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  1. Trying Teenagehunter photo techniques?
  2. Welcome. Will the app eventually cover flys for other species — carp or flathead catfish, for instance?
  3. I've found that most people that are offended by something, have little understanding of the situation they are offended about. I say congratulations Bill. Enjoy the rarity of holding a state record and display the mount in a place of honor.
  4. Thanks Wrench. First time I ever tied that knot actually. Yeah the loop was a bit oversized, but it worked. I like the knot as it is a non-slip, just need to refine my technique with it a bit.
  5. Harps


    Do you have a 64 GTO? You remind me of this guy....
  6. The only tournaments I've fished in have been office tournaments, and even those ruined my enjoyment of the trip. I quit doing them because they just weren't fun. Me and some buddies have little competition amongst ourselves each spring and fall, but it's all fun and games and nobody cares who wins, we just enjoy fishing together. Glad we went yesterday Smallyflys, I'll post up a few of my pics when I get the chance. Good day on the water.🍻
  7. I woulda kept trolling right past them, glad you did too. I've had that happen while trolling for walleye and crappie. They're not polite about it, so why should you be?
  8. Zero rivers for me too. Don't know if I'll ever try to do an entire river. We'll see, cause I ain't done yet. I know a guy that owns one of those Kevlar Ferrari boats. I won't get in it. Word is the thing is harder to keep upright than it is to stay on a bronc for 8 seconds. But then the owner tips canoes and busts paddles more than anyone I know. Smallieflys knows of what I speak.
  9. I've only fished expressly for a musky on Fellows. May try Pomme this fall. Henry and Hazel would practically require overnight trips for me from my location. Would like to make a trip north and fish for them where they're native. I've been up there and caught pike on the fly, but not a musky.
  10. Two this year. Could have netted one of them that came right up to the boat. I have had eats the past couple of years that the fish either missed the fly, or jumped and spit the fly.
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