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  1. Imagine that ...political caca influence on game management....I curious to why numbers are down...people who trap get fewer every day......unsure where one might even sell hides anymore
  2. It pulls you down he rabbit hole.....I bought my first euro gear to fish spillway areas ..Truman and the pothole....fell into carping because them fish PULL!
  3. Or the droves of newly American.....know what they have done to the easy to get to fishing holes....roost tree slaughter me thinks and wild turkey fajitas
  4. I used to sell tails to mepps....or trade for lures... seems fox squirrels like more open woods, but both are common this side of Branson... they have a few black color phase greys....in southern MN...here you might see and odd ball fox squirrel. buddy has a blonde-ish one mounted....the all white ones are in marionville but they frown on shooting them. always thought of a hunting trip to bag some of those black squirrels and out west aberts squirrels with the ear tufts....even the pine squirrel....
  5. I loved squirrel hunting, still hunting with a call, stalking and even with a dog...used an old pump Winchester 20g youth model I sold and still regret... have a limited marlin 60 with the 22” barrel thinking of getting chiappa over under in 22/410 or 20 or a good 410 pump... feel free to suggest your favorites , nothing more awesomeness than old guns handed down
  6. Do you every notice the smell of a modern Knapped point? Drives me crazy on some fb groups people trying to pass stuff off to make a buck....makes me wonder how many meth heads kick open doors for a guys collection....as a side note most knappers also look for artifacts....an addicting hobbie for sure
  7. Best is March for chain pike If I had to pick Mid April before weeds get up, bowfin, flyer, chain pile Also big warmouth and black crappie... flyer
  8. I have found several In a trip Just have to have your spots...most authentic artifacts are pretty easy to spot...and it’s un likely someone would hike into a remote spot to seed points, cool to hunt for them though...,my best find
  9. Prob looking for that thing stabbing them in the mouth
  10. Flyers to be caught there and chain pike
  11. Here is a couple from our Carp fishing friends in Oklahoma
  12. MDC shocked up 2 bass at or over the state record.....the old man that managed the lake retired in the late 80s...fishing isn’t as good for numbers but size....the newly American pop can and line crowd hammers that lake....they try and enforce the regs but it’s difficult
  13. Considering the upper class owned all the land, most waters are not public, we are blessed here with public lands, however hunting it seems is going the pay to play way
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