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  1. sorry snappy, this isn't Nebraska, BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  2. dam.....those boats need way more room, inshore salt water boats......
  3. Here is an interesting 90 minute nicely done doc-u-fishery about 2 kids traveling to live each others fishing lives 2 from Michigan 2 from England. Fire up the smart TV or internet connecting device...."CARP FISHING ACROSS THE POND Carl and Alex Fishing on You tube"
  4. I guess because I used to volunteer for youth most of my life I kind of take it for granted how much things have changed in my 57 years...Scouts, camping out in a pup tent in your friends back yard..riding your bike to go fishing...the excitement of fishing with your Dad or mom for that don't get out...They play with electronic baby sitters. If things don't change, one will care, so few will love the outdoors. Going to the lake won't be for the daylight sound of a lure plopping in the lake, or the mist rising off the cold waters of Taneycomo...or watching a kingfisher dive bomb a minnow while wading an ozark stream for smallmouth bass. Then no one will care about the lake of the ozark effect.... So I challenge everyone to get off our butts and get kids fishing and hunting again. not everyone was lucky enough to have family that took them out, MDC has outreach people for that very thing. but they can't do it alone... CHOP CHOP PEOPLE!
  5. Trout are gems and as such go up in value as they get bigger! I think a trophy is to each person's eye, a 10 year old girl with a 20" bow is a lifetime memory she will never forget... IMHO such fish do that build memories, each of should look back to remember memorable catches, I think we will find not all were the biggest ever.
  6. Camo Weights
  7. Everyone who has spent some time at any of our lakes can see common carp active in the day, yet they are caught easier at night (Big fish particularly). fish can be seen looking at baits & hooks, & shying away night hides many sins & the fish will feed with less caution. Stone Color or bottom matching weights, less obvious hooks lend itself to better catches, not just for carp ether! <--interesting underwater footage
  8. I have caught them in droves on small jigging spoons below truman dam. people will swear you are snagging them. and you will snag some, 80% will get caught eating them, best day I ever had on buffs there was in a No-water event chummed up with about 2 gal of calf manna pellets and dropped down to a 3/8ths oz jigging soon and caught till we could not catch..drew quite a crowd since no one was catching but us!
  9. any of our rivers have them use green peas, for some reason they love them, just get a bag of frozen
  10. Its why I started night fishing, and wasn't as bad as now.....
  11. correct but for the last not a quill but a black.....locations are a note buffalo are very good eating fish
  12. NAME & LOCATION? # 12
  13. NAME & LOCATION? #11
  14. NAME & LOCATION? # 10