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    There are many great fishing opportunities over seas, from Ebro river for Giant well catfish (on my to do list) Tamian Trout, or Zander and the giant Norther Pike that Europe has always been known for.... we are blessed with great fishing right in our area, but the big difference between us and them, we are a limit driven group for the most part, they fish for the personal best singular fish, and waters are managed as such, but for some reason the one fish that is really eaten there are trout and salmon.... also a steam sauna between fishing with the right female company would be fun too https://www.riverebrocatfishing.com http://fishmongolia.com https://fishing-in-sweden.com/zander-fishing-sweden/
  2. 4 Months Out, 4 lb 11 oz Smallie

    Glad to you back at it...if more knew how fast your health can fail...they would go fishing more!

    Nah they don't do that there..... Zebra Mussels are native there prob munching on those...I hear Mussel flavor Boilies are the ticket on that lake.....your thinking of Kansas for catfish....
  4. Poaching Story

    good point

    Lake Euro Aqua is in Hungary, an old gravel pit that is managed for monster carp, from my understanding they have pike to 60# and Zander a walleye cousin to 23# I am sure that the fishermen toss a butt load of HNV Boilies that along with good genetics, and a pure catch and release policy allowed that fish to reach that level I will post the video I found on it I know how powerful my PB of 36# was...that would be crazy
  6. Poaching Story

    sad.... what a waste Yup thats a heron... prob shook off..I have footage of a heron eating at least a 7 to 8# carp..I don't see how it could fly after they eat stuff that big
  7. Poaching Story

    3 holes gigs or hawaiian slings, 2 holes herons (but they eat them) one hole..Bfers they usually eat them can't say I ever saw one go on a killing spree like a fox weasel or bobcat nah it would be smallmouths then
  8. Poaching Story

    you get a pass then
  9. Poaching Story

    I think over harvest is more wide spread than people think, just glad theses guys got caught..just goes to show how a few people could hammer a spot if they were good enough fishermen with poaching intentions ...and I wonder how many people still think its 5?? been 4 for a long time now....I think 2 is plenty and a min 14" limit would rock IMHO...
  10. Rainbow trout LONG known if bass or other fish feed on trout... grow to enormous size because of high lipid and caloric levels compared to most minnow forage species However Common Carp have FAR more lipid and caloric levels than Rainbow Trout Kansas State Record Channel Catfish was taken in a strip pit stocked with Trout- the Missouri record flat head catfish was taken in Montrose Lake, carp are the food of choice for mammoth catfish where available...high lipid levels are one key to better fish growth
  11. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    plenty of sunfish, crappies, whites, catfish and walleyes...more fish than you will ever eat, large trout IMHO are the gems of the fish world too valuable to enjoy just once....
  12. Ill be sure and trumpet any and all new regs, and toast a tall cool adult beverage as the carp haters cry We have a group mirroring what is being done in the UK( see below)...in the USA. I appreciate spirited debate on this issue because it hones our 'pitch" plugs any holes in our argument and any science we need to have done to document these very issues..cool thing is the huge $ potential here in the USA makes it easy to get support...I would love to tip my hand..because I am just itching to flop it out for all the world to see...ATM we have had little quality resistance in the places we have sought change..as we gain momentum that most likely will change...your biggest fear mongering is "they will wreck the environment", CHECK we can counter that..."less carp = more gamefish"...CHECK we have that countered..."no one wants or fishes for them" CHECK def have that one counterd..."carp will never generate any $ "CHECK that one is the easiest counter of them all" know this... quality common carp fishing and regs that follow will only make your fishing opportunities BETTER..I have yet to find a place that is great for carp, that isn't great for "game fish" all the issues we as outdoorsmen are interested in are the same anywhere..so as you cast a fly...or zip down the lake you may notice some one on the bank fishing perhaps a closer look you will notice the bite alarms and the huge landing nets and realize that euro angler will catch more big fish in a trip than most fishermen will in there life....and that he will release his catch to fish again one day, usually a littler bigger...perhaps I need a day bass fishing (before LMB virus hits again) to remind me how hard commons fight "The Carp Angling Conservation Group (CACG) has been created to advise the Angling Trust and Government directly on issues concerning carp fishing. It is represented on the Freshwater Specialist Advisory Group, which is part of the Angling Trust, the sport’s primary route to Parliament. Existing carp organisations, the Carp Society and the British Carp Study Group, have limited political influence and are now unofficially represented on the CACG. “The presence of the CACG will ensure that important matters of angling politics relating to carp fishing will be commented on directly to the Angling Trust, or to DEFRA,” commented CACG Chairman Tim Paisley."
  13. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    my ex wife hated the smell of them, Banned me from them...however I'd sneak a can or 3 in but she would always bust me.one of a couple reasons she's's my ex!......ritz, oysters, 4 kinds of cheese..deer sausage, Braunschweiger .....grapes....great football food!
  14. I know that the MI fisheries people are looking into it....perhaps the MDC will as well.. I agree that more quanatative data is needed, other than just observational, here is what I'd like to see for that event, all fish shot per team turned in, and each weighed measured, and the largest fish an otolith ear bone removed and ages of the biggest fish taken, random stomach sampling..considering how many fish that would be...its a daunting task... you would need an army of people to do it... if you could even do it..considering a 12# avg thats about 24k fish! one reason the fisheries people don't want that back breaking job...if I was organizing that event it would take 15, 3 person teams all with measuring cradles and scales two lifting measuring and weighing and one logging data including the general area where the fish where taken.....and rotating so each person wasn't wore out....over 3 years you would know what was up....I remember how helpful the Bfers were in the beginning on the state of Oklahoma's Alligator Gar studies..until they realized that the data would be used to restrict harvest of the mammoth fish....then they clammed up....would be interesting how the Bfing community would react to such close scrutiny....being from Missouri, I'd say show me the numbers Before the growth of the Branson area and increase of pressure on trout, it was common to catch a limit of trout measured in pounds not inches, I personally have had many a limit avg 4 pounds....over time the sizes got smaller and smaller....then as they investigated the fish were being removed before they could grow to sizes people had come to expect..plenty of food..just needed more grow time....new regs came into effect...still keeping people happy, those that want to keep some fish for dinner, but turn loose some to get much bigger....now the triploid trout to get bigger faster..who doesn't want to catch more and bigger fish?.....I will tell you since the big Bfing growth the fish....I fish for, are fewer and smaller.....I had a friend that had started guiding people fly fishing here for commons...that potential business died when the big Bfing events started here...over time the fishery will collapse, any over harvest will do that, its been proven all over the world..big and small waters alike. One I wouldn't eat anything from there not even a walleye yet people eat tons of fish..,..unsure if any fish are still commercially harvested anymore, salmon, lake trout, walleyes all used to be harvested, Lake Michigan is a very big expanse of water...with knowledge... the limits of sustainability can be understood..so many waters in the US have been obliterated by over harvest and habitat degradation..in they native waters of eastern Europe common carp are becoming a species of concern...those waters are biome-ically speaking, are much like the great lakes...In closing more anglers chase common carp than do Muskies...few fish can rival the distribution on common carp in North America, the potential of Euro Style angling economically is incredible and sustainable....
  15. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    Hey... you never now he might get an urge to have something big rip off a few 20 yard reel screaming runs As a note I caught some of the biggest white bass in RR that I have caught in the lake, Once pulled up to the dock at big M and the guy pumping gas one day asked "if we caught anything," told him "some white bass and did he have a scale?"..with bored indifference at our catch report he pointed us to a scale, My brother and I picked out the 4 biggest..and the guy perked up and said "THOSE ARE SOME NICE WHITES!"...the scales said the smallest was just over 3# largest an oz under 4# (still wish I had mounted that one) he started pumping us for info then as a note these dipped into some oil from a can of smoked oysters catches monsters, if you can keep the trout and big catfish off.....funny when your fishing and hook something not fighting much and its a 5 pound rainbow or you say.... "crap its another channel cat" back in the day thought I had a wall hanger smallmouth in Stockton, after 20 min of fight finally saw it was about a 12# common carp, to say my heart sank was an understatement..got pissed at just a darn carp..but it was a fight I still remember as one of the best I ever had,..If you told be I would be fishing for them on purpose, I prob would have put you off my boat....
  16. Roaring River- Table Rock Lake

    Excellent White bass, some crappie and..of course LMB..some of the Biggest bass I ever caught were in the coves near big M, ....down deep you can catch big trout as they wash out from RR and below beaver during early summer under the lights, about the only way to fish once the boaters and jet skis come out with the warm weather.....walleyes in feb, can pick up some if we have water in RR and towards Beaver dam....Aunts creek some some fair smallmouth....a spot or 2 for big common carp, but leave the boat home for that
  17. Has anyone heard of this???? buddy of mine out of state gave me a heads up about this, considering all the rain that area has received from the Tropical storms/hurricanes seems odd, a quick google and the conspiracy communities people are screaming that the Mexico earth quake caused changes in the fault zone, anyone else in that area or have family there hear about this? have not heard anything on any main stream news source
  18. <--hands Tim a drink of his choice.......Common carp seem less adapted to a Ozark type stream, they are there... but you will catch more redhorse, buffs and other suckers more..at least the ones I have fished..are they in the streams?...yes sir... Not sure about NY politicians wheeling and dealing but Julius A. Poppe from California was the earliest carp importer... not going after any tourneys.....a wonderful day fishing, nice weather, a few big fish, beautiful scenery.......
  19. I am not a big Tourney fan ether you can blame carp all you want, they are used to being the scape goat to a variety of ills...but the bulk of common carp's diet is plant matter, being an omnivore they will eat a crawfish that scoots away while they are foraging, even slurp a mayfly emerging on the surface.....I have even seen them scavenge fish scraps from areas where people clean fish, in lakes where they occur, zebra mussels are a major component of a carp's diet, but if you fished in a carpy area with a big crawdad on your hook and 2 foot away boiled field corn..the corn would out produce the crawfish 100-1..how do I know? Tried many times to get the carp bait of all baits....perhaps a corn fly???? or this time of year an acorn fly.... Sorry Tim those carp were there long before your time, and long before your daddy, even long before you grandfather..and certainly long before the loss of the little crustaceans, Because Common Carp were, stocked on purpose starting In 1877, by the U.S. Fish Commission The common carp are still stocked by many state agencies, heres one in AZ that stocked 70k carp bought from a fish hatchery in Arkansas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oaHLMmaC_E <--tempe Town Lake, AZ
  20. So you are saying killing all the carp in the Missouri river will make it run clear? buffalo feed the same ways...turbidity is more of a function of substrate composition...I am working on a quantifiable report on boat wake caused turbidity and erosion I can post hundreds..below is what you can expect....so you can imagine how may dumpsters you would need with 50 boats..much less 900 let me ask, would you eat any fish that layed in the bottom of a boat all night? as far as the below pic and thread on a Bfing site.. I thought the limit on buffs was 20...prob more than one guy shooting though..ether way..never gets enforced..just like shoot and release... http://bow.fishingcountry.com/forums/showthread.php?68218-Finally-got-to-break-in-the-Airboat!-Hell-of-a-night!
  21. I agree scientific studies need to be done....but as far as changes in Regulations, thats what many said about Texas, "never happen"..yet here we are over a decade with trophy regulations in place in Lady Bird Johnson Lake, and the most restrictive limits ever will be in Connecticut for 2018, many many others in play in several states http://www.ct.gov/Deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2696&q=580166&deepNav_GID=1630 <--ever see THAT on a state F & W before? https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/action/fishregs2.php?water=0737 <--Texas Regulations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVKqYrDTULk&t=200s <--Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official] Promotion of Buffalo & Common Carp Fishing in lake Fork Texas https://www.facebook.com/PaFishandBoat/photos/pcb.1709032149167427/1709031209167521/?type=3&theater <--Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission [Official] I disagree a few waters here in the Ozark's could benefit of a Texas like regulation of say one fish over 30" per day on common carp and buffalo Yet buffalo are dumpsterd by the 1000's ... I agree, the tiny lobsters need more study, yet they can't generate a few billion dollars each year fishing for them, perhaps thats why they go to wanting in interested parties to studies Perhaps, but "they" spend Billions on angling for common carp, the potential of which is barley realized here in the USA..if it was sniff as popular here as there... it would be 100s of billions not the pip squeak 10 billion there No-one would ever blame carp for moving gravel...Buffalo and all sorts of native suckers and chubs feed the same way common carp do...ironically commons don't seem to compete as well in Ozark like streams, only place I ever saw very many is where elk river meets Grand downstream from #10 bridge...ironically I have seen more Crawfish in that stretch than in indian and big sugar perhaps I have been toying with the Idea to return to University too complete and further my studies, but @ 57 thats a lot of work for an old man...perhaps helping some up and coming grad student that needs funding for a thesis at least a "pro carp" one.....Nash, Korda, Kryston, E.S.P and other UK tackle Giants might see it as a down payment on future billions Did you know one of the most expensive Daiwa reels sold is for Carp? or that Daiwa sold Bivvies?

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