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  1. All right...another beautiful day....sun is coming up....great to be here !! It is fish catching time C4F
  2. Glad to see that you are down here.....only one bite so far.....I may have to ask for my $$$$ back 😉 good thing I kept the receipt
  3. Tough day yesterday"..."hopefully today will be better......I just need to channel some OA juju
  4. Fake news Willey 😉
  5. Swing and a miss on this comment C4F
  6. Hmmmm....was it the Russians? Or were you trying to get in the head of everyone 😉 Looked like a great event....see you all in April C4F
  7. Thanks everyone....I will donate the $$$....there is a huge need up here....hard to imagine how many miles this crazy flood has covered....Also our friend known on here as LakeLover, who lives just to the west and a bit north of me is just getting to where they will be able to get back to their home today or tomorrow....here are a couple of pictures.... You guys have fun and stay safe!! C4F
  8. Guys - I am going to have to bow out of this event....I have put this note off for a few days trying to justify coming down but my conscious just wont let me. If you are not aware I live in Omaha and we have had major flooding all around us....now that the waters are receding the help and $$$ that are needed for cleanup is huge. And we are trying to do our part to help those friends and families that are in need. I was going to bring the burgers - if someone would pick up about 25 and let me know the cost I will send them the money. Sorry about the late notice and I will miss you all C4F Brian
  9. So southern protocol would dictate that I reply...." bless his heart "
  10. Ohhhhh.....if that is the Missouri term for hitting stuff then I have a bakers dozen 😉 C4F
  11. I am just curious what a snicker doodle is other than a pretty good cookie 😉
  12. Wow...that is one well fed fish!! Great report C4F
  13. Quill....what is the official count? I need to make sure I bring enough beef!!!
  14. I was able to get a few hours in yesterday .... fishing from the bank I was down by Scotty's and I caught many in 4 hours....mainly on the pink worm and float. Actually pretty good size....but the hatchery boat did make a few passes while I was there
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