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  1. Very hard to see now, I must admit, with the leaves on the trees. Dirtrider gotcha covered I see.
  2. Yeah, it's not that far. You can see it from 65, especially when the leaves are off. That said, any nice day and there are likely cars parked near the bridge. I went out there Sunday morning and there were cars everywhere, but almost nobody fishing. There were a bunch of runners out there on the roads and trails.
  3. Wish i could see the picture you decided to embarrass me with....
  4. Wrench if you would get out there every day or two and dump a barrel of corn out for the next month or so, we could have a bonanza.
  5. Seems legit, what a hog! Think of the endorsements you could get with that. Wish I would have caught it, maybe I could afford a boat wrap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3b1frJCNI8
  6. Yeah..............truth............... The torture regimen is about to begin again..........
  7. I don't believe there are many of the type on this forum, but people that trash our waters are clowns. It's an embarrassment how some people leave stuff on the bank or throw junk in the water. I have literally picked up truckloads of trash from our waterways over the years, but it always grows back faster than I can work on it by myself. Carry out your own trash, but try to carry out someone else's to while you're at it. The more people see this, maybe the more others will do it as well. And yes, show landowners some courtesy.
  8. Wait!.........what happened to that badass business card I designed for you?
  9. Ways to have fun with cars.
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