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  1. Makes perfect sense and on point.
  2. What jig heads are you guys using on your Keitech’s? Thanks
  3. I had the Ranger 1850 Reata and loved it. Had a Yamaha 150 4 stroke and never had a problem with the motor or the boat. Top speed was 50 and it was very stable and great in rough water. Used to fish early and take the kids tubing when I got back. Nice boat to fish out of as well with good live wells and ample storage. Just a great compromise fish/ ski boat that I highly recommend. A safe and rock solid boat for sure.
  4. I like it. Looks like Missouri craw color.
  5. gabe

    Bowl game

    Go Pokes! Nice win to finish a disappointing season.
  6. gabe

    Evinrude Motors

    I have two buddies that have the G2 250 and absolutely love them. Great hole shot, mid range punch and love the power steering and gas consumption.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for.
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