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  1. My homemade prepared baits do not stay on the bait holders very well as commercial dip bait. Does anyone know if there is something to add to the bait to make it stickier?
  2. Don


    Sonny's Dip Bait is now called Triple S Catfish Dip Bait. Used some at Truman last month and we caught a few messes of blue cat when they weren't biting on anything else. Best prepared bait I have ever used,
  3. Dishes cleaned up well. Not a stinky mess. However, the stuff has a pretty big stink on it by now.
  4. Where do I find this Sonny's you folks speak of? Would like to try it.
  5. Don

    Smallmouth Float

    We saw only one person on the river fishing. Had an orange kayak. Spoke to a few people when we took out at low water bridge.
  6. I made a few stinkbaits a few weeks ago. Used a food processor. One is generic velveeta, jar of minced garlic, chicken livers, and sawdust. The other is tuna, sardines, chicken livers, jar of minced garlic, box of stuffing mix, sawdust. Tried some once at Truman last month. Too wet and mushy. Will dry it out some or thicken it up somehow and try again.
  7. We floated Little Sugar Creek Friday June 21. Beautiful water. My friend and I brought in at least a dozen smallmouth each 8-12 in. I lost at least that many as well. Ned Rig PBJ was the most productive. Real fun trip.
  8. I picked up a couple of the Presidents at Bass Pro last week. Size 30 and 35. Was going to buy a new model until the cashier told me those were on sale. He said there were no mechanical changes between the two, only cosmetic changes,
  9. Spinning rods-bang for your buck. I just picked up a medium 2-piece 7ft Shakespeare Ugly Stick Elite for bass. Any users/opinions? I am also interested in a Berkley Lightning Rod ultralite for crappie. Any suggestions? Thanks, Don
  10. Don

    Gavin-hope you and yours are doing well. I've read many of your posts for many years on the forum. That prompts me to seek some Current river advice. I've fished upper current all the way down to Cedargrove for years. I've never been below that point. I'm visiting Big Springs campground Sept 17. Looking for the best scenic float, approximately 8 miles or so, on the Current as well as a good outfitter just in case we don't bring our own fleet. Any advice is appreciated.


    Don May

  11. So sorry Roger. You were lucky to have such a good friend. I met him last year down there at Galena. What a classy guy.
  12. Great idea junkie. Wish I could go. My favorite hole from Del to Shel is the stretch below the nice house on the river right after it makes a sharp right. Good luck.
  13. Don

    Revenge of the Cards

    As a federal employee, I was told that the Chinese hacked our personal identifiable information. My friend, a rival Cub fan, said it wasn't the Chinese. It was Belechek and Mozeliak.
  14. I thing flood stage is 4 ft at the Akers gauge. We had a trip planed from Cedargrove to Akers today but cancelled because we wanted a slow leisurely float with gravel bars, not a fast float. Gauge at Akers was around 2.5 ft while ago and still floatable. Good thing about that stretch of river is that it has a small watershed and recovers from high water relatively quickly.
  15. First time I ever fished Blunks was Sunday evening. I was there for about 2 hours. Caught a couple of dinks. Catching seemed pretty slow with everybody else down there. Roger, It was a pleasure to meet you and Teddy. I hope you had better luck the next day.
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