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  1. Got out early - well before sunrise and headed up to the condos. As mentioned they were not running any water and the junk was starting to accumulate on the surface. I did hear a boat and I think that Babler was a bit farther up lake. I started with a 1/32 maribu jig with moderate success - not quite to the level of the Swift crew but respectable. The size of most of the fish was impressive and they were real fighters! I will admit I was bent pole watching and I was able to figure out that the Swift crew were working a micro jig, I mean it sounded like splash mou
  2. I took this vid right around 6:45 a.m. 20200907_063955_1.mp4
  3. I got up a bit early - I was excited to get on the water and see what the day had to offer. Filled the Yeti up to the brim with Dunkin Donuts coffee this morning for something different...made it a touch strong, you know the kind that coats your mouth.... so I was good to go. Hit the dock right at 5:47 a.m. pulled the rods out, strapped them down as I knew I would get up to 5.5 - 6.2 MPH running up river in the fog and I didnt want them to go flying out. Fired up the electronics to make sure that I could be easily tracked via government GPS satellite (I dont want them to work to hard).
  4. That must have been when it slowed down! 🙄. It is just as bad this morning! You know it is tough when a guide says this is crazy!! Overall everyone was pretty courteous except for the one guy in a center console that makes multiple trips up and back, I swear his goal is to make as big a wake as possible and get as close as he can....I feel sorry for those kayakers! C4F
  5. Left the dock early this a.m. as I was in the hunt for the big 'uns. Supposedly there was to be NO generation but thankfully there was some to create a nice easy current I had everything rigged, my DD approved 8' rod loaded up with 2lb line with the right amount of twist and a float secured in place with an old toothpick that I found on the floor of my truck and of course the infamous pink worm...well used by the way! I have figured out how to hook those darn things every which way before I have to put another one on. Youtube video coming soon for that tutorial. Two (2) Lilley's j
  6. All set - being at the bottom isn't all that bad......everything needs a good foundation right? C4F
  7. So does that mean I won by default? We will all get a participation trophy and patch right? C4F
  8. And underwear....always underwear....your shorts will thank you! C4F
  9. Thanks moguy....I had almost forgotten as it seems like is has been forever ago that this started!! I am locked and loaded with my 19th place team!! I look at it this way the only direction is up from here! C4F
  10. Thanks for trying, you guys do a great job in my opinion....this year has everything messed up. Now how do I still convince my wife I need to be gone in June.....pre fishing maybe?? C4F
  11. Cool idea! I like the number concept..... Thanks Quill C4F
  12. Man - makes me really want to be down there!!!!! C4F
  13. They postponed the event until Oct....and I see that they are starting to postpone the events in the future farther out. I cant imagine how this will impact the resort industry...not so much the virus, all though that is bad, but the loss of income and the uncertainty in the job market right now. C4F
  14. Quill - Here you go being socially responsible! 😵 sorry to hear but probably the right thing to do given all of the uncertainty and the daily updates. Prayers for all of you guys and your families that you are safe and blessed....remember to look out for others during these times. C4F
  15. Best for you folks to stay safe..... Take care C4F
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