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  1. crazy4fishin

    OA One Bass Tournament March 23, Eagle Rock

    Yes sir I did !!! Plan on me bringing burgers again!! C4F
  2. crazy4fishin

    OA One Bass Tournament March 23, Eagle Rock

    I am in....what else needs to be brung????
  3. crazy4fishin

    March 23 OAF One Bass tourney?

    I am in
  4. crazy4fishin

    Off Topic Christmas Spending

    Bill - thanks for the fishing history stories, I really enjoy hearing about how things get started and the history of why we have what we have today - please don't stop sharing....very few things are the same today as they were then. Even how we spend out $$$ on Christmas....one of my best spending memories happened yesterday when I picked up my two grand kids (Boy age 6 & girl age 😎 since they didn't have school and mom & dad had to work... I typed out an agenda for the day....first was playing the quiet game, this one failed 😏 next was a trip to Cabela's to see Santa, this was an adventure in itself...the pictures were a bit costly, but a memory locked in time ☺️ Then the second greatest sacrifice of all time.....I took them to see the new Mary Poppins! 😐 We debated for hours about which one to see....as you can imagine my grandson did not want to see it. My grandson and I were as fidgety as could be but my grand daughter sat there watching that movie in awe....that made my heart smile..... Then we went home and had to tell G-Ma about the days events....each one excitingly trying to talk over the other....then the three of us sat in front of the TV as I had hooked up an old video game .....one was on my left and the other on my right...yeah that was $$$$ spent today, not a lot, that wasn't planned or budgeted but darn well worth it. Heck I might even consider selling a few lures if that is what it takes to make those kind of memories again. ☺️ Merry Christmas all.... C4F
  5. crazy4fishin

    Merry Christmas To All!!

    To all my internet fishing friends.......
  6. crazy4fishin

    Baxter area Friday

    Awesome Champ....great way to give back
  7. crazy4fishin

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Here is what I am seeing as of this moment by Indian point
  8. crazy4fishin

    Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

    Bferg - I noticed the same thing except I was out yesterday....a beautiful day for sure but I only caught one smallie on the Ned after trying to grab the bass on the spoon and or a jig....just no love. C4F
  9. crazy4fishin

    Big bass tour

    Well I am locked in.....it sure seems to be a long way from here to April!! πŸ˜₯ C4F
  10. crazy4fishin


    That is just how those folks roll
  11. crazy4fishin

    A Curious Pair on the Upper End

    I am with Vern on this one...no fish burgers and no fish tacos....just don't seem right t'all Just something unnatural about it....like that turducken thing πŸ€” C4F
  12. crazy4fishin

    Walter and others

    No kidding...and how big is the back deck of your boat!! πŸ˜€
  13. crazy4fishin

    My wife

    Prayers for you and the family C4F
  14. crazy4fishin

    Powerbait and Trout worm deal

    Gator....I don't think he was polling us to see if we shopped there..... Thanks Travis for the info. C4F
  15. crazy4fishin

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I went and set my roster toady - man I really dont like how they had the A-B-C line ups.... How do they expect me to think that I can be a contender? C4F

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