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  1. Kinda puts a new spin on all your life...good to know 🤔🤔🤔
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  4. I find what he writes interesting even if I don’t agree with all of it
  5. nutrients and inputs have been going up, septic systems, run off from yards roads and pastures ( nutrient loading) is on the rise all over SW Missouri...as an impoundment ages eutrophication occurs...the question is can we get better fishing with more restrictive length and bag limits? Does a 12”crappie consume more than an 11” one? The reason we don’t catch 3 pound crappie often in Stockton is they are harvested long before they get that big and bag limits are commonly ignored, 30 fish is all you can have in your freezer, yet the same persons are on the lake every day taking limit upon limit.
  6. Seems weeds are becoming an issue in the lake....question is why? And can anything be done about it....is it bad? Or is it more fish habitat? Ideas? Opinions?
  7. Yeah we have lots of Flyfishermen going after them, a mulberry fly might be quite the ticket at times
  8. Came across these on FB groups I’m in, made me go WOA...
  9. Well done...I never have caught any sauger...on my list...
  10. A carp of buff about 6 to 8 pounds is the best tasting
  11. Real hostility began when the whole Asian jumping carp started in the 90s.....to most people buff, suckers commons Are all just worth tossing on the bank and doing so Will make fishing better for “ good fish” That mentality is like killing off al the rabbits and squirrels to get more deer on your property. most waters common carp in our area ( buff too) are shot down by BFers in the spring when the biggest individuals are removed and rarely used for food at best dumped on uncle needs back 40 or worst at the boat ramp Proper prep buff and carp are good eating
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