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  1. crazy4fishin

    Baxter area Friday

    Awesome Champ....great way to give back
  2. crazy4fishin

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Here is what I am seeing as of this moment by Indian point
  3. crazy4fishin

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Bferg - I noticed the same thing except I was out yesterday....a beautiful day for sure but I only caught one smallie on the Ned after trying to grab the bass on the spoon and or a jig....just no love. C4F
  4. crazy4fishin

    Big bass tour

    Well I am locked in.....it sure seems to be a long way from here to April!! 😥 C4F
  5. crazy4fishin


    That is just how those folks roll
  6. crazy4fishin

    A Curious Pair on the Upper End

    I am with Vern on this one...no fish burgers and no fish tacos....just don't seem right t'all Just something unnatural about it....like that turducken thing 🤔 C4F
  7. crazy4fishin

    Walter and others

    No kidding...and how big is the back deck of your boat!! 😀
  8. crazy4fishin

    My wife

    Prayers for you and the family C4F
  9. crazy4fishin

    Powerbait and Trout worm deal

    Gator....I don't think he was polling us to see if we shopped there..... Thanks Travis for the info. C4F
  10. crazy4fishin

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I went and set my roster toady - man I really dont like how they had the A-B-C line ups.... How do they expect me to think that I can be a contender? C4F
  11. Quill where are the pictures?? I don't think there could have been a more perfect day - wide awake at 4 a.m. ready to get on the water....finally splashed at a little after 5...yep it was dark!! Cruised over to the park...there were a couple of boats launching...but near the water there was 'ole muddy waters sitting in the dark under his tent getting stuff ready. Quill showed up shortly after and so did a few others (BTW Cheese was a brave one in shorts!) After a bit of light banter (and no coffee.....) on the water we went. I had read all of the recent posts from Bill and Quill.....so I was loaded up and ready...caught just shy of 20 with my two biggest being a 2.1 and a 2.5 then it was a pounderville for every one after that. The bigger ones on the Rock Crawler....it had to be hitting stuff on the bottom....yep a reaction bite right off the main lake just in the cuts and coves - the little ones on the Ned....as Bill said there had to be trees on that side and to stay as they were stacked up when you found them. A little after 2:30 Loaded up and went to the weigh in - Quill and Muddy had most things ready to go! BTW thanks to all of the wives out there as it seemed they did most of the cooking and or buying of said potluck items.....with one exception...Phil was cooking Salmon....YUM!! Anyway back to the actual weigh in....there were say 15-20 of us when Phil broke out the Brecknell 81696500593 Hand Held Digital Balance Scale to many OOO's and Awe's from the group - this has now become the official scale of the OA Tourney. The anglers started coming over to the spot where Phil was standing...you could see the anticipation in their step and hope in their eyes as each dipped into their respective bags to haul out their own swamp donkey's knowing that they would be taking home the coveted wooden plaque....each fish was held high...kinda...to the joy of all standing around the official scale guy - BTW we came to the conclusion that we cannot eye ball the weight of a fish to save our souls! After we figured out how to actually hang the Bass on the scale each one's weight was called out...you could see the joy in the fisher persons eyes if theirs was the biggest so far and the feigned smile of the ones that were just kicked out of the lead. In the end the Kansas guy won the big bass at 4.15....congrats's! Then we ate excessively and went home The end C4F
  12. At first I thought that DBlades was chumming
  13. Hmmmm - that sounds like a double dog dare if I ever heard one I may just take you up on that one! Your trout stuff to my bass stuff Sounds like a great one cast break out video C4F
  14. It was an awesome time and the weather was great C4F
  15. crazy4fishin

    OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    What? No money? Should I even get my jersey out and press it then? Heck I may not even put on clean underwear🤗😝 See you guys tomorrow....stay safe C4F

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