty tough - I was able to weigh the first hour....walked up after after weighing I was in 4th place...by the time I made it back to the boat I was in no place!! 😒 Alot of 3 & 4 pounders being weighed! I am not sure where they are catching them. I will say that the folks running the tourney are doing a great job of managing the virus guidelines and still bring a good time to the folks fishing catch or not. C4F
  11. Down by Long Creek today it was between 62& 65
  12. Yes - And I was not one of them.....😕 But someone has to donate to the pot right !? I had a couple of guys that were live scoping for the Crappie tourney and they were covering water big time. Everyone be safe out there tomorrow...probably be a little busy. C4F
  13. I will give this a run....Thansk Quill for organizing this C4F
  14. Sun does shine on a dogs butt from time to time....picked Brandon on a whim and here he wins it all! Those points add up quick!! I better go buy a lotto 😉
  15. By having so much "protection" around the sacred water wouldn't that invite a group...much like the crazy Karen dock owners? It sounds like area 51! C4F
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