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  1. Got a crappie question.

    10" 15 a day....and unsure how far up its considered lake...but any thing under 10" should go back in...fishing would be better farther up lake where it warms up 1st the fish will go on the beds there before up by the dam
  2. Check this out

    I found it interesting and informative
  3. More Maryland catches

    I am sure I can hook you up with some of our group in that area, they may be able to point you to some odd ball fish for your list, from what I understand you can catch tench and roach back east, and there are a couple spots that have a few reel smoking carp there, the DC basin has always been a "must fish" place...ether way looks like you are having run
  4. big carp like that are uncommon, but we do have pockets of great carping in our area, many waters are still untapped potential, huge carp like other fish act very different they their smaller brethren a fish 20# and up are old and common carp can live a very long time, they get savvy and are very hard to fool if you want to learn more just look up Carp Anglers Group on FB, places methods etc...and quality photography is a passion with more than a few Carpers. here is a nice apple scale mirror from dale hollow just a few days ago, think it was a low 30
  5. no they go hunting and fishing if your a boxer your not playing golf or at a church, your hanging at the club with your hommies lol I'd bet they eat at the finest eateries money can buy sad to say the quality of MDC people has wained in the last few years, kinda the point of this whole post, most MDC people I have met in my area have been a tad sharper than most, but I think any Government handling things over the private sector is at a disadvantage Many a deal in DC is done on the golf course, drain the swamp I say not really, we don't fish for them, be like waiting for a spoonbill to bite...places where those proliferate common carp fishing suffers wrong kinda carp...here is a refresher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0hBICq2a20 an agent can get a law enforcement degree in 2 years or less, and I'ding fish and wildlife isn't there strong suit it seems, according to Larry Dablemont the MDC is rife with corruption, with the examples he gives it can be hard to argue...our new gov did order an immediate review on the MDC gotta be a good reason he did...IDK but tossing money at a judges private preserve that you or I will never be able to fish hunt or even bird watch on should chap everyones hide exp considering how SW Missouri gets treated like a red headed step child as far as resources
  6. also its like watching someone who is reported to be an avid fisherman and they snap a pic of them reeling a spinning reel upside down! its like WTF? I watched this radio show on youtube with a MDC media person and just listen to them and tell me if you think they have spent much of there life in the outdoors
  7. I understand fund raising...I do understand people...you would think that to raise money for conservation type employees/people it would be with a fishing tourney or a cook out etc...not a "lets make a deal" golf event, may be its just me but a CO/biologist/CONSERVATION type people should be in love with the outdoors and a working knowledge of said outdoors and any time they are off eat live a breath the outdoors... IMHO if they wanted to raise money perhaps a fishing event or skeet shoot not a lets meet the judge or political types on the golf course, ...I was linked some articles by Larry Dablemont a couple of months ago and have had my eyes open to corruption that has creeped into the MDC, and frankly I am shocked at what I have read...the mental image of MDC people on the golf course with corrupting types is hard to get out of my mind...
  8. its the classic pose with arms resting on your knees, only way you can hold them well
  9. here is a 55-11 taken by Luis in Cali
  10. Here is another 50 taken in of all places los angeles
  11. Release boats?

    not pressure just NO tourneys, since you brought up Stockton, they moved away managing it for a "wilderness like" lake to one that would support a bass tourney economy, as someone who has fished the lake a VERY long time it was better than it is now, walleyes were bigger and you caught a big pike or tiger musky every now and then, and you could catch some dandy smallmouths, didn't see many bass tourneys, and remember how the crappie anglers yatched, about the walleyes and pike eating all the crappie, but the 10"/15 a day rule slowed harvest that was hurting the crappie population, even the carp were bigger then. now boat pressure effects fishing... fish during the week more and you can see it 1st hand...the big jump on pressure at Stockton came with the big drought that hit TR... when no-one could get many boats in because the ramps were way out of the water..people piled into stockton, areas of the lake you never saw boats were covered, fishing suffered...ever stick you head under the water in boat traffic? you can FEEL the boats...imagine someone blasting ACDC into your house all hours of the day ...bet your cat would be bouncing off the walls...is it bad for the fish?...let me ask whens the last time you went fishing and just chilled? no blasting about just chilled? there is something to be said about that...I find myself relating more to guys that enjoy fly fishing...because they are not doing it for the same reasons guys bass fish it seems...one of the reasons I enjoy euro-carp fishing...life if full of drama who needs that in fishing??? whens the last time you had a huge lake to yourself? I can remember fishing Stockton and on some days might be 10 boats on the whole lake and they would be up the river arms scared the wind might blow...me happy to catch SMB and walleyes with no boats in sight...40 years will change things and the plethora of bass tourneys and tense anglers have made people less friendly on the water, fishing seems to be worse, can't remember the last time I heard of a 9 1/2 pound bass on TR...hell I remember the 13 pounder out of Truman..that will never happen again...why? a bass will get caught and if its luck live 20 times in it's life stressed out not growing like it should...if they were caught and immediately released that might help better that what happens now...over time bass fishing will love itself to death...just my 2 cents
  12. Release boats?

    I am sure its been said before, crak, IV drugs are big money makers and put billions into circulation...$ doesn't make it right...only way to test that is have a lake with no tourneys as a control...would you bet it would be better than a lake with unlimited tourney pressure?
  13. Release boats?

  14. Release boats?

    heres a nut shot for you Ketchup https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/24320/20140314/how-much-do-bass-fishing-tournaments-hurt-the-fish

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