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  1. Well they went woak.....what better way to get new species in your lake bring your own in
  2. “Jack Salmon “ those river strain fish got huge....I hope more is done with those, back when both strains were in Stockton those seemed to spawn at least a month earlier
  3. Your hostility toward fisheries science amazes me....I understand how somethings can be wrong but learning isn’t....did you have a bad experience? Did you get waxed by a biologist from the back of the boat? Played net boi to a biologist when the only thing that bit you was skeeters? Fess up what happened?
  4. They are adapted to eating large chubs...I wonder if they could be an answer to the sucker issues of Taney....that or tiger trout.....
  5. This cold will push it back into April, some males had shown up to Baxter dam.....1st warm rain after the next moon phase should make it happen....however walleyes are getting caught before this last snap....shhhhh
  6. The question of red eyes...1st you need to know if that individual fish always has red eyes or not...then that’s a genetic question...some studies suggest it gives better sight advantage certain light conditions, water clarity, depth etc....or is it a condition brought on by water conditions that gives an advantage to fish that can undergo said changes....and can any fish ( smallmouth) undergo that change? Or is it dietary? All good reasons..I suspect a good graduate study.... as a note, tench (tinca tinca) all have red eyes, that stay red they are predators
  7. If it was it was a monster! I can’t see any white on the tail ether
  8. Granted Stockton is gizzard shad they too experience a winter kill...one reason yellow perch as an angling opportunity and prey species would be a help,.....all your eggs in one basket is never good....YP will eventually get into TR from bullshoals, I would imagine a few are in Taney...hitting some weeds might produce interesting results
  9. https://www.fox29.com/news/more-than-4500-cold-stunned-sea-turtles-rescued-from-frigid-texas-waters
  10. Eliminating too much prey species effects fish growth, very short term lots of free food in dead and dieing shad...long term less food means less growth thinner fish, smaller recruits for future catches....the hyper cold event like this has not happened since the mid to late 70s, even then might not have been as severe....the smaller benthic critters, plankton etc are unknowns hoping they get through this.....prob see fewer if any armadillos for a few decades, I’m sure it’s killed back fire ants ( no loss) the old line was about Jackson Mississippi south, now it may have wiped out most in wes
  11. I grew up in mobile Al, I could ride my bike to fish dog river that emptied into mobile bay...family moved to Joplin in the mid 70s right on shoal creek, got to fish for exotic smallmouth, Kentuckies and rock bass...lived near Joplin until the early 2000s got divorced and moved to San Antonio for a few years, came back here in 2011.....the Ozarks are not what they once were, the influx of people has hurt our area, yet people are pouring out of areas in the news to move here exacerbating the problem issues we already have.....it is a myth it is cheaper to live here, food, cars and most consumer
  12. The theme for today
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