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  1. I logged out and then back in. I am back to being me...for now!
  2. Glad you switched to someone else! I am involved in enough shenanigans on my own, No help needed here, but I feel sorry for whoever is next! BTW..To Phil and all on this forum...Thank you. Really. This is a great group. I rarely post as I don't get to fish as much as I'd like, so not much to add. When I can, I do. I appreciate the information, discussions and overall friendly banter regarding fishing our waters that I read here. Tight lines to all!
  3. Looks like I show up as myself.
  4. Hi BilletHead. It sure did. Sorry you got stuck with me. I'm ChazRock and I am going to post this to see who it shows up as.
  5. Yep the BilletHead has a problem. It shows me as another member? Will PM you Phil, BilletHead
  6. While it certainly doesn't cover all of the rivers, here is some information. (You may have to have a Facebook account??)
  7. When I got back from a business trip a couple weeks ago, this exact shirt was waiting for me when I got home. My wife is a very good woman. I just wore it for the first time this past weekend. Got lots of compliments.
  8. Thanks, Brian. I had heard it a few weeks ago, so must have gotten the time messed up.
  9. I had heard that MDC would be stocking the 11 Point this week. Can anyone verify?
  10. No problem. I love the 11 Point and enjoy your posts and assistance....Just a heads up..It's 1:01pm on 4/7/14. It's down again....
  11. Glad to see your web site is back up and running Brian!
  12. What happened to I have always used it as a starting point to get to the forums. It looks like it is gone?
  13. Thanks for the info Brian. Plans will be made accordingly. Hope to see you on the river again this year. Always a pleasure!
  14. Hey everybody! Looks like it's been a great summer. Our group is coming down weekend after next. Can't wait! Is Whitten completely shut down for pull out?