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  1. I have a version of the second one from the right, original retail on these was somewhere between $16-$20. That being said I have not met anyone who has much positive to say about them, mine is buried in a tackle box that doesn't normally leave the house. My complaint is not that they don't suspend like they should or sit level very well and when you swim them I don't thing the joints do too much. I have not thrown the newer ones that have the joints at an angle but what I heard of them was not very positive. Looks like the auctions on ebay for these are not going above $10. Definitely a better looking lure than it performs in my opinion.
  2. I am taking a trip to Wyoming for a pronghorn hunt this fall. I wanted to see if anyone has a used pronghorn decoy or one of the confidence cow decoys that they would be willing to part with. I am trying to do this on a little bit of a budget and have been looking into the Montana decoys for their packability but wanted to see if anybody had one that they weren't too attached to.
  3. This is great information, thank you guys for the input, I am going to share this with the group and see what they think, either way should be a great trip I will definitely have to check back closer to our dates and see what they are biting on.
  4. I am in charge of planning a float trip for the middle of June on the Eleven Point. We are planning on a 2 day float with 4 guys for a Sunday and a Monday. I floated it but it has been 7 or 8 years ago and I can't rememeber exactly how everything went. I do know that we did the trip from Greer to Riverton but it was with scouts and we did a lot of paddling. This time however we arent as much on the paddling and we are really wanting to fish it. When me and 1 of the guys fish on the current we do the 7 mile float from Baptist to Cedar grove in ~2 days so I don't want to go too long and not be able to fish a good hole when we see it. The other side of that is the other 2 guys going aren't necessarily trout guys and are really wanting to fish the good smallie water. So my question is based on normal flow, good pools and level that time of year how much distance should we reasonably expect to cover? 7, 15, 20 miles? and if we don't do the whole float is there a particular chunk we should target with Smallmouth being the primary target and rainbows being a secondary (say 60/40ish)? finally any lure recommendations for that time period would also be appreciated.
  5. I'll give you $25 if I have to come north to pick it up.
  6. If you were tricked into buying a Coleman Exponent stove that requires Powermax fuel I have 2 canisters of fuel left, we have decided to go with another stove that we hope will have canisters manufactured for many years to come. When I first found out about the end of Powermax I searched everywhere and to this day the only place I can find it is ebay and currently the cheapest bottle is $26. If you need some I am willing to part with the 2 bottles I have at a discounted rate. PM me if you are interested, I am in Springfield but will be making a trip to LOZ and Columbia, MO in the near future.
  7. We fished down around Bolivar yesterday (5/27) from about 7:45-3, started slow but ended up doing really well, first keeper was a 2.5 lber ended up with 5 or 6 over 15 and 20 or so keepers, fished 45 degree angle banks with brush, caught several right up against the banks but the secondary points were definitely the place to find them. Threw a few different jigs, softplastics, and crankbaits but only a big creature bait in Black and Blue and a Black and Blue Finesse jig did the trick.
  8. Some might say I'm crazy for trying to fish on the current over memorial day weekend but as my first official paid holiday as a graduate and "adult" I was not going to waste it inside. My fiance had to work on Saturday morning and Monday so we only had an abbreviated holiday but it was good none the less. We got to Baptist Camp about 4:30 on Saturday evening to find an open stretch of river (below all of the swimmers). We fished until 8:30 I caught 6, she caught 2, all rainbows, some better than others. Midges, Prince nymphs, pats rubber legs were the stars. There were many more opportunities but I was the victim of rotten tippet, I ended up breaking off the biggest brown I have ever hooked at the end of our evening. We called it a night but were up early and got to Tan Vat ahead of the crowd. We fished upstream a couple hundred yards catching several, I fooled with the trico hatch breaking off every take that I was able to notice, while she went to taking me to the woodshed with her midge, about 11 we stopped for a sandwich and then headed down stream a ways before deciding we needed to escape the swimmers. About 1 all of the canoes were past Baptist so we hit it hard, again no one was around (surprised again). This time we fished a little farther and caught as many browns as rainbows. Including 1 that I wish I had a camera for. Easily over 2 lbs I was busy fighting in the shallows while she stole my spot and caught another. Ended up losing a big rainbow at the end of our hike but all in all it was a great trip. She is learning to hold her own as she stuck with what was working and had a really good day. I tried some different things, had a big brown snap at an articulated streamer and lots of good follows on the leach. All in all a successful and relaxing weekend considering the numbers of people on the river and the low water right now (as low as I've seen it). Wish I had pictures to share because there were definitely opportunities.
  9. Here are the pictures of the reels I have other angles if there is something about them you want to see. like I've said before I am not trying to turn a profit just want a fair price all of the money is going to a boy scout troop for new camping gear. First one is the Mitchell 300 half bail, second is Shakespeare imperial 1957, third is the True Action TR 97, and the last one is the Martin Automatic 8A.
  10. Thanks for the tip, the only thing I thought someone may recognize was the logo on the butt of the rod, it is of a fish, kind of triangular in shape. The fish appears to be showing teeth or have a mustache. Its hard to get an image of but it has a registered logo so it would have been unique to whatever make it is. I will eventually put them on ebay but I wanted to offer them to anyone on here who collects first.
  11. This rod and these 4 reels were donated to my younger brothers Boy Scout Troop and were originally going to be sold in a garage sale. I am not sure exactly what they are all worth. The Troop is trying to make a little money from the sale to try to update some of their gear. I am not sure what the rod is. It is 6'6" 2 piece rod and according to a collector I spoke with, we believed it is split bamboo. Whatever logo was on the rod has been worn off there is a logo on the butt of the rod but I don't have enough experience to recognize the company. I included a picture of the butt alone to see if anyone recognizes it. There are also 4 antique reels if anyone is interested. The first is a Shakespeare imperial 1957 Series GJ. The Second reel is a True Action TR 97, not a common reel but it is made in the USA. The third reel is a Mitchell Half Bail, it is marked made in France. The last reel is a Martin Automatic model 8A. None of the reels are in amazing shape (with the maybe the exception of the Shakespeare). I don't have any boxes or papers but the reels do all work. If you want to see pictures of the reels I can put them up. I am mainly seeing about the rod make/brand/value but I am willing to sell any or all of them for a fair price. If I don't hear anything here I will eventually put them on ebay. Let me know if you want one or want to see something from a different angle.
  12. TFO is a great company I have a friend that broke his on a Sunday shipped it back Monday and had it back before the next weekend, 5 day turnarounds cost $100 from G Loomis, the cut corners a bit on their components and lack of a rod tube but where they cut costs they save you big money. They are the most moderately priced rods I have found with a lifetime warranty. I fish Sage rods and I'd have to stand in line to tell you how great they are but for the beginner there is none better than a TFO. The Pro is nice and at an unbeatable price, the Lefty Kreh Finesse Series is good if you are wanting smaller more delicate rods (Id use them for drys more than anything), the Ti-Cr series are powerful rods and while I have the least experience with these I have heard nothing but good reviews. My favorite rod is the new BVK Series, I threw the 9' 5wt a few weeks ago and immediately wanted to trade in my 9' 5wt Sage Z-Axis, and a 1/3 the price it is phenomenal. If you want reel advice I second Andrews recommendation on the Lamson Reels, I have 6 of them now from the Konic 2 ($129) all the way to the Litespeed ($299). The drags have more surface area and therefore start up smoother and apply constant pressure. While a drag system isn't necessarily the most important feature around here I feel confident telling you that you could use that reel anywhere. In addition Lamson has a lifetime warranty (Even though they are virtually indestructible) and are still made in America.
  13. sorry for posting a conflicting report so soon but I thought I would turn your attention to the gauge reading. I spoke before checking the guage it is at 5.41' right now and appears to be headed back to 7'. If I had a trip planned for the next week I would reschedule. This is one of the worst floods Ive seen down there Ive seen it go up once or twice but it is headed up for the sixth time in 5 days, the chart looks like an EKG heart monitor
  14. I fished it 2 years ago post flood, Montauk does clear faster than other streams but i would imagine it still looks pretty chalky with a foot or less of visibility on the surface. fish on the bottom, there is a slower clearer layer of water down there that will allow you to catch them. Bright colors aka glo balls big streamers on floating or sinking line, my buddy used a chamois fly with decent success, I have heard of using bigger jigs under big indicators and surprisingly I was able to catch them on a midge in the dirty water particularly red. It is more dangerous to wade because you cant see the bottom and there are several ankle rollers up there, either way its better than work, just be safe.
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