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  1. Forsythian

    Crappie-catching Story

    Good to know you're still out there Sam! Hope all is well with you
  2. Forsythian

    Fishing Report

    I was out there the last 2 weekends in September. Saw no jet boats above Turner. There's some gigging out of Whitten, but the water was pretty low and I wouldn't expect much boat traffic above Black Hollow. Heading back out there myself this weekend.
  3. Forsythian


    Very cool
  4. Forsythian

    Music Creek BSL

    Welcome! Your post title "Music Creek" caught my eye... my absolute favorite section of any lake I've ever had the pleasure of boating and fishing. A couple of years ago I traded my bass boat for a house boat I keep at Buck Creek, so I haven't been to the Music area in a while. Hollar at me if you're in the neighborhood, Ken
  5. Forsythian

    Round Spring to Two Rivers

    So, I've got some relatively "civilized" folks who want to car camp later this month and do a day float. I'm thinking of suggesting Round Spring for camping, and a day float from Pulltite back to camp. My question is after October 15th do they close all bathrooms other than a pit facility? Also, do they keep the electricity on the electric sites after October 15th? Thanks a bunch
  6. Forsythian

    Round Spring to Two Rivers

    Had a great float and camp last weekend. The folks at Two Rivers are very nice. It's been a long time since I've floated below Round Spring. This stretch has great scenery and a ton of great campsites throughout. The paddling is super easy, almost to the point of boring, but would make for a good safe Winter stretch. This was not a fishing trip per se, though I did pitch an olive marabou some both days. Caught short smallies, but no trout. Didn't really see but one or two trout in the first mile or so. Sure was good to get out and scratch that itch.
  7. Forsythian

    Round Spring to Two Rivers

    Say hello to the old fat man in the DIsco 169 if you see him this weekend... Fall is finally here!
  8. Forsythian

    Patrick Bridge CG

    According to the MDC the campground is open. Let us know if you go, I'm not far behind you
  9. Forsythian

    Boat Ramp

    Buck Creek is open for business. Decent launch at the campground. 3 or 4 foot visibility on Sunday.
  10. Forsythian


    Must vary by campground... Buck Creek on Bull Shoals is open for primitive camping this Winter.
  11. Forsythian


    I think you can stay at the COE campgrounds for free, no water or electricity(?)
  12. Hey Debbie Downer, it was good to see you on the river week before last. I forgot to ask you what Paul Dallas is up to... running a Scarab on Havasu maybe?
  13. Forsythian


    Hey CWF, glad to help... that was a crazy coincidence running into you like that! Hope the rest of your weekend went well.
  14. Hey Justin,

    Hoping to get a shuttle this Saturday (2/20) and maybe a campsite Saturday night.  Would arrive about 11am.  Are you open and how's the fishing?  Will send an email to the ranch as well,




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