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  1. I'm stealing some (all) of these pics Smallieflys.
  2. I've only fished expressly for a musky on Fellows. May try Pomme this fall. Henry and Hazel would practically require overnight trips for me from my location. Would like to make a trip north and fish for them where they're native. I've been up there and caught pike on the fly, but not a musky.
  3. Two this year. Could have netted one of them that came right up to the boat. I have had eats the past couple of years that the fish either missed the fly, or jumped and spit the fly.
  4. Very hard to see now, I must admit, with the leaves on the trees. Dirtrider gotcha covered I see.
  5. Yeah, it's not that far. You can see it from 65, especially when the leaves are off. That said, any nice day and there are likely cars parked near the bridge. I went out there Sunday morning and there were cars everywhere, but almost nobody fishing. There were a bunch of runners out there on the roads and trails.
  6. Wish i could see the picture you decided to embarrass me with....
  7. Wrench if you would get out there every day or two and dump a barrel of corn out for the next month or so, we could have a bonanza.
  8. Seems legit, what a hog! Think of the endorsements you could get with that. Wish I would have caught it, maybe I could afford a boat wrap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3b1frJCNI8
  9. Yeah..............truth............... The torture regimen is about to begin again..........
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