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  1. Do you every notice the smell of a modern Knapped point? Drives me crazy on some fb groups people trying to pass stuff off to make a buck....makes me wonder how many meth heads kick open doors for a guys collection....as a side note most knappers also look for artifacts....an addicting hobbie for sure
  2. Best is March for chain pike If I had to pick Mid April before weeds get up, bowfin, flyer, chain pile Also big warmouth and black crappie... flyer
  3. I have found several In a trip Just have to have your spots...most authentic artifacts are pretty easy to spot...and it’s un likely someone would hike into a remote spot to seed points, cool to hunt for them though...,my best find
  4. Prob looking for that thing stabbing them in the mouth
  5. Flyers to be caught there and chain pike
  6. Here is a couple from our Carp fishing friends in Oklahoma
  7. MDC shocked up 2 bass at or over the state record.....the old man that managed the lake retired in the late 80s...fishing isn’t as good for numbers but size....the newly American pop can and line crowd hammers that lake....they try and enforce the regs but it’s difficult
  8. Considering the upper class owned all the land, most waters are not public, we are blessed here with public lands, however hunting it seems is going the pay to play way
  9. Sunfish at Lamar lake are good..the have a 8” length limit and 10 total... trophy red ears there....red worms just off bottom for the red ears...they can be line shy.....small grey squirrel jigs with a pink head tipped with a was worm for gills up to 12” pits in Kansas have the biggest if your looking for a wall hanger
  10. Euro gear can cast hundreds of feet , easily bank to bank at the pot hole. once a fishing associate pegged a boater with a 3oz weight... neither was each happy at what occurred but I laughed till I almost soiled myself, this reminded me of that day...
  11. Most people on here would be better off than most folks in a SHTF event, this history channel show will make you think
  12. http://www.olivemeadlake.co.uk/
  13. Some even micro chip fish to prevent theft .....
  14. Species Size Price Carp C1 2-4" 50p each Carp C1 4-6" 90p each Carp C2 8" - 2.5lbs £4.95/lb Carp C3 3lb - 6lb £6.95/lb Carp C4 7lb - 9lb £10.95/lb Carp C4 10lb - 12lb £12.95/lb Carp C5 12lb - 15lb £15.95/lb Carp C5 15lb - 18lb £21/lb
  15. That fish is worth over 100k no BFing commons in the UK no BFing at all well unless it’s bass....
  16. This fish was 55-2 caught in a fishing club water in the UK....before the BFing fad in our area a few in the mid 40’s were caught have not heard of any over low 30s for a while....even the really big buff are not as common, considering how old buff get might be a very long time if ever we seen the big ol suckers again
  17. Boeing has done work on That https://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/archive/2002/november/i_pw.html
  18. Good thing the people that caught and released that fish did so it ultimately reached such size, if more people did so more giants would be caught...how big would the rainbows be if we had a max keeper size?...I can tell you in the salt water world it’s easier to catch over slot reds too big to keep than smaller ones....imagine a limit where all fish over 18 mush be released unless you used your tag On it? Texas uses such a system on reds....2 fish limit 10 -14” Rainbows tag system on browns ( tiger trout too? Hint hint) may see more 20s.....
  19. It’s interesting as to 3 camps one is the try and do right or what the current consensus is on what’s right morally and ethical if not legally required two is not caring ether way third, people who enjoy twisting the knife, troll if you will. most fly fishermen I have known are more ethical than most, I am sure the gentleman intent was honest, the fish was post likely a goner before he did the Gil flap hold...that being said mishandling fish is a big no no these days....carp, muskie and even bass holds are even criticized....I even see guys post filleting a muskie just to
  20. Catch more and bigger catfish when I started carping....so much so a buddy of mine wants me to make a commercial cat bait....when I 1st played with it had to take down the amount of amino acids, because you couldn’t keep of the cats! Nice thing about it is it smells nice...not foul.....
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