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  1. Ways to have fun with cars.
  2. My sarcasm is primarily because I want to catch fish in their native habitat. If it's not native, it's feral. I enjoy trout fishing here in Missouri, but they're not native and I so don't hold my interest as much as catching what was here when before the white man arrived. When I go to the Rockies, I want to catch cutthroat. When I go to Appalachia, I want to catch Brookies. Northern Pike in Canada, etc. That said, I have no fire in my belly to travel to Asia to catch carp. But they are on my bucket list to catch on the fly locally this year. Just for the ugly fun of it.
  3. Do they allow those in Calipornia? Probably needs to have an exhaust scrubber, extra muffler, and sensitive-terrain-friendly tires.😒
  4. Wow. They're nearly elevated to the same status as feral trout. Can't wait to hit my local blue ribbon ditch for some trophy fishing.😬
  5. Good use for them. Alaskans feed hundreds of thousands of wild salmon to dogs, why not feed our mutts carp?
  6. Water is WAYYY too cold for the real party to begin IMO.
  7. Looks like a great lakes brown. Nice fish.
  8. I say carp. Or oyster harvesters.
  9. Tough fish to survive all that stress. Nice work to those involved and congrats to the angler. Seemed nice and humble about it.
  10. I would definitely want credit for catching a state record, or shooting a state record buck for that matter (which would likely be a world record). But I'm a big attention hog. 🤣
  11. Harps

    CWD cure claimed.

    Different show I guess, Heart was definitely not there and REO closed the night out. No fireworks, just a lot of balls and frisbees flying around.
  12. Harps

    CWD cure claimed.

    Same deal for me, except in Arrowhead Stadium. Super Jam/Summer Jam....something along those lines. 707, Rainbow, Mellencamp, Nugent, and REO Speedwagon in that order.
  13. Everybody has an opinion on this and I don't know who to believe. I listened to this a few months ago. I really like Doug Duren from what I know of him and he seems a practical and serious guy, and I'm sure he wouldn't throw in with the biologist unless he felt he had merit.
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