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  1. if you need help with a shuttle let us know we can help with any stretch of river you want to run 417-223-2369 land line hog heaven canoe and campground thanks Russ
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddlefish here is a link if you want to learn a little we caught this spoonbill on a jug catfishing on grand lake enjoy keep floating Russ
  3. are you talking about above the darn in noel? i dont think there is a cut off date it is public water should be year round keep an eye up river for the stampede of canoes and rafts
  4. i am very lucky to know both of the guys that own the "motherships" (white pontoon boat called "the office") also brown one (walleye winnabago) i have been lucky enough to catch fish off both of them you can fish off these boats in extreme cold weather , go inside warm up, cook up some soup and sandwiches get some coffee brewing, thaw you toes and fingers and get back after them fish were caught on live bait jigs and carolina rigs you have to be very patient and pay your dues i have been there many a time and not gotten a bite said that this fishing is stupid, but caught a 26 incher l
  5. here is a few from last week big fish 33 inches took pic and let her go me and momma tore them up keep floating Russ
  6. the river is up for a change big sugar and little sugar have nice flows fishing the elk is still a little slow water is crystal clear and it is easy to spook fish they havent seen the idiot parade in several months we floated twice recently and caught a few a few warm nights and this river will be full on will start audio reports soon as fish start biting keep floating Russ p.s. check out the pis from last weeks trip to beavertown/white river me and momma caught 13 keepers in 3 days big female was 33 inches took the pic and let her go
  7. wacky worm


    we can give you a shuttle call 417-223-2369 when you getting in town? Russ
  8. phil, you gave me a bunch of green jig heads with different color feathers on the bottom like white or tan they were sweet , i have several left and the next time i get near your place i coming over there for some more there was three guys that were camping as i was floating on by, and they asked if i had any trout and we had plenty so i paddled over to them and gave them three trout and there was randy (they had named him) , so the next day when those guys floated by us they told us that randy was following them and shure enough the next thing we know he is on our campsite and then he foll
  9. this years trip was awesome weather perfect, fish biting and great company the only thing that went wrong was someone stole one of our canoes yes one of our group left his canoe by the ramp and we were camping at greer woke up the next morning and it was gone someone stole a green We NoN Nah and a Hog Heaven kayak paddle the boat was a personal with little or no markings the paddle was painted with HH on the blades if any one see's this combo they are in possesion of stolen goods and should be reported, i dont care if they bought it from the crack head that stole it. thats enough for
  10. here are a few pics of the river from Hog Heaven Beach audio report on the way thanks keep floating russ
  11. wow i haven't seen it this low in 6 years fish are biting like crazy seems like the hotter it gets the bigger the bite here are the levels elk 2.65 little sugar 2.45 big sugar 2.85 tie anything you got in your tackle box and throw it there and catch a fish fish on the stringer are goggle eyes pookie catches and love to eat them the elk runs into grand lake so a report on fishing grand lake works in this forum we have been catching catfish like crazy if you have never jugg fished in your life you are missing out it is the closest thing to commercial fishing or cheating that you ca
  12. I'm planning on doing a little float this weekend and thought I'd pick your brain. I've rented from you guys before and loved the trip but I finally got a canoe of my own and was going to try it out this weekend. Is there any place you can put in near the dam in noel? The girlfriend and I were going to try and avoid the crowds but I am not familiar with that stretch down to Cowskin. Let me know if you have any information that might be helpful, THANKS!

    1. wacky worm

      wacky worm

      hey you can run that stretch below the darn , you might want a trolling motor

      the water is getting low, im sure its low down there also

      call 417-223-2369 and leave name and number if you need anything in the future



  13. river is still flowing we floated yesterday from pineville access to hog heaven walt caught several on a tiny torpedo i had one nice smallie on my sammy they didnt seem to like the tube which is rare so i tied on the wacky and started slaying them i caught at least 30 highlight was a 3 pound large mouth caught on demand see pic keep floating Russ
  14. thanks for all the nice comments on the forum we love having nice people stay here the fishing is unreal now audio report to follow See pics please recycle keep floating Russ Greasy Chicken Dinner is Hog Heavens House Band Like us on facebook
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