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  1. Oh my gosh, that was our first boat we bought in 1974 but with a 4 cyl. 85 HP Merc on it and got it at old Glaser Marine on Natural Bridge Rd. Had not heard that name in decades. Took me about three years to "graduate" to a Hydrasports Pad boat with an in-line Merc 150.....and many more since then.
  2. Yes, you would have to back out a long ways and have to be very careful doing it with your lower unit tilted-up due to a now-submerged steel cable strung across the lower edge of the normal water-level parking lot. And then there are the dock cables to beware of as you make your way out beyond the back-side of the Marina docks to open water. That's the reason I suggested to Stricker9 to only use the trolling motor if possible.
  3. Hey Stricker, Nice to hear from you also. Glad to hear you are coming back down. If you're renting a place up the hill at the new Little Indian those are great looking places and hope you enjoy your time despite the high water. I'll bet one of the Baxter Marina-folks will help you get launched somehow, someway.
  4. Late yesterday, the water was just mere inches from getting onto the Road leading down to Baxter Marina and it has come up slightly since then which means the water is on the road this morning but very shallow. Adding to the lake level, the Corps just opened the gates up at Beaver but not yet at TR dam so it's still coming up. None of the parking spaces on the Marina lot were still above water but you might approach the Marina management ( 417-779-4301 ) to ask if they will allow you to launch, with trolling motor only, (due to submerged cables and wires ) off what remains of the parking lot. Requesting to rent a slip from them during your visit might help get a positive answer and those folks are usually very helpful.
  5. Some member of the Facebook Table Rock Lake Group posted a video of a decent sized Pontoon tied-off at the four corners of the boat's deck in a dock-slip on Saturday. This was one of those "paralell-to-the-bank" docks and opening directly to the Lake rather than the slips being perpendicular to the lake and nearby shoreline. The video showed the effects of the incredible boat wakes on the 'toon tied-up in the slip. Had that boat been on a lift I question whether or not the structure of the lift would have withstood the pounding.
  6. I think it may have been answered in the post made by MickinMO on Sat. 5-23 at 6:43 A.M. in the Thread "Were will all the water go" on the 3rd Page. It seems the Corps installed some kind of underground wall device.
  7. And you'd hear some really strange noises, even through the double hull. The Ocean is not a quiet place.....
  8. 931 is going to happen if all the rain predicted daily thru 5/28 hits us since we have this saturated soil over the entire drainage area. .90" at Baxter so far at 0900 5/22 and a lot more seen on the radar coming up from the SW. If they cannot release water from Bull due to downstream high water on the White and the lower Mississippi then TR is going to have to be the catch basin. Another good fry survival year ?
  9. So now y'all have switched gears from Wake-boat hate to Pontoon hate ! I'm reduced to having to fish out of a toon ( which ain't fun ) due to balance issues caused by unending Chemo-induced neuropathy in my feet and have seen some totally impolite, clueless morons driving and "fishing" from Bass Boats that obviously have more money than brains and that don't have a clue on the water or at the ramps. Yeah, it's not fun "puttering around " at only 35 mph when I used to run a safe 72 mph (per GPS) but it's all the barge will run.
  10. No way in Hades I was going out into that maelstrom yesterday. So since the yard had finally dried out I took advantage and mowed the hay-field and all its weeds and the dratted Thistle that has popped up everywhere. Sitting on the deck watching the chaos and here comes about a 40' cabin-cruiser/battleship just plowing along at the most appropriate speed he could manage in order to throw the biggest possible Wake. The visible white water from the "breaking" wave-tops of his wake extended back behind the barge at least four times the length of the boat. Saw at least two of the usual suspects who throw these ginormous wakes take water over their bows and LMAO ! Schadenfreude !
  11. That is a good-looking, well-kept resort that certainly qualifies for the term "Premier". We had no idea the Table Rock Chalets were that pricey but they look very nice too from the water. Maybe the Indian Hills owners didn't want to try and disinfect everything after each booking and were able to get one of those Pandemic "Gubmint" SBA loans that do not have to be re-paid if certain criteria can be shown that the money was used for ? Another possible choice for your clients seeking that kind of high-end, luxurious accommodations are the new homes they built at the site of the former Little Indian Resort on "H" just up the hill from Baxter Marina and launch ramp ? I heard they sleep up to 16 at a time and rent for about $1400-$1600 per diem.
  12. Sizeable Tournament blasted out of Shell Knob side of "H" Highway launch ramp this morning ( thought they were all cancelled ?? ) and none of the boats headed up Big or Little Indian CREEK arms. Water is muddy and more lakeshore building and excavation is causing more mud run-off from this morning's brief, but heavy, rainfall since they do not install silt catchers below the new homesites. Floaters were finally seen on Thursday making it down to the Mouth of the Indians where they join with the White.
  13. Absolutely ! I like the high water for the cover it affords for Fry survival and the opportunity to throw the Wacky Worm into the bushes. Off-color water doesn't hurt either...within limits, and the higher water allows use of bottom-contacting baits without the interference of the nasty Rock Snot Slime getting all over them... If it lasts long enough, even topwater will benefit from it. As usual, it just takes a little time for the Bass to adjust to the higher water levels.
  14. Wait and see if the lower Mississippi starts flooding and if it's accompanied by incoming flood waters from the Ohio you'll see the Corps' "mission" change to concerns about flooding...especially if the AG interests on either side of the White in the Grand Prairie area of Arkansas start complaining. Those Cotton and Rice growers have a lot to say about what volume of water gets released from Bull since their land is so flat and the White spreads out for miles once it floods down there. Meanwhile, more rain events are forecast for later this week and look out if they develop into the "training" events we saw last week.
  15. Hmm...didn't read where anyone was "bashing Tournament fishermen" slowbait, just expressing much deserved concern for the future of the resource and the sport and commenting on how the fish were poorly handled and ridiculously relocated./transported....especially during the Spawn season ! Ever increasing angling pressure on the limited numbers of lakes require a change or there won't be much of a future. Who is it....MLF (there are so many organizations I've lost track) who finally does the catch, measure and release at boatside and deserves much credit for doing so ?
  16. Here's the link: https://www.swl.usace.army.mil/Missions/Planning/Table-Rock-Lake-Oversight-Committee/Online-Comment-Form/
  17. The female Bluebird is known as the "decider" ( kind of like the human female 😉 ) on where she's gonna' make her nest. Bluebirds are super picky about the amount of Sunshine, nearby areas of vegetation for the fledglings to fly to when they first leave the nest, the direction the box opening faces ( East or South seems to work ) and even the type of mounting pole the box is mounted on in picking a nest box site. We've had luck with all three of our boxes on just one Acre but have an ongoing battle over the formerly most popular box with these darned sparrows that have taken it over. Due to our local population of welcome Blacksnakes and Kingsnakes, we used square metal tubing for the mounting poles since those snakes cannot climb them and get into the nest box. We've also had to run Wasps out of the boxes that the Bluebirds will not come near and do that with regular Wasp spray followed by a simple wash-out of the box. The lady who runs the Wild Birds store over in Branson told us to leave the nesting material in the box during the Winter and said the Bluebirds will use them as night-time shelter. Also liked tho1mas's suggestion about clearing overhead, nearby limbs.
  18. That's a lot of glass !!! We have a lot too overlooking the Lake and stretching across 38' of the lakeside of the house, but nothing like that sq. footage, so we just concentrated placing stickers on the porch door and windows on the end of the house where the feeders are deployed. Hated hearing that "thump" when a bird hit the glass or finding one that was dead. They really seem to help the birds realize that there is glass there and not an escape or flyway route to get away from the Sharp Shinned Hawk that patrols the area. Helps with the Hummers too when they arrive.
  19. Nope, never. We see them hanging around the seed feeders during the Winter watching the other birds dine and tried putting out the dried mealworms for them that they are supposed to like (but ignore). Right now, we are seeing a battle between some kind of Sparrows and the Bluebirds over one of the Bluebird nesting boxes. Last year, the Sparrows won and I wish the Bluebirds would be more aggressive since we went to a lot of trouble to make and set-out a predator-proof Bluebird house ( one of three in the yard ). Bluebirds are going into the cedars after something but, since they supposedly don't eat seeds, I have no idea what they are after. Maybe some early emerging insect ? Feb. and March are the two most stressful Months of the year for wildlife survival so maybe the Bluebirds are eating just the suet fat but not the seeds and stuff most of those suet cakes are loaded with.
  20. Found this: https://www.nwaonline.com/news/2019/oct/21/airplanes-set-to-map-geology-of-north-a-1/ They aren't mapping in MO, just based at the Branson Airport.
  21. We have had good success with avoiding the frequent bird deaths caused by collisions with glass doors and windows by putting these decal-type things on the glass window and door areas where they have had repeated mid-air collisions. They are not adhesive and you can kinda'/sorta' see through them but they warn the birds off almost 100%. https://www.amazon.com/WINDOWALERT-WA-LEAF-WindowAlert-Medley-Decals/dp/B0096UUSPC/ref=sr_1_1?crid=YT7E31XAMKJC&keywords=bird+warning+window+decals&qid=1581778312&sprefix=bird+warning%2Caps%2C447&sr=8-1 Somehow they catch ulraviolet light that we can't see but the birds can.
  22. Our two local Pileated's are hitting the suet feeder hard. Are you still getting your flock of them ? Robins seem to be gone.
  23. Were you able to notice if they were twin engine ? I cannot remember where I read the article just recently about two Aircraft that were measuring something for Science that were authorized to fly mapping patterns at less than 500 ft. altitude. Your description of a long "pole" or boom extending from the tail would indicate that is where the antenna or measuring device is housed. Oops....here it is but not about the local flights. It's measuring Geology features for the USGS. See if this is the same aircraft: https://www.usgs.gov/news/low-flying-airplane-map-geology-southeast-missouri
  24. If you get tired of cleaning-up the sunflower shells, Tractor Supply sells Sunflower hearts that eliminates 97% of the mess underneath the feeder. No shells, almost no mess and yes, it's more expensive per pound but you're not paying for the weight of the Sunflower shells or husks and it goes a lot further.
  25. I know what is in your backyard remember ? Those are some great videos, thanks for sharing. The only place I've ever seen a Tom do his courtship display is from Shannon's back window when she was in your same area and leasing a home there. We haven't seen even a Turkey in our area for over two years now and it's become very uncommon to hear a Gobbler in the Spring anymore. Happy to report that after reading Bill's description of the Pileated flock I belatedly put out my suet feeder ( just like the one shown in Bill's photo ), but some smart-posterior Crows figured out how to pull the hanging-chain apart and knocked it to the ground twice where they could attack it. Before then I had the surprise of a Pileated feeding on it just 48 hours after putting it up. Due to Mr. Crow, I resurrected my old wooden, "upside-down" suet feeder yesterday and saw two Pileated's arguing over it this morning. Meanwhile the neighborhood is taking turns feeding the two resident ducks down at the Marina.
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