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  1. I've always caught some in the mouth or Roark Creek on the mud bottoms with crawlers
  2. I usually always go back to the my favorite of Duck Teriyaki. Marinate with Teriyaki or whatever asian sauce you like cook medium rare then remove and cook up a bunch of veggies - onions, broccoli, peppers, carrots and whatever else you like.
  3. Fish Bork

    4 rivers

    If you have a reservation you will hunt out of one of their blinds I think at 4 rivers they are all walk in blinds. No idea on what pool is doing better. You can always call them and they will usually send you in the right direction
  4. I've been on Taney a bunch with my kayak don't worry about getting swamped
  5. Any MDC access on the James has fishing opportunities, get out and see what ones your dad feels comfortable with
  6. Whooo huge freshwater ray is still there not sure where he was hiding the last time I was there
  7. They don't have a stream exhibit with minnows and darters, but some good freshwater tanks with gamefish and suckers. The most impressive tank to me is the Piranha and Neon and Cardinal Tetra tank with the live plants. I could stare at it for hours
  8. Yeah not sure how trained the aquarium staff is and I'm sure they were told to stock the tanks when it first opened ready or not. I think they lost their huge freshwater ray in the walkthrough tunnel along with I know a few giant crabs.
  9. Nope wasn't me on Saturday I had Pinewood Derby with my oldest
  10. Caught some good fish kayaking in Roark creek yesterday. 14-16 inch fish caught with a 1/200 jig and pink powerworm combo under a float
  11. Wondering what the ice condition was on PP or anywhere on Pomme. Thanks
  12. Went the 14th to the duck park and had some decent success, thought that Sunday would produce too but no wind and the ducks didn't want to finish. Hopefully this next week produces some tasty dinner from the skies
  13. I'd bet that it would count toward your mallard count
  14. Anybody doing any good up there? Gonna head up Thursday looks like a good day hopefully I can drop some
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