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  1. 1. Daredevils 2. Genesis (the older the better) 3. Vertical Horizon 4. Steely Dan
  2. Fine memories for the high bank ..... many a good time for sure. Awesome dries on a summer's eve. Nymphing during the C&R. Swinging SH's in the current. Stripping leeches and slumpbusters. Fishing midges during the summer and fall. I'm gonna miss it. PC
  3. - Caught a 4# channel cat in a mud puddle - Caught a river herring on a panfish popper in a Hillsdale Lake tributary about 25 years ago - Caught a 3# tilapia on a crankbait in Lake Huites, MX Caught ducks, sea gulls, and water snakes.
  4. Herd that sucker down my way .... might help with my bambie problem.
  5. Years ago (like 30) .... on an opening day .... I was confronted by an undercover agent who had been observing me in Zone 1. It was one of those days I couldn't keep the fish off of my line (doesn't happen very often ). After he observed me catching fish on every cast .... he came up to me and inspected my fly pattern and actually smelled it (I guess for signs of bait odor). I haven't seen an agent since.
  6. I totally agree. I'm a BSSP "homer" but would much rather hit Montauk anytime.
  7. Right On!!!! Let's hit the small wild trout streams!!!!
  8. I think it's time to set-up my chair at a boat ramp (maybe this evening).... I love to watch the humanity and carnage unfold while I enjoy an adult beverage.
  9. I've got a whole box of CBs .... the price goes up on the water!!!! JK
  10. Not enough water for a jet. Really nice floating/fishing even above Big John as far up as Charity. A good stretch is Charity is Hico slab. Not much access between Hico and Big John though. Very few if any floaters (if you see one they'll be fishing) and little to no fishing pressure. SM up to 18-19". Lots of small fish 6-12". Canoe or yak floatable .... some dragging between holes.
  11. Ugly Stick FLy Rod Ugly Stick Fly Rod Linky
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