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  1. The Fresh Start Thread

    Thanks Mr Liphunter. You a former Goat owner?
  2. Floated a new river last year

    Figured that had to be the case, I'd never heard of Piney Beach either...... I am un-experienced of Gasconade.
  3. Patfish

    Pat has been on my prayer list big time the past few weeks and he's doing quite well for the situation. I'll be visiting and hanging out with him next weekend.
  4. Old pic

    I was going to suggest this book until I got deep enough into this discussion to see someone else already had. One of the best plain-spoken accounts of the beginnings of the commercial float industry in the Ozarks and the fishing that was available then. A rare book if you can find it and worth the effort. I bought several from Mrs. Sare and was disappointed to learn Mr. Sare had passed by the time I found his book. Would have enjoyed a talk with him. I'm really thankful he put his experiences in writing.
  5. Mike Iaconelli.....OH SNAP!

    My interest primarily is in native fish anymore. Here I want to catch SM and LM and Gar and furthermore. When I go to the Appalachia I want to catch brookies. When I go out west I want to catch cutthroat. I'm not necessarily interested in brown or rainbow in either of those places, but I will enjoy them if I catch them. I fish for trout locally but it's not something that I get uppity about. I haven't caught a carp on my fly rod yet but it's on the 'bucket list,' along with a several other native and non-natives. I'm gonna tie flys and see what I can catch and I'm not going to worry too much about what the other guy is catching or how he's catching it as long as he's finding joy in it and doing it legally. I'm fully aware that piles of money are spent on non-native fishes, as well as some terrestrials and aerials. If all that ceased and the energy was spent on natives instead (or sometime eradication of non-natives) I would be fine with it. Carp are doing beyond fine without our assistance. There are 20+ pounders laying in virtually every piece of fishable water I've seen in Missouri, so I just can't spend too much energy worrying about them. Carry on and enjoy YOUR chosen pursuit.
  6. Mike Iaconelli.....OH SNAP!

    An issue? Carp are so widely available in so many waters here in the states that I can't really see that as an issue. And they're a non-native here so I sure don't want to see any precious wildlife funding spent on them.
  7. Mike Iaconelli.....OH SNAP!

    Who gives a chit? Why do you guys care what somebody wants to catch or how they want to catch as long as it’s legal?
  8. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    I feel a half decade more ignorant just reading this.
  9. Floated a new river last year

    How long did you float? There's like a week of river between Boiling Spring and the Gasconade. I'm confused, maybe.
  10. Topwater Video

    The Zen-master says no less than 12lb for smallies, that's about 1x I guess. Wrench knows the Zen-master (Xen-master). Cool flys.
  11. Arkansas Stream Smallmouths

    Probably would have never been an issue if somebody didn't turn the river bottom into a cow pasture right up to the edge of the river.
  12. Ozark Hellender Restoration

    Apparently MoCarp was thinking of the same Spring River that I was. Which subspecies is in which Spring River here?

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