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  1. It’s a photo you’d see spots
  2. Keep you crappie on ice they will be better eating, also a a 1 liter ice bottle in your minnow water...also slip bobbers on the edge of your lights will double your catch
  3. I am just glad I wasn’t the only person that will drive 5 hours to micro fish...still need a flyer, pirate sunfish, snakehead...a few others like to catch a tench again this time on purpose
  4. Can’t imagine what cell they put you in wrench
  5. Yeah bet that works out great for you
  6. You can’t be under power with bfer lights on, that’s even 1 mph or 30....the CG regs are clear, it’s rarely enforced, but with some recent high profile drownings with bfers that may be changing
  7. darn some people shouldn’t drive a boat but anyone can it seems be like someone setting up a camper in the hwy, lucky no one was hurt
  8. Some recent high profile drownings have show a need of better nighttime boating regulations enforcement. Lawsuits in many areas are forcing states hands on this, I think Missouri water patrol is part of the state highway patrol is tasked with that, however I saw where the coastguard is or has purchased more boats for inland waters and hiring more people, seems that many lakes/ rivers are the wild West in crimes...boat chop shops, drugs, lake home invasion....🎵 HUH ! Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when the come for you ...🎶
  9. Bowfishing spotlights are not legal if the boat is MOVING! https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Portals/9/DCO Documents/5p/CG-5PC/INV/Alerts/1015.pdf
  10. Light violations have been on the coast guard agenda this year because of events just like this
  11. These type stops are best imho
  12. Rattle beads are a slip bobber fisherman’s friend 😉 https://www.xtackle.com/XTackle-Rattle-Beads.aspx
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