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  1. Gone Fishing

    Cpa Under New Ownership

    I just saw where Mike Webb bought CPA. He is a great guy and I wish him the best of luck trying to get this circuit back on track. I am afraid it is to little to late.
  2. Gone Fishing

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report August 16Th. 2012

    Bill, are you using the Ultragreen Maxi or some other style. Don't you use the Maxi on your spinning outfits also. I like my Seaguar but wouldn't mind skimping out a bit here and there on a few rigs.
  3. Gone Fishing

    Spooning Docks

    Thats awesome. Would love to see a pick of the big girl if you get it figured out.
  4. Gone Fishing

    Viney On The 13Th

    She weighed around 7lbs. She fought like a train. Nice fish for this time a year. He was happy to let her go also!
  5. Gone Fishing

    Viney On The 13Th

    I thought I would piggyback on the thread also. I fished around Baxter with my favorite fishing buddy this morning till 9:30a.m. with similiar results as you guys. Fished with jigs and topwater. There were several fish chasing. Did manage one big one with the jig.
  6. Very nice fish. I love those dark ones.
  7. Gone Fishing

    Alabama Rig Missouri Regulations

    I cut my hooks off at the start of the bend right against the bait. Just use super glue to hold them on. I am not sure I would want any hook sticking out barb or no barb.
  8. Gone Fishing

    2012 Kvd Big Bass Classic (Revised)

    I have not been able to get ahold of them either. Not sure what is going on.
  9. Gone Fishing

    Why Doesn't Anyone Fish Central Pro Am Anymore

    Champ, I understand the expenses of traveling also. We used to travel and fish the Heartland and yes it was very expensive. CPA is trying something new this year and staying on the Rock. I am lucky enough to live close to the lake so all I am out is the entry and how much gas I am willing to burn.
  10. Gone Fishing

    2012 Kvd Big Bass Classic (Revised)

    Sent you an IM OBBT
  11. Gone Fishing

    Why Doesn't Anyone Fish Central Pro Am Anymore

    I know the winners on Sunday with only 38 boats entered walked away with $2300 in there pockets. Not bad for a day on the Rock. I am not saying it is for everyone and yes you are fishing against some of the best anglers around but sometimes it is fun to see how you rank among them.
  12. Gone Fishing

    Friday Night Millcreek Results April 27Th

    Way to go Jason! Thats a nice bag of fish.
  13. Gone Fishing

    Bull Shoals Elite Series Report

    I am coming down this weekend and was thinking of fishign from Peel to the mouth of Theodosia but I haven't heard of a bite in that area. Is the water color the same in that area as down around Lead Hill?
  14. Gone Fishing

    Cpa Results

    Just looked at the results and 26 of the 30 pro's had limits. It seems the keeper fish are not hard to find but the quality we had a few weeks ago is getting harder to come by.
  15. Gone Fishing

    Cpa Results

    Just wondering if anyone knows how they did today in the CPA?

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