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  1. Ever See a 10# smallmouth?

    This is the MI state record think its 9.88#
  2. Ever See a 10# smallmouth?

    nope too small
  3. Ever See a 10# smallmouth?

    I believe that back in the day people fished for food more than sport, still a few of those left but its changing
  4. What is this?

    if they were fire ants they be dead now they don't deal with 32 degrees much less -7.......I have seen some ground hornet nests like that once hard to get scale with this pic
  5. Moving to NW Arkansas

    I saw a bit about how more military retire to the greater Ozarks area than anywhere in the US....if anyone has seen the "map" they will understand ,<--lives in a survival node town Oh yeah..welcome to the Ozarks! and wading/floating a creek on a hot summer day fishing for smallmouths and rock bass is something you might enjoy
  6. Drake Cast - A Fly Fishing Podcast

    <<---I am on most EVERY forum might watch your TV REALLY close ...A very big surprise soon
  7. Drake Cast - A Fly Fishing Podcast

    and the band (Horse shoes and hand grenades) they feature in that podcast would be right at home in Branson
  8. Drake Cast - A Fly Fishing Podcast

    if you listen to that pod cast, you would see that your comment is WAY off bass, they do an interesting fundraiser that helps classic Trout waters,...(big horn alliance) the bulk of the drake cast is Trout,... something very relative on this forum http://www.drakemag.com/drakecast.html
  9. Shutdown

  10. Fishing At Powersite?

    beaver creek has some nice suckers and white bass fishing in spring, the camp ground can be full on some weekend with some city events might look at a Forsyth city calendar also some good walleye fishing at the pothole but it can be hit or miss...many times that area is underwater during Turkey season
  11. Grandmas .410 gauge

    thats one of the things about the love of the outdoors, building memories, sharing those memories with those far younger than us.....to be told of hunts that happened and hold a gun that was used by grandparents even great grand parents give great worth to those heirloom guns
  12. I used to worry about my brother's lab getting cold, then once after a day of hunting in a balmy 33 degrees, the dog laid in a mud hole by the truck to cool off, looked up at us like to say "you are running the air right?.....that was the trip my wife banned me from letting wet dogs ride in the truck...and build a dog box
  13. years ago my brother was in China for business and he said their tolerance for BS is zero, screw up and you could get life in a prison factory making beanie babies
  14. from what I have read seems the number of wrecks in Colorado has spiked along with the legal rec pot law getting passed, I guess they think its better than drinking a 5th before a road trip......to easy for bad drivers to keep the privilege to drive,
  15. Love him or hate him...

    true that...I applaud the saving of the old mill
  16. saw this on fox news thought I'd share, please be safe people!
  17. Grandmas .410 gauge

    all day today I wished my health would have let me rabbit hunt like I have done in the past, spent many a cold snowy winter day stomping brush with a shotgun I wish I still owned, that and some fresh fried rabbit and biscuits n gravy, something any self respecting outdoorsmen should experience
  18. New State Record Smallie?

    nope I believe you, I on a couple of occasions I have as others, seen record class smallmouths in Stockton, I am sure his year class had a few others in it
  19. Boat smashes other boat

    we will never know how many of our servicemen gave there lives in "ops" all over the world.....the person that told me that if far more capable to know than I.....
  20. Love him or hate him...

    I agree he does a lot of good, and the outdoor world is touched by what he has done, I think the Branson landing though a success business wise, would never have gotten the nod if it wasn't for his "projects" like this one if some huge disneyland like building project gets announced on table rock soon we can see the motivations for the works he does, spent a million in public good to make a billion in business elsewhere, Rockefeller was known for handing outnickels or dimes to kids he encountered in public, however antitrust laws were enacted IE; by the Sherman Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. These Acts restricted the formation of monopolies and prohibit other collusive practices regarded as being in restraint of trade, they also restrict the certain mergers and acquisitions of organizations that would substantially lessen competition and the abuse of monopoly power. The growth of BPS in several areas, such as buying up boat manufactures, the rubbing political shoulders is classic monopoly building. anyone who has gone over the years to the BPS in Springfield over the years has to notice the reduction of options as bass pro bought up or had the capability to produce there own "brands" line, plastics, rods , reels, ...in many cases its been good for the consumer, yet as options are competition, and that drives price. all the political people at the grand opening of Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium. screams favors in the swamp yet Andrew Carnegie, supported workers' rights, but destroyed unions and when he acquired what was at that time the largest fortune in US history, at the end he tried to give it away.
  21. Boat smashes other boat

    I had a friend in the navy said the rammed ship was deployed with the mission of disrupting north korean missile tests with some kind of laser that requires the ship to be stationary, and the people who rammed the ship were NK agents, makes more sense to me after he 'splained that to me, it was the only ship with that tech, and was funny the NK missiles started working after that...... as far as the old dude in the boat that hit the fishermen, perhaps its time he hangs up his boat keys, but those people where lucky to be alive, the pic of the prop chops was chilling
  22. this was where I read the story I had read, perhaps it was editorial assumptions? just read the MDC release and this isn't in it http://kbia.org/post/st-louis-county-and-wildlife-biologists-launch-assault-asian-carp#stream/0
  23. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    which person who resigned are you saying is an "academic"

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