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  1. Yeah I can hear the bfers cheer for something else to shoot, I saw a while back, that another state caught some dude with a horse tank full of them hauling them to stock illegally from back east 😳😳😳😳😳,,,,I have screen shots on bfer fb pages cheering Asian carp and a I quote “ wish we had them around here too shoot” 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲this wont be any different
  2. Very cool, my cousin used to work for degussa (Evonik Corporation) near Mobile and made a few trips to Germany on the company’s dime
  3. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/texas-decides-on-new-alligator-gar-regulations/
  4. Nope it’s the smallmouths that end up with them, it used to be legal to shock up fish and use tnt to get fish, it’s about fair chase,,, if you got a turkey tag filled by shooting off the roost, but stayed in the limit it should be ok? Deer tag filled via spotlight is that ok? Harvest is harvest right? iMHO bfing at night with a light isn’t sporting for the same reason, I think many a whoops under the influence has killed many a bass, muskie and walleye...
  5. At one time brown trout were tossed on the bushes, as far as bfing they can legally shoot bass in some states, cats too
  6. Some People still gig everything, smallmouth, rock bass etc, poachers poach regs be darn
  7. A cloudy day with a chop you can catch them on the bank this Time of year feeding up from post spawn, stick baits on windy points is a good pattern on such days, fish run big then
  8. Blue bird days make them feed better at night moon being what it is
  9. When are you fishing?
  10. MoCarp

    Weird Crappie

    No it’s outa state
  11. Great memories, nicely done
  12. It didn’t say most are caught by people bass fishing
  13. This was posted in one of the fishing groups I’m in never saw an orange color phase crappie before
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