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    MoCarp got a reaction from FishnDave in Carp on the fly   
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    MoCarp got a reaction from FishnDave in Carp on the fly   
    When you get tired of catching cookie cutter fish grab a flyrod
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    MoCarp reacted to Al Agnew in Extended gigging season.   
    Obviously this annoys the heck out of the bass fishermen on the Meramec.  We just had a very good winter and early spring season for big smallmouth on the Meramec, almost certainly because the river was seldom in shape to gig last fall and winter.  Extending the season just gives the pinheads more chances to kill some big smallmouth.  I simply do not understand MDC's love affair with gigging.  I've given up on getting the season reduced, getting better enforcement of it, getting just a few sections (besides the trout water) closed to gigging for a few years to see what that does to the population of big smallmouth...but geez, let's add on to the season.
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    MoCarp reacted to fishinwrench in Extended gigging season.   
    Do you think it would be better to say that "Game Fish cannot be gigged" instead of just saying that game fish cannot be TAKEN ?  
    Apparently there either isn't enough PUBLIC FEEDBACK expressing concerns about game fish being gigged, or the feedback being given is being ignored.   
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    MoCarp got a reaction from abkeenan in Accident   
    Well I’ll tell you a buddy of mine’s son is tasked with the Clinton area, he’s a vet, ex marine Corp MP, he carried a high security clearance, got out of the service, went to school to be a cop, then the highway patrol, it’s been my honor to know him since he was a toddler...I can tell you he isn’t like anything you posted, high character, hard working, high moral fiber.

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    MoCarp reacted to FishnDave in Hello, I'm FishnDave   
    Actually, FishnDave is a nickname bestowed upon my by my long-time friend's father.  Back in our college days, my friend's dad knew I liked to fish, as did both of them...and so he would ask, "How's Fish'n Dave doing?"  I liked it....and so it has stuck...for the past 30+ years.
    Speaking of college..I got a BS degree in Biology, with a Fish & Wildlife minor, and while taking classes I worked for a year for a professor doing a research project on the aquaculture of walleye.  I loved fish and fishing and wanted to be a Fisheries Biologist.  When I graduated, I discovered there were very few such jobs, and very low turnover rates.  A Master's degree would have helped, but I was tired of being a poor college student.  Like everyone else, I made my way into the world.
    My love for fish and fishing has never waned.  I enjoy catching any and all species of fish.  I was fortunate to spend 7 years in north-central Illinois, near some good smallmouth bass streams and some good small lakes.  It is there I began teaching myself flyfishing... way before the days of internet information and helpful YouTube videos.  I didn't get hooked on it right away, but after moving back to Iowa, everything clicked, and flyfishing is now my preferred approach to catching pretty much everything, from carp and catfish to trout and bass, and from white bass and redear sunfish to crappies and gar.
    I was elected to 2 annual terms as President of Central Iowa Anglers, and served additional years on its Board of Directors.  I still live in a town in central Iowa....one that has tripled in size in the 18 years I've lived here, and is one of the fastest growing places in the U.S.  Its a great small city just north of Des Moines, with just over 60,000 residents, and over 20 PUBLIC PONDS!   I've got probaby 9 of them within a 10-minute drive from my house.  Its hard to drive by them just to go farther to fish somewhere else.  I'm spoiled.  
    I'm currently in my very early 50's.  My 2 kids are both in college.  As it turns out, my wife and I...along with our younger child... are planning to move to the St. Louis area in the Spring/Summer of 2020.  And that's why I'm here.  Having moved about a bit, I know it takes a fair amount of time and effort to learn all new places to fish.  I also know social media is a BAD place to discuss specific fishing spots.  Any tips and suggestions will be very appreciated, I also enjoy "doing the research".  I've ordered some books on Missouri smallmouth bass streams.  The MDC fishing apps and website are informative, although I wish there was more specific details on some things.  I feel like maybe I haven't found all the good information sources for Missouri fishing yet.  If you can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that! 
    One thing I've been wondering about...Iowa's laws say that folks can fish any rivers in the state that flow year-round...as long as they stay within the riverbed...although there are also some such streams in NE Iowa's Driftless region that are considered private and trespassing is not allowed even if you stay in the water.  What are Missouri's laws on that?
    Let's see....what else....I'm a CPR angler (catch-photo-release).  I do tie MOST of my own flies...I will buy some on occasion.  I have a blog I've sort of slowed up on:
    ..and if any of you are on Instagram, I've been posting my fishing pictures there for a number of years... my username there is "fishndave68".
    Thanks for reading this far.  Expect to see me pop in more frequently with questions as it gets closer to the time we move to MO.  You guys are the experts!
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    MoCarp reacted to MOPanfisher in woops that was a walleye   
    Zowie it looks still fresh, quick Robin hand me a fillet knife.
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    MoCarp got a reaction from dan hufferd in woops that was a walleye   
    seems that one was arrowed
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    MoCarp got a reaction from wtr dogs in woops that was a walleye   
    seems that one was arrowed
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    MoCarp reacted to Bushbeater in Just how smart you think a bass is about lures???   
    I believe Bass are conditioned to not eat on weekends. Try Tuesday evening.
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    MoCarp reacted to TroutRinger in Just how smart you think a bass is about lures???   
    Idk. The only evidence I can offer is are those 10+ year old smallmouth that survive heavily pressured areas. 
    I saw (was unable to catch) an easily 15” smallmouth on sinking creek last weekend in an extremely popular area. I’m certain that fish has had lures in front of it at least two to three days per week all summer for the last decade plus. It gave zero interest in my lures while all the 10” bass were all over them. Not a coincidence. 
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    MoCarp reacted to Mitch f in Great Book on Smallmouth   
    Morris and his partner were in a tourney in Arkansas back in the 70’s. Their boat capsized in 6’ swells. Apparently Billy was at the dock and saw debris floating around and went to investigate and found Morris clinging to a gas tank. 
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    MoCarp reacted to Mitch f in Great Book on Smallmouth   
    He saved Johnny Morris’s life once
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    MoCarp reacted to MrGiggles in Pumpkinseed?   
    There is still a local pond close to me that has them in it. Just an old cattle pond. Have never caught anything else out of it but 8" bullheads.
    The little ones make excellent bait, from what I've read.
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    MoCarp reacted to Johnsfolly in Pumpkinseed?   
    Maybe it was the size of the lake.
    Back in Missouri I would catch yellow bullheads in a local lake and it also has decent channel and blue catfishing as well.

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    MoCarp got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in Pumpkinseed?   
    I found him; Joe Tomelleri, Great book

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    MoCarp reacted to Seth Clarkson in Pumpkinseed?   
    Yeah.... Didn't mean to start all this lol just wanted to show a pretty fish and wasn't sure what to call it haha
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    MoCarp got a reaction from Johnsfolly in Pumpkinseed?   
    I found him; Joe Tomelleri, Great book

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    MoCarp reacted to Quillback in Big M area, July 30   
    My first day on TR since June 20.  I knew it would be a challenge to find some fish, and it was.  Dragged a jig in a timbered cove first thing in the morning, had one solid bite and that was it for the jig.  After that, I spent some time scoping deep water spots hoping to find some schooled fish - never really found any except for off the end of one gravel point in 30 FOW I managed to catch a couple of 13" spots on a drop shot worm.
    After that I decided to live or die dragging a c-rig around with a Rage Craw, that did bring me a couple of largemouth (one keeper) and a walleye.  The c-rig fish were in 15-20 FOW on a flat that came out from a chunk rock bank.  If I had to do it over again, I would have just thrown the c-rig and jig all morning.
    6 bass total, only one keeper.
    Left at 1030, boat traffic was getting pretty busy and the bite, what there was of one, tailed off.


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    MoCarp reacted to jdmidwest in Fished All Around Florida Sunday.   
    And only caught one bass.
    Saturday started off as usual.  When I was getting boat ready Friday nite, I noticed some new mouse turds on the carpet.  I set a trap and sure enough, nailed one.  Hopped in truck to leave out and noticed all lights out on passenger side of trailer.  The hunt was on, killed an hour tracking down the wire, fender marker light chewed thru and killed the lights.  Patched them up and started out.
    We took our time Saturday just seeing the sights.  Had breakfast at JR Diamonds in Troy.  Drove by and checked out Vandalia City Lake, nice little overly fertile lake nestled among farm land.  Checked out the Visitors Center at the Clarence Cannon Dam, drove to the spillway and lower dam to the river.  Both were muddy, like the lake and they were drawing alot of water out.  3 gate open and generation at main dam.  Probably good fishing when the water clears up.  Only 2 boats on it.

    Checked into the Junction Motel at Perry after making the rounds at Samuel Clements Museum and Mark Twain State Park.  Had a nice grilled shrimp dinner at the Junction Restaurant and Bar.  Toured the Hobby Fishing Store.
    Got up on Sunday Morning and had big breakfast at the Junction Restaurant.  Put in at the Hwy U boat ramp in the State Park.  Fiddled around at the ramp 45 minutes tracing down the problem of why I did not have power at the graphs.  Found a blown fuse, but have feeling the real culprit was the little rat has shorted something out somewhere.  They worked.

    Hit the bluffs to the west of the ramp and worked some trees.  Motored around the Florida point to the south side and started fishing the shallow flats.  We both picked up a bass.  Boat traffic started picking up and pounding the boat.  We ran back to the ramp and headed for home.  Took a pic of a cotton mouth that had been hanging around the ramp all morning.  It shows the clarity of the water.

    Everyone I talked to had fished it several years ago and liked it.  But the boat traffic was thick, lots of pleasure boats.  I will have to go back during the off season.
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    MoCarp reacted to Al Agnew in Pumpkinseed?   
    Yeah, I use the correct names of most of them these days, except for goggle-eye, since it is such a universally Ozark name for the rock bass species.  There is certainly a lot of confusion with fish names.  "Black bass" are actually members of the sunfish family.  Spotted bass are so often called Kentucky bass, or even Kentucky spotted bass, which is way too cumbersome in my opinion.  There's a real redeye bass, which is one of the "black bass", but many people especially outside the Ozarks call rock bass redeye bass.  Ozarkers always called walleye "jack salmon" or just "jack", and seldom differentiated between walleye and sauger, they were all "jack".  Yellow suckers.  Hog mollies.  Stonerollers are often called "slicks".  Bowfin are grinnel.  In other parts of the country, crappie are sometimes called "calico bass".
    Geez, it's a wonder any of us know what kind of fish any of us are really talking about.
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    MoCarp reacted to Al Agnew in Pumpkinseed?   
    I don't care what you call them, but it does drive me nuts when people don't know and apparently don't care what the true species names are.  I still call all three species of rock bass goggle-eye, but I know they are northern rock bass, Ozark bass, and shadow bass.  True pumpkinseeds don't live in MO (there have been, I think, two recorded instances of them being collected in far northern MO).  
    Maybe it's because I've been a realistic wildlife artist for a LONG time, but it does sometimes surprise me how rare it is for the average person to see the details that differentiate one species from another.  It ain't that difficult to tell the difference between bluegill, longear sunfish, redear sunfish, and green sunfish.  Nor is it that difficult to tell the difference between warmouth and the rock bass species.  Once you get into the slightly more obscure species you MIGHT actually catch in MO, like orange-spotted and red-spotted sunfish, I can understand the confusion.  Dollar sunfish are fairly easy to tell from longear IF you simply look at the ear flap, which will have light blue markings on the dark background while the longear has a solid dark background.
    I grew up calling bluegill bluegill...bream or brim is more of a southern term for them.  Longears were sunperch, green sunfish were black perch, though many of my friends called them pond perch.  There really weren't many redear around the places I fished when I was a kid, but the first thing I ever heard them called was shellcrackers.
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    MoCarp reacted to Mitch f in Not the Ozarks, but......   
    I went to Orlando for ICast and had some free time. I called my old buddy Dan who now lives in Osprey, Florida, which is about a two hour drive from Orlando. We decided to take his boat out and do a little Intracoastal water fishing. His house is approx 300 yards from the water, and his access to daily fishing made me a tad jealous. We went to a local sporting good store to pick up some baits, mainly WTD topwater lures. We explained to the gentleman behind the counter that we were fishing for bigger Snook and he gave us a few spots to try after dark. Funny how those snook are attracted to dock lights. We had quite a time but never caught any big ones. I will go back soon!

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    MoCarp reacted to CoMo in Slough Fishing   
    Went gar fishing last night and ended up catching this guy.  Not a monster, but after the fight that my youngest had with it I had to clean it.  He can't wait to eat it.

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    MoCarp reacted to fishinwrench in It's a snake Hole...........   
    You're overgunned with that .380, you ain't never gonna have to kill anybody. This is what you need 😊 
    It will kill the snake and not hurt your outboard.
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