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    "If we let MoCarp tell people how much fun it is to catch carp, Everyone will want too, then we will be outnumbered & they will treat them just like bass & walleyes"

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  1. Gigging is great!

    I think C&R on smallmouth in Ozark streams year round would be awesome!
  2. Fishing From The Bank?

    for most species with planning the answer is yes! critters like Muskies can be problematic but even in a boat for most people, they are not something you catch 30 in a day! One thing I found when I started euro fishing, because its a bank bound affair you have to plan, water craft, the understanding of what going on under the water in front of your swim is of Uber importance, being bank bound does have some advantages over a boat..stealth..fish that are naturally wary become BIG fish...methods of chumming to draw fish in, the right gear, etc will make your job easier. Huge brown Trout are suckers for dead baiting, using "quick strike" rigs allow fish to be hooked to be released unharmed. hair rigging a spring like found on a dough ball treble hook is deadly for rainbows on Taney, just pull them off with pliers. Power bait works awesome that way, and far less likely to gut hook the fish. when we get wind ripping in the fall, White Bass can stack up on shad blown to the bank, a classic pattern on Stockton, netting shad, keeping them on ice then tossing in a few will catch you some monster whites. You will pick up bonus bass and walleyes that way...warmer November days with a strong SW wind make waves crashing into rocky no nothing banks, with fish in just inches of water...you fish from 5 feet out to right on the bank....casting to the left and right of you will land more fish that chunking to deeper water!..big rooster tails. small buzz baits with a stinger hook will at times be hot and heavy..a dead bait a cast length out in about 5-6 foot from the bank, with a fresh killed shad will land the biggest fish.
  3. Carp & Buffalo Tourney

    below Truman dam... is Great place to get a few buffs for the pot late feb-early march, I! don't euro there as its less effective than big jigs and jigging slab spoons, when the waters not running a bit of chum works wonders..beware though you will draw a crowd, as a note in Oklahoma you are only allowed 1 black buff a day, and you must report it.....it seems they are getting a might thin there wonder why?
  4. Carp & Buffalo Tourney

    Its good you eat dinks....but then again fish like this are not so easy to fool if you can land one of these bad boys on your Zebco 33 you might need more than one bowl The young man with the two monsters is Texas Buffalo guide Austin Anderson, the older fellow is a buddy of mine Englishman Keith Thompson of Austin , Texas
  5. The white sucker question....

    Big redhorse are a blast to catch in the spring
  6. The white sucker question....

    Thats a huge one!
  7. prob more I can put on my list...but for me in no particular order Brook Trout Flyer Lake Trout Sauger Atlantic Salmon Burbot Suwannee Bass Red Eye Bass Red Breast Sunfish Sacramento perch
  8. Those Europeans........

    Brookies...caught several cutts before
  9. Otters

    Pricy but catch them and move them to Wrench's fav fishing hole
  10. Those Europeans........

    one of the few fish left on my bucket list
  11. Those Europeans........

    am sure you can gift some salmonids
  12. Those Europeans........

    Here some Bfing bass in the good ol USA...its legal in some states
  13. Those Europeans........

    well if your ever in south Africa you can help them with their invasive species,,just watch out for crocs!
  14. Those Europeans........

    who said we were alone?
  15. Those Europeans........

    those pics are legit perhaps when I go fishing in a bit Ill hold up a news paper for yah.....those are boiled "hemp seed" no carp don't get a buzz eating them..its the kind they squeeze hemp oil out of..they are sterilized before they are bagged and sold for bird food, health snacks etc..it is supposed that they think they are snails.... never tasted a snail or boiled hemp..but fish go gaga for them...trout pick up our fake maze flavored with the stuff....the few times I have fished Taney or TR at Roaring river Trout can be a nuisance...most time using hemp you catch a nice trout or 3...usually no dinks my brother caught a 6# rainbow that way..he was like

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