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  1. And underwear....always underwear....your shorts will thank you! C4F
  2. Thanks moguy....I had almost forgotten as it seems like is has been forever ago that this started!! I am locked and loaded with my 19th place team!! I look at it this way the only direction is up from here! C4F
  3. Thanks for trying, you guys do a great job in my opinion....this year has everything messed up. Now how do I still convince my wife I need to be gone in June.....pre fishing maybe?? C4F
  4. Cool idea! I like the number concept..... Thanks Quill C4F
  5. Man - makes me really want to be down there!!!!! C4F
  6. They postponed the event until Oct....and I see that they are starting to postpone the events in the future farther out. I cant imagine how this will impact the resort industry...not so much the virus, all though that is bad, but the loss of income and the uncertainty in the job market right now. C4F
  7. Quill - Here you go being socially responsible! 😵 sorry to hear but probably the right thing to do given all of the uncertainty and the daily updates. Prayers for all of you guys and your families that you are safe and blessed....remember to look out for others during these times. C4F
  8. Best for you folks to stay safe..... Take care C4F
  9. Only a couple of weeks away
  10. So are we just using our hands to grab them out of the water then??? C4F
  11. cheese if you are working let me know and I can bring chips.....also I will bring a sweet something!! C4F
  12. Thanks Patlock - making the OAF tourney is the plan for 2020!!
  13. I am trying to be happy for Quill.......but I am jealous of any that can get on the water.....I guess I could and just about WALK to "my" spot !!😪 C4F
  14. May you have a blessed day - and may we never forget why we celebrate this time.... John 16:33 33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. C4F
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