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  1. Great report Ryan - I appreciate the pictures and the detail.....I am due to come down in 7 days and 8 hours! I tell ya that Duane and jerkbait combo is the cats meow! I dont know what his secret is but I think that he is the trout whisperer......I went with him one morning and he flat kicked my butt....and we were fishing the same set up! There was a point where he put his rod down and I swear I saw 2-3 come to the boat wondering where he was! C4F
  2. I would take what Bo, Quill and M&M said and work all of that into an overall plan......like you I had a tendency to spend to much time in one spot while "thinking" there are Bass under the boat!! Today I do try different baits, presentations and depths while fishing. Then set an internal time and leave going to a new place. Through the forum and other sites I developed a better understanding of what my expensive time and water temp devices were really telling me!! C4F
  3. fishin is right.....I do read some of the reviews when I am looking to buy or go some where.....most people will be able to discern very quickly when a crack pot is posting vs. a real review of the product or service. And if they can't you dont want them anyway 🙂 C4F
  4. Nice work and great fish!! I am truly jellyous as I struggle to get out on a regular basis!! C4F
  5. That was great to watch! I had to laugh when you said you were shaking.....It was truly hard to tell 🤔 Now, if it was one of us bass guys we would have been saying things like it is a big 'un.....a giant etc.!! 😎 You are going to have to work on your catch phrases when you catch the next large trout!! C4F
  6. This is one of those "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day...teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime (not Bass)....win the lottery and he has someone fish for him" 😊 Well done Champ - Now I have to figure out if one of these fin things will work in these 'ole Nebraska ponds!! C4F
  7. One thing that it is showing me is there is a time to change up and not get so stuck on a pattern that is not working....a great educational piece for sure!! C4F
  8. See Mixer.....it is almost like Phil was listening C4F
  9. Mixer - there are four things that you can do in this order. 1. Read Phil's latest report here.....watch a couple of his vids 2. When you get down to Taney either by car or boat head over to Lilly's Landing and walk up to the office and they will have the day's specials on the board in addition to where the better places are to catch fish 3. If you are not in possession of the right tools they have them available for purchase! 4. Fish / catch (the appropiate limit) and eat!! C4F
  10. Vernon my GMa used to tell me ignore those bullies - they are just jealous that they are not you...... C4F
  11. Apparently we have time in our cubes to post on fishing boards during the day though 😎 I only post during breaks and lunch.....(that was a fib) And Vernon we work to support those that are "retired" so try to not bite the hand 😉
  12. Thanks Johhny Raincloud!! please do not destroy my dreams with real life facts about my abilities 😉 C4F
  13. I watched as much as I could on my breaks.....😉...... Aaron did a great job.....heck I thought KVD or one of the regulars to the Rock would have won. One thing for sure I learned a boat load on how to fish differently!
  14. All right...another beautiful day....sun is coming up....great to be here !! It is fish catching time C4F
  15. Glad to see that you are down here.....only one bite so far.....I may have to ask for my $$$$ back 😉 good thing I kept the receipt
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