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  1. My State Biologist ( this one is in TX) friend shared a state "work project" these are common in the UK to facilitate shore angling, the other pic is a long time CAG acquaintance Brian Nordberg who traveled to TN recently to land this mid 30's Mirror (that lake is VERY much like our white river chain of lakes.
  2. MoCarp

    nice scud plastics

    saw this on another fishing page I am on in PA, they use it to imitate scuds, bet it might work on taney
  3. WOW you dodged a bullet... hope the dealer makes it right for you
  4. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    the ones getting shot at on their barely paid trip to a foreign place with a new haircut.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!!
  6. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    what funny about this thread is how people take from print I think of this skit...
  7. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    yes! I'd bump of the size a bit in the trophy area but its a step in the right direction this is kind of like texting sometimes the post seems more whistle than it is fly fishing is a real deal and I am going to do far more of it if I get my health back ( slowly I am) I have a number of people that fly fish for carp and its the chitz ...and in some waters you can ONLY fish for them by the fly, so he has waters where his opinion is a reality well its for sure less lethal than stabbing them...and MOST states place stab harvesting gamefish in the same vein as spot lighting deer or shooting turkeys off the roost. or running down pronghorns with your F-150
  8. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    the way YOU wrote your statement suggested you ONLY saw 4 fish that were big walleyes in your 5 years of spearfishing saw as in stabbed...and I have caught a four fish limit of walleyes where the smallest was 6# posted the picks a while back...back when like many went through a meat fishing faze...ah the ignorance of my youth grasshopper... no not at all but if you are going to eat fish don't eat the Trophy sized ones, eat the more numerous smaller fish people have been screaming and if you do you research common carp are the most chased sport fish in the world and depending on the exchange rate anywhere from 7-9 billion dollars is spent each year far more than is spent on largemouth bass here in the USA prob not considering they filter feed just like shad and paddlefish if you knew anything about me the narrative of "uneducated" would be a fools choice, I'd gladly chat with you on a few other of my interests....as far as new rules and regulations our local , state and federal gov are rife with special regulations to special interest groups in this case scuba stabbers that got the regulations changed to shoot game fish in Arkansas my inbox says otherwise going through some old pics trying to find the 10" one I caught from a pit in the 80's caught it on a popping bug flyfishing from a float tube
  9. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    the upper trophy area of Taney is a good start
  10. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    and give up the good fight??? ๐Ÿ˜† I'd love to, but my bad health gets in the way...but I'd say few people will every get to have fished as much as I have, or as blessed to landed my share of trophy fish..I understand that the stabbers and stabber lovers hate me...I can live with that I will answer again S-L-O-W-L-Y hunting fish specifically the largest of the species is akin to shooting a huge tom turkey off the roost or spotlighting a 14 point buck...taints the accomplishments of "legitimate' sportsmen...IMHO yes do some reading on the subject...ever wonder why the government started??? interesting reads and the accomplishments achieved is awesome! not everyone here, my inbox says otherwise...kinda like the last election next thing they knew hail to the chief was played for Trump And deer spotlighted are a statistically smaller impact on the deer harvest, again I will say this S-L-O-W-L-Y the WAY you harvest matters!.... with your argument as long as limits are followed any method should be kosher....if you don't think so post your pic on http://www.bigbluegill.com or a stabbed bass on any bass FB page or group....sweet baby jesus post a stabbed muskie on a Muskie FB or group page... the regulation was allowed by effective lobbing by the spearfishing community, its my understanding the Bfing community is seeking an expansion to allow the same harvest as you know enjoy...if that happens you can count on a public back lash that could steal your current privilege as well when pics like this start showing up in earnest..look real close at the dumpster pic ahh catfish you should see the ones I am saving for the big fights.
  11. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    I have been over the last few years doing exhaustive research on common carp, I am helping some state biologist on this issue and have even inquired with local states to get the data....like many things the whole story is more complex...common carp can be an issue in predominantly silt bottomed shallow eutrophic lakes of the upper midwest with source point pollution issues (caca water and road salts)...Ironically Large Mouth bass are implicated in California studies and have been directly blamed for the extinction of native fishes and amphibians...somewhere I have a link to a study or 20 that shows this posted on this forum 9LMB are not native west of the rockies) common carp have long been blamed for eating the spawn of "gamefish" yet no definitive evidence have even been submitted in academia many of the disappearances blamed on common carp have happened post WWII....just so you know Common Carp have been in waters in our area and most of the USA for 140 years...let me say that again ONE HUNDRED AND FOURT YEARS! they were here before the 1st white river dam was built and swam in the white river back in the old glory days when you could catch scads of bronze backs in a good old fashion Ozark float. I remember how the alligator gar was blamed in the same ways and even bounties paid on their harvest...yet today we seek to protect and even raise them in hatcheries...soon a major paper backed with decades of data is to be published that will be a milestone....I would suggest you read some of the studies hard data you posted sometimes conclusions can fly in the face of the data something that will be addressed in the soon to be published paper!
  12. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    but would you shoot a 20# brown? I know people who have been walleye fishing for over 10 years and never caught a 5# walleye, how many walleyes over 5# have you shot in your whole 5 years? some anglers go their whole life and never catch a 8# walleye, so four in 5 years? be a pretty good angler to catch a 8#er every year.... Has your whole 5 years of experience has allowed you to draw on your vast experience on this issue?, methods like spearfishing gives an un-fair advantage..just like spotlighting...and its why MOST states do-not allow it... the lobby used to make it spearfishing legal is something we in the carp community are using to effect favorable regulations to our advantage the VAST multi-billion dollars carp industry in the EU shows vast economic potential here in the states that has made our job easier Picture is worth 1000 words...I'd would hope it really isn't happening on a daily basis lots of people still fish just for food...thankfully those % of the angling community are getting less and less, and Trophy waters are being created in most states on a variety of species even common carp! ironically on Lake Fork in Texas you can still kill and if you want eat a 10# LMB yet the angling community would not give you a warm an fuzzy over it...just like my response on stabbing of the biggest and best of the lowly long ear sunfish...a monster of its kind, much like a 13# LMB would be...I have spent a great deal of my angling life chasing huge sunfish of all species perhaps when you have spent almost 50 years fishing, hunting and trapping your opinion on these issues will evolve as mine did....true trophy fish are rare and too special to use only once
  13. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    the term "fair chase" and the public opinion is what drives what is honorable... back in the day it was cool to shoot birds off the roost, and fishing with TnT. it was the drop in wildlife populations that gave rise to wildlife/fisheries management and the "conservation" of said species and habitats. like most science we learn more everyday. I am not a peta type person, hunting fishing and even trapping is something I have done and enjoyed,...its not the 1st time people try and hang that narrative animal rightist on me. I'd would say that would be a fair statement...but I'd bet the trophy sized fish harvested by spear fishermen is greater, the state of Texas experimented with Bfing catfish and after study discontinued the regulation because of the disproportionately higher numbers of trophy size catfish harvested. I can say that far more large cats were taken by anglers than were shot yet yet for the reasons I have stated at ad-nauseum stabbing disproportionately harvests trophy sized fish and the impacts of doing so on said fishery education on fish handling has been blowing up social media Muskie, bass even carp..if you don'y think so scan a few FB groups of pages...trout anglers have done a far better job of fish handling more in this state than you would think...more than a few lurk on this form๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    unless the state tracks this..no one can say, IMHO I'd say yes it effects the larger less numerous fish in the population people also do not know of kill tourneys...FWFS, USOA Spearfishing Nationals 2016 Beaver Lake Arkansas is an example from the videos looks like point blank shooting....love to see bass guys wade in here
  15. MoCarp

    Mega Longear Sunfish

    in another thread I asked if any "holes" were apparent...none were I would be all for a mandatory report on fish harvested to get real hard data, but I ask when YOU shoot a walleye do you not shoot the largest out of the school? also the numbers of big deer shot under a spotlight from a vehicle are tiny when compared to what is legally harvested, yet enforcing that regulation against that activity is vigorous...why? it can be argued a very few people can harvest at an exponential rate compared to other methods. Social regulations...interestingly my point exactly...why is that? if harvest is harvest? many people have no-idea spearfishing is legal in some areas, perhaps if people like me scream loud enough the "social Pressure" can effect changes in regulations have you ever shot a trout? post a pic please...and who on here would be cool with legalizing spearfishing on Taney? the spearfishing is the activity, someplace its legal some not...poaching is when someone shoots walleyes out of stockton vs beaver where its legal. if I get lucky I can land 4 walleyes all over 8#....yet the odds of that are low...yet all you have to do is SEE them to shoot them, If spearfishing was so benign it would be legal everywhere...its not and MOST states would call it poaching, just like spot lighting deer or shooting turkeys off the roost, I use hunting metaphor because it is FISH HUNTING...and a very dangerous one at that

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