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  1. MoCarp


    LOL on that one
  2. MoCarp


    bet you see it on LOZ prob 4 of them on a 30 footer tossing 5 foot waves at 105 mph
  3. your blasting down lake with 300 hp and then this blows past you like your in a jon boat with a 10 horse
  4. MoCarp


    only saw one in our area and thats near the old atlas powder property in jasper co, they have seen them around that general area from time to time, most all of the property in no trespassing but if you ask and sign a waver you might get in, the one I saw was warming itself on a cool October morning... prob a den area, knew someone who bought a house near atlas and they where told to be on guard for rattlers...you don't hear that said in SW Missouri much
  5. lets see flip pallot...dave whitlock...lefty kreh...Kevin Morlock...Phil Monahan....Mike Sudal.... John Merwin from what these guys say, bigger better stronger than bones....did you not watch the vid? here steve hoffman of in fisheman fame
  6. MoCarp

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    The eagle rock area was always a big fish spot, cooler water and trout to munch on, I know of several 9s and at least one 10 from that side of the lake
  7. MoCarp


    Sept-October is prime time there...also Fellows lake in Springfield has nice Muskies
  8. MoCarp

    fish kill

    Lots of rain brings organics into the bays and gulf and take up O2 with weak tides and calm winds this can cause a fish kill or sometimes a "jubilee" where many species of crab and shrimp, as well as flounder, eels, redfish, mullet, ETC will leave deeper waters and swarm—in large numbers and very high density—in a specific, shallower coastal area of the bays. I grew up on Mobile by and got to experience this a couple times filled a few octets with flounder and crabs , shrimp redfish and specs its a free for all

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