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  1. msubobcats

    White Bass

    Heading to the Upper Illinois/Tenkiller in 2 weeks for a white bass trip. Anybody have any current reports from the reservoir? Go Cats
  2. msubobcats


    What is hatching, and during what time of day? Are the tricos coming off first thing? Thanks. Go Cats
  3. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    I apologize to all those who are reading this report, because it will say nothing. I have no new reports. But wanted to post the following at least. Due to the weather (rain) and temperature, there is nothing to add other than the following Oklahoma Fishing Report for Grand Lake and the Twin area..."water 49 in lake and 60 in rivers and clear to murky." Go Cats
  4. msubobcats

    Spring On The Spring

    "Well, we don't have a forum for this Spring River in Missouri. So since this is the same Spring River that ends up in Grand Lake, this is the one I have chosen to use. The other Spring River forum you are talking about is on the other side of the state and runs into Arkansas." Yep, confusion on my part there. Guess I should have googled Mammoth Springs for location. "I guess I will start using the "Other Ozark Waters" forum since this obviously bothers you. Sorry I didn't mean to tread in on your territory." Yikes! Don't think I deserved that. However, as I read the description of this forum I see..."These two rivers are tributaries of Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in OK. Its flow traverses part of SW MO, the corner of KS, and into OK where it receives spring runs of many species most notably White Bass and Hybrid Stripers." Whoopsie on me again. Since my post/opinion/suggestion was not intended to get Chief all riled up, defensive, and on high blood pressure meds, to prevent ramblings like this in the future, I like this idea the best..."Probably just need to drop the (OK) designation at the end of topic title." Basically, I forgot the famous quote..."Get your facts first, THEN you can distort them as you please." - Mark Twain Go Cats
  5. msubobcats

    Spring On The Spring

    I think this forum is for topics regarding the Spring/Neosho Rivers in Oklahoma. I think the posts for Jasper Co Spring River is perfect for the other Spring River forum.
  6. msubobcats

    Spring On The Spring

    I think these posts need to be in the Spring River (MO/AR) forum, up the page about 15 spots... Go Cats
  7. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    I have almost the EXACT same report from Friday, 3/20. My friend fished for 5 hours, caught 2. Temp 58, and nobody had more than 5 fish total for the day. It was a struggle. Go Cats
  8. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    3/17 - Weird, but it was slow again. Thought the females would be there. Caught fish after fish after fish at the start, but all of them were 10in or less (all males, obviously). Threw back probably 15. Temp started at 50, rose to 56. Caught 15. Caught 4 females, and a couple of BIG males. Spoke to a guide who told me the fish are stacked up at 'Three Fingers', ready to move into the river. He said the temp there was 52. My guess is anytime this week the fish will be running up the Spring. Parking lot LOADED again today. Will not go again until Saturday, if I choose to brave the crowd. Go Cats
  9. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    3/15 - Boats, Boats, everywhere! Caught 16. Water temp started at 48, climbed to 51 then leveled off. Started catching a bunch in about 15 minutes, but then the trollers showed up and started doing laps around the boat. The fish shut off as we choked on fumes for awhile, then finally gave up due to the traffic and left. Cleaned mostly males (Big ones), and the females we did clean were nowhere near ready to spawn. Long way off still. My guess is that the fish will REALLY turn on in the next two days. Go Cats
  10. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    3/14 - SLOW. Temp 39 when we started. Caught a 5 lb drum in the first two hours. Water temp heated to 49 by 11am, until the clouds rolled in, then quit heating and stayed at 49 til we left at 1pm. Fished for 6 hours, caught 6. One BIG sow, the rest males. Everyone slow. Most catching a couple here and there, nobody 'tearin 'em up'. Saw a few caught trolling. On the #10 question...talked to a guy in the parking lot. He said they are catching em at #10, which I didn't believe, until he came up with this possibility..."The river's shallower up there, and heats faster." Which could be possible I guess. Other than that conversation, I have no info on #10. Heading out this morning...more info this evening... Go Cats
  11. msubobcats

    My Bluegill Bug

    'No' on the peacock or the synthetic back, but shoot, there's no reason that wouldn't work just as well. or using the dubbing trick as the other poster mentioned. Might change the float/sink characteristics, so I would be curious how the fly would act in the water. I've found that I give away a fair amount of these flies to my buddies and others I meet at all the bluegill hotspots. So by using chenille, and not painting the heads, I can tie much faster. And with the wife getting into the bluegill bug game, I'll need even more... Go Cats
  12. msubobcats

    My Bluegill Bug

    I actually have started messing around with putting 'chukar' feathers across the top. Anything with a color pattern or shiny should work. The chukar have a tan and black feather. Looks ok, so I run out of turkey feathers, have a backup. I think I am going to go to one of our local pheasant hunting guides (the pen raised birds) and start collecting feathers. Go Cats
  13. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    3/10 - Fished in and out of the rain today. Slooooooow. Caught two small ones. Water temp 60. Probably slow due to the coming cold front. Will be back out this weekend. Go Cats
  14. Anybody have any recent reports on the white bass run? Go Cats
  15. msubobcats

    Up-to-date White Bass Report

    3/6 - Bite was on. Caught 15 in 1.5 hours, big females. Cleaned 12. Saw several other boats catching them, and saw one really good stringer of crappie from another boat. Water temp 59. 3/7 - Not going today. Wind far too strong. Maybe tomorrow. Go Cats

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