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  1. Day one complete in Austin Texas https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-austin-team-championship/teams#ttabs
  2. Mutton to CC

    sometimes the water will clear up in the far backs of coves, good pattern in colored water, some have small wet weather creeks and those can clear up sooner
  3. Lost Another Great

  4. Lost Another Great

    RIP Lefty Kreh, one of the 1st to promote fly fishing for carp https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/14/obituaries/lefty-kreh-a-fly-fisherman-with-few-peers-is-dead-at-93.html
  5. Guido

  6. spent a lot of time at Truman, chasing walleyes, but you catch everything, a 2 oz slab spoon drifted in the current catches everything, that spoonbill was hooked in the mouth, hook must have drifted in when its mouth was open, 1st fish I caught that day, thing jumped 3 times, had to rest after that one, and my wrist hurt all day after it,...somewhere i have some big hybrids we caught up there
  7. Carp in the news

    KHV kills about 80% of the common carp population, Blue Springs had this happen a few years ago, LMB Virus, and a few others that show up here in Missouri (white bass) from time to time. from my understanding scientists world wide are opposed to releasing a GMO version on that virus, at best they will only kill 80% of the fish, the remaining 20% will be resistant from that point on,
  8. 1st fish I ever landed on euro gear was a 56# black drum caught in Mobile Bay (grew up there) no-one would question the power of a big common carp, I typically use 20# berkley big game line in green, sometimes 15# growing up fishing the gulf I wouldn't call that heavy line....the carp gear used is so not what people think, the long rods are needed for the tasks they are required to do, like chunking a 3oz lead with a PVA chum stick attached at 3x the distance of your longest typical bass cast...I have landed some nice sized fish in heavy current below Truman dam on the same gear(see spoonbill below) saw a guy once have a bass reel yanked off his rod once trashing the reel seat at Truman on a 30# buffalo (they are not as strong as a common IMHO) because he used heavy test braid and the drag was set too tight yes it was, still the fact he landed a fish during a big tourney and won $250,000 bucks...isn't that a kick in the nads? see if I can dredge up a few sorry I am not as photogenic as most, and wish I had more current photos, but health issues have kept me from living life as I would prefer, but I am tall/fat/ and make fish look tiny... a bass that looks 12# with Jimmy Houston looks like a 2#er with me, I don't think its fair to label anyone on how capable they are by how they appear at first glance Steven Hawking would not seem to be the brilliant astrophysicist that he is .the older I get the more old sayings ring true the "never judge a book by it's cover" pops in my head. Most anglers if they fish enough, will by chance catch a carp fishing for bass/trout/panfish/catfish and most will fight the fish for a while before they even see it, thinking MAN this has to be the record bass/trout/panfish/catfish, then after a long fight see its "just a carp" as life clicks by, the memories of those really great fights stay with you, far more than that 5 pound bass or 3# trout, Once an angler gets to the point fishing isn't about dinner, or getting a pat on the back (atta boys) it becomes about the enjoyment of the experience, the challenge, the beauty of the surroundings, I read once that fishing solo all alone, no-one to be seen was a way to commune with your own soul. Oddly when I was at University, considering my Major was biological Sciences, we still were required to take a core of classes to shape our experiences in the human condition, now decades later the classes that effected me the most are of literature and poetry, many fishing quotes come to mind heres a link to a few, second link is Hemingway's old man and the sea, a great read later in an angler's life than early, perhaps thats why we feel compelled to share and pass on the experience of being fishermen? I have been blessed to have traveled and fished caught many large fish of numerous species- for whatever reason, people feel compelled to discourage people about carp fishing, and to disparage and question my character, yet when people do, it serves to peak peoples interests in fishing for carp and for that its worth the hassle Cheers Mo https://www.outdoorlife.com/photos/gallery/2016/06/49-best-fishing-quotes-all-time#page-30 <--quotes about fishing https://la.utexas.edu/users/jmciver/Honors/Fiction 2013/Hemmingway_The Old Man and the Sea_1952.pdf <--Hemingway's old man and the sea
  9. scale still weighs true, just need a Missouri sticker, whats funny catching drinks for me means 10#ers nah, I'll hang around here long enough to see an "official" one here
  10. can't speak for oneshot, but I spent good $ on a reuben heaton scale, was certified when I was in Texas, probably should look at getting it certified here in Missouri, this 1st fish from brian wingard, is 38-6# the smaller 2nd fish is spot on 20# the last fish was 43-13 #and was the Tx state record so that was on a certified scale the last fish is the UK record fish named "big rig" 69 lb 3 oz. last pic is how fish get weighed zero out the mat, we were weighing fish number 2 I had an older thread on carp size, most people way over state fish size, most scales don't weight upper weights very well,
  11. Lake Atalanta Rogers, AR

    its always best to check!
  12. Lake Atalanta Rogers, AR

    I think thats one of those lakes you need a year permit to fish it, like 40 bucks or so, was several lakes like that in and around Rogers
  13. they still feed on the same things and in the same places, they just get jumpy, when a common can live well over 20 years, the see a lot and remember, big ol carp don't get to be big ol carp if they are bold, getting caught or shot at or get stranded during a flood, here in our waters night is usually best for the big fish, but with all the Bfing pressure seems late morning is when we catch the biggest fish, used to be 2 am was prime time, and shine a light in the water and your done for several hours. I would love to see a 30# carp caught on a flyrod, even a mid teens fish is going take line like a champ, Stockton has carp cruse the bluff banks mid day, prob looking for insects that fall in tho the lake, if a guy wanted to catch one on a fly that might be a good place to start, a big fish there is 15# pods of a dozen or so fish used to be found on the bluff banks from point 6 to the dam from about late may on, about the time cotton seed fluff stared showing up, wouldn't be easy stalking those fish, be like poleing the flats get too close and raise your arm SWOOSH they will be gone, def be a way to get a saltwater flats fix though

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