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  1. MoCarp

    CWD interesting podcast

    Full podcast for those interested
  2. Here you go learned a bit from this
  3. Here’s a mid 50 black drum think this was the early 90’s https://goo.gl/images/buP4D1
  4. Yeah better to get to the hall of fame than never getting in the league 😁 haters gonna hate
  5. Wanna bet hard $ on that?
  6. MoCarp

    MDC Rant

    I’d love to have a few if these shaped like carp to seed before a bfing tourney https://goo.gl/images/9ChvAP
  7. Sorry dude, have been blessed with my out door experiences, born and raised on dog river on mobile bay moved to Joplin in 75 shoal creek was literally our back yard about a 1/2 mile below grand falls moved to San Antonio TX in 06 and back to Carthage in dec 2012 perhaps I’ll do a mo-biography to cover everything that being said I have most of my family still live down on the gulf i should note not s good time for anglers during spring break depending on the dates in March one goes i loved big black drum fishing at night in spring but that’s a bait on bottom kind of thing my biggest was mid 50s pics are posted on here somewhere kind find diddly on my phone be glad when my laptop is fixed
  8. MoCarp

    MDC Rant

    The winners of war write the history so the answer is YES No I am not a cat fan, and I agree feral cats are an issue, one day I’ll get out and about and share some fishing time with OAF peeps, perhaps then people will see I walk the walk and the pics I have posted are actually me...
  9. Grew up fishing there bull reds and specks typically, but anything is possible as one offs might hit the pier, going out a half day charter isn’t too pricy ether grouper and Cobia gets started then, gulp crabs work as good as bait somethings always biting just pay attention to the tides..,,incoming tides best shore casting, lots of options,
  10. MoCarp

    MDC Rant

    Took pics of hides, don’t think I ever took a pic or a critter in a trap, had many folks think they had “feral” cat or dog problems, when it was good old Mother Nature, owls, coyotes, possums n coons are normally the culprits, typically city folks who only get afield a few times a yeah are the ones who seem to have a like the area pet mentality. But I will say this if my dog got shot, no law would have been called...and the issue would have been resolved...a good niebor would catch the offending critter, and call them as a courtesy that it was out. Once my in-laws had a house cat that was pressed on the edge of their property, the sign suggested a swerve hit the cat situation. I made a concrete block with a few sharpened rebar sections and painted it flat black.., call it a poor mans spike strip....glued a pair of reflective driveway markers about the right distance apart and placed it in the tall grass where only a serve and hit type person would ever hit it.. next morning 50 yards from concrete kitty, was a car with two flats on the passsenger side and in need of some body work. now if I can figure out how to make a exploding Muskie decoy
  11. MoCarp

    MDC Rant

    Here is something for you guys hellbent on killing niebor’s cats dogs or any other live personal property that inadvertently strays on to yours https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoosadism
  12. MoCarp

    MDC Rant

    Unless you have loose sand, more like possum poop, keep the door shut and you won’t have problems Hmmm Can’t believe this but I agree with you on this So does any other critter, most cats are picky eaters without a sweet tooth, it’s why you use sweet baits not fishy baits when coon trapping and don’t want to catch the farmers barn cats,putting out indiscriminate poisons isn’t cool.
  13. MoCarp

    Paddlefish poaching article

    Found this posted today, nah people don’t sell fish🤭
  14. MoCarp

    Paddlefish poaching article

    Perhaps you’d like to come to Carthage MO and ask around about my integrity, or would you like post up the case net entries to mine? ether way I am done dealing with you and your farsical trolling. Capt. Chop shop not with standing
  15. MoCarp

    Paddlefish poaching article

    No wonder you get beat up a lot, bet you just salty so many are dumping boats you can repair for kayaks, otherwise this time of year you should be too busy to play on the inter web, or is it boat less pursuits that flap your flag? Explains a lot your anti spoon bill rants or the shore bound nature of euro angling. Feel free to get a milk crate to stand on to look people in the eye, instead of insulting people’s integrity with your barn yard IQ

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