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  1. MoCarp

    Kudos again to the MDC

    What cut regulations? most regs where carbon tax in nature not let them dump oil in the creeks
  2. Brutus pit has a few ks pits are great fishing! the giant sunfish alone are worth it
  3. MoCarp


    Interesting points great coaching includes knowing talent
  4. MoCarp

    New guy from east TN

    Welcome to the forum🤙
  5. MoCarp


    I was born in raised in Mobile Alabama another reason for me to laugh at you guys roll tide bytchez
  6. Cold-weather water temps under 50° probably not have any of them live Long back when I lived in Texas many times would have the tilapia die out because it got too cold for a while down there they plant Florida largemouth and tilapia in a lot of the ponds
  7. I am the last person to do fat jokes however Albert happens to be EinsteinI am the last person to do fat jokes however Albert happens to be Einstein
  8. More not big carp...kinda like what’s happening in tr plenty of bass just not many big ones...so what’s changed Albert?
  9. MoCarp

    Coming to a water near you

    Wow I just realize that snag was a woman and he’s expecting that explains crankiness might need to go eat some of them pickles and ice cream
  10. Now that’s Burger King LOLNow that’s Burger King LOL
  11. I am told that goldfish are not the same thing as common carp. But have heard of that place, we have mirror carp here in our lakes but it’s uncommon to find ours over 30 pounds hard to hide when you get that big too many stabbers once before the bfing boom on the white river chain of lakes common carp would avg mid to upper teens with a few in the twenties now you catch more fish but a teen is the better fish far more 5 pounders now
  12. MoCarp

    Coming to a water near you

    That’s what they said in CT
  13. MoCarp

    Coming to a water near you

    More like the Count from Sesame Street
  14. MoCarp

    Coming to a water near you

  15. MoCarp

    Coming to a water near you

    You respect isn’t required, perhaps you should re-evaluate why that is

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