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  1. Harps

    Mixing Batteries

    Wrench, what's the procedure to test a battery and know when it's time to replace? My main battery is over 2 years old now, and the little one....who knows? All it does is power the depth-finder and lights. BTW, my old car (you know which one) has a battery that is probably 10-12 years old now, and tires that may be close to 18. I think this is the year to replace both.
  2. Harps

    Not from around here, must watch !

    Tern flys on 14-weights are all the rage in the Seychelles.
  3. FTFY — Yeah......ditto. People ask me about what MFU is and I just tell them we're a loose band of malcontents......and sometimes we fish. It's an exclusive club, don't ask to join, you wouldn't want to anyway. Harps is just what some of my fishing buddies call me, shortened version of my last name.
  4. Fish as much as I can, with as many of my buddies as I can. Couple more over-nighters than I did this year (1). Catch as many "trash fish" as possible on the fly.
  5. Harps

    Gun questions

    If you're going to carry, you better carry with one in the chamber. If crap goes down, you're not going to have time to work the slide to chamber a round. The revolver has one in the chamber ready, unless you're keeping an empty chamber in the cylinder.
  6. Harps

    Gun questions

    Cherokee Firearms will rent guns to try on their indoor range. Good people. http://www.cherokeefirearms.com/
  7. Harps

    Wanted: Trout Boat

    PM Fishinwrench, he has boats for sale every once in a while too.
  8. Harps

    Wanted: Trout Boat

    Not sure if this one is still available, but you can ask. https://www.missouriwhitetails.com/threads/lowe-1542-jon-w-20hp-johnson.224785/
  9. Harps

    Do you all know this guy?

    http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/ruralmissouri/201811/index.php#/8 Wades have been guiding on the BP for eons. Larry Dablemont used to guide on BP as well I believe. Don't forget Owen Boat Lines out of Branson, grand-daddy of float outfitters. http://ccheadliner.com/news/mozark-moments-jim-owen-s-famous-white-river-float-trips/article_f97ba24a-308f-11e1-b9d6-0019bb2963f4.html
  10. Harps

    Getting Started Chasing Smallies

    This poor kid's thread went to the crapper. I'll have to email the MSA folks to see about my book.🙄
  11. Harps

    Getting Started Chasing Smallies

    I think I was probably at the same event. Trigg was tying crappy (not crappie) flys, right?🤣 This is the first I've heard of a book, would like to have one if available.
  12. Harps

    Pickerel in south west mo

    Same as always — better than working.

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