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  1. It was always fun fishin' the trout worms down there. Watch one come up grab it, then spit it out, do a circle then engulf it. They hooked themselves. Good job Seth. Later, FFM
  2. That is great news to hear decent fish are still being caught at MSP As far as FATC goes. A friend invited me to to go MSP during last year's C&R. I did not know we were going to be meeting with a small group from FATC, but I had a blast and what nice people they are. Please keep up the great work and fellowship. Later, FFM
  3. Wow, talking about two polar opposite flows of water. But great topic. I have fished both locations multiple times. At Norfork, I happen to be there when the flows required a boat and had very little opportunity to wade fish. But the number of fish caught was good. We saw a few nice fish caught in 4-8 pound range. Dream Stream, what a view!!! It can be very crowded at times and with stream etiquette, it could force you to fish sections that are not that desirable for trout to be located. But the Trico hatches can be insane. Some of the best dry fly fishes I have ever encounter
  4. Gene, Thank for the info on the cabin. I will have to look into that . Later, FFM
  5. Well that really sux to hear because I have to drive 3 hours to get to some of these streams. I check the gauges the day before to see which one will be wadable the next day. later, FFM
  6. I use to be one of the regulars on the "Opener", started out in the High Banks section. The same reporter from the Lebanon paper would stop by and interview my brother or I most years. The next day we would get the paper and see which one of us would be on the front page. My brother made it three times and I made two. I have not been to the open in about 10 years, but I'm sure not much has changed. Our condo ritual was to see how fast we could stack the cabinet below the sink with empty beer cans. That think held a lot of cans, from what my memory serves but I'm sure I killed a few o
  7. Motroutbum, Thanks for the heads up. Do you stay on the western side of divide or do you hit the east side as well? Later, FFM
  8. So with this construction going on, is there an area to park if you want to go fishin? Later, FFM
  9. We had a great trip to BSSP on Saturday. It was the first time there since early April. The weather and water level were both awesome. We mainly fished Z-2 in the High Banks. It really did not matter what fly we had on, as long as you drifted in front of them... it was game on. We caught some decent size fish and one was 19". A couple of take away from the day: I did not have to clean off any moss a single time during the day. (that was a first) A lot for snagged fish (not on purpose either). Most trips to any stream or river I will have a few snags a day, but on Satur
  10. Johnsfolly, Sounds like you had a fun trip. I look at fishing after catching the first fish... the rest are just a bonus. But I do find it interesting that you have kept track of your catches, that is really interesting. Do you also note any other details besides the number of fish? Later, FFM
  11. I love me some of those CO streams. For many years (before kids) I would take 7 day long trip and hit 7 different rivers. Each years we would get Pat Dorsey for one day to guide us on a new river. SIO3 I know it is out of your way but if you have time try the Williams Fork. My personal favorite. Later, FFM
  12. Seth, It has been a few years (like 15 or more) that i have used a spinning rod in a trout stream, but have to say I have never seen any spin cast person come close the number of fish my father would catch down at Meramec. The bait he used... crickets. In clear water, He would use 2lb test line, a barbless extra long sz 16 hook, one split shot and at times a cork. Most days he would land 50-75 fish, and he never fished at the whistle. I have not seen anybody else use crickets. You might want to give it a try. Later, FFM
  13. SiO3, Do you happen to know if Richard went to SIU-E in the mid 80's? I attended a a few classes with somebody by that name . Later, FFM
  14. In smaller stream like BSSP, I see where boulders assist with flyfishin' but could hinder (at times) with the spin casts. I find it easy mending around the boulders with the fly line. But, I do have to say Winter season is my favorite because I can fish Zone 3 where there are more boulders than any other part of the stream and I seem to always do well. Let the boulder invasion begin!! Later, FFM
  15. I just saw this ad hit my e-mail for Allen Blue River Breathable Stockingfoot Wader sizes XL or 2XL for only $39.99 Looks like a great deal. They are a bit too big for me, but I hope they might fit into somebody's budget. See the link below. http://www.ruralking.com/allen-company-blue-river-breathable-wader-1824.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=email-2016-09-07-tree-stands&utm_campaign=tree-stands&utm_content=1824 Later, FFM
  16. Ness, If the Montauk gage is a 3' it is fishable, but the water speed would be fast and the at some point you may need a good water crossing pole to make it across the stream. That has been my experience. Also you can get away with throw some big streamers as well. Later, FFM
  17. That is awesome to hear. Good job. later, FFM
  18. Ham, What did you catch the bow on? It a looks an orange worm. Later, FFM
  19. Nice Fish + Small stream = Awesomeness Later FFM
  20. That is a heck of a catch. There is only one problem after catching a trophy fish… you are expecting the next time your rod bends this one will be even bigger. Later, FFM
  21. I have to agree with Laker... Back in the 90's and all the way up to 2005, during every trip we made to BSSP somebody caught a 4 lbs or better Brown, usually in Zone 2. During the Winter seasons we would catch multiple Browns in Zone 3 as well. But since then, if I could find a 16" Brown per day, I would feel lucky. SIO3. The pipes in Zone 2 will not effect you if your fly fishing. The people that fish that section are only working about 30' of the bank because everything else around that area is nothing but thick moss. I fish from the opposite bank anyway. later,
  22. It is interesting to see how much the fish opens it's mouth... it was a bit smaller than I expected. Later FFM
  23. Yes, you need to use the Montauk gauge as Tan Vat is just ½ mile or less down stream. Good luck on your trip. Tight lines, FFM
  24. That will get some of river bed to move around a bit. Later, FFM
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