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  1. Phil, Thanks for passing along the information!
  2. I had a great time spending the day at M.S.P. with my son, Matt, his lovely wife, and two of my four awesome grandkids, Mira and Cole. We caught enough fish to keep my grandkids happy, although I practice catch and release normally, grandpa was obligated to keep a limit to BBQ. Conditions: The water was clear and a bit low. I got there late morning, and many of the nicer fish were feeding high in the water column. There were plenty of scuds in the water too.Yep they were munching on bugs! Ignoring the bait being thrown at them. Not so with the chinass trout. C'mon Tisha, give the little
  3. Guess who was on the lake during that deluge? Me and my son Matt. We were dressed in shorts and t shirts ready for upper 90's temps. When the fog came up afterward...while boating, we were FREEZING!!! Who woulda guessed!
  4. This is something that the folks at St Croix recently put up on their site. This may help explain what I liked about the Bank Robber.
  5. Guy’s Sorry, I haven’t logged on O.A. in a while. I sold this rod. Micheal, The line was a SA Mastery Series GPX. I’m sure the roll casting was no fault of the rod. Any rod I pick up exceeds my casting skills. Gwh, the line on the Bank Robber was a SA mastery textured “GPX taper”. This line really seemed to do the job for a novice like me.
  6. Is it a spring break thing?
  7. I'm offering this fly rod in perfect condition for $340 OBO. They sell for $440.
  8. Mitch, The first pic nothing but a fluke cast ;-) the second was on a hair jig.
  9. Yes, it is still for sale.
  10. Mitch, Wasn't that a 21" Smallie that the Guru released when I met you two on the river that day
  11. I just noticed another similarity to Eric's picture. If I'm not mistaken, that picture was taken in the exact same spot as my pic. Just out on that shallow shoal from outlet #3!!! Only difference is Eric is facing the outlet and I have my back to it. That's Rebar over his shoulder, right? It appears that it's just about the same water condition too, roughly 1 unit. Is it possible we both landed the same fish in the same spot? WOW.
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