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  1. yeah some people got salty all the fish wasted, don't know what they thought was going to happen
  2. MoCarp

    Venting a little......

    here is a vid looks way faster than "30" mph they said would be there limit and if you watch they blow real close to a sunken long the guy looks at it with a WTF look on his face (1:35)
  3. MoCarp

    Venting a little......

    a told you so about that jet boat is in order here is a link to the promises http://bransontrilakesnews.com/news_free/article_2f305df6-1a0d-11e7-9fc2-fb80bbf297e6.html
  4. MoCarp

    Ban all Bassboat's

    Camo for carp fishermen? http://www.rushvillerepublican.com/sports/camo-for-carp-fishermen/article_1d466970-a2f2-560d-9ec2-16e3ff2dce88.html
  5. MoCarp

    Ban all Bassboat's

    lets just say look for boats with front and back power poles๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. MoCarp

    Ban all Bassboat's

    you would be wrong...its how we get to remote banks...๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. MoCarp

    Ban all Bassboat's

    get ready set GO! ..................WHAAAAAAAAAAAA slow boat gets to the hole LAST BUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
  8. MoCarp

    New In-Fisherman Issue Mention.

    I am on a lot of diff fishing forums and pages, seems many from up north like coming to our area to fish, of course we send them Phil's way, where else would a OAF person send them? lol.....great place for a winter run when all their water is solid!
  9. MoCarp

    Fish from the sky?

    seems its possible and has been documented, my father told me as a boy a time minnows came raining down when he was weeding their garden in Rochester, NY perhaps many fish get moved that way, it is odd how green sunfish show up in a isolated farm pond a mile from any road and no-one even knew the pond was even there

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