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  1. Went out this morning after fog lifted. Started out throwing spinner bait, not a hit, but it down quick. Went to throwing a swim bait and second cast hooked up. 2 lb. Small mouth. Fished the kb area, as the day went on the bite got better. Fished 20 to 25 feet, had 9 keepers , with 3 over the 3 lb mark. Had one pushing 4.
  2. Not sure about this lake but fish a tournament I kenora Canada every year. I had a chance to talk to a DNR ( Department of natural resources) about the same thing. I was told by them that if a fish caught is moved from it's area, like in a tournament, unless it is returned close the fish will burn up so much energy trying to get back , and most likely will die. I was also told that there is about a 2 hour window for the fish. At this tournament the biologist will take random fish and take samples of the fish. Each person must say what area of the lake the fish was caught. Also in Canada there is a time of year right around the fish are on beds there is a no keep law on bass. Small mouth or large mouth. You can catch them but you better not get caught with one in the live well.
  3. Makes sense. Thanks guys was just wondering
  4. That would be good . Thanks
  5. The big bass tournament this past weekend. There were lots of 4 lbs bass and 3 lbs. Number of 5lbs. If all these were released up long creek, how many of them stay in that area. Do the fish caught up the rivers try and make it back to the area they were caught.
  6. Fished mid lake Friday evening and had 5 keepers . Fished same area today and I got nothing. Don't know what happened.
  7. I like the looks. if you want to sell some let me know
  8. OkGot down on Thursday, wife and I went riding around just trying different things. Want to try to find other spots to fish. Caught a lot of fish on Thursday, with this one she got, 3.54. 18 foot of water on out side of trees, on tube. We call it Conners because this is the only tube grandson will use. It's a power team lure tube in purple with gold flake. Was in the white in Baxter area. Friday was a different day all together. Vary slow. Saturday was even worse. Hope it gets better. Will load pic as soon as i can figure it out.
  9. North Indian. Is that up by the dam
  10. Only if you live in mo or ark. If you dont you buy on for each state
  11. Fished today. Got on water about 7:30 was warm. Then the cold blew in rain also. Ended up with 13 keepers with yhe 5 best was 12 lbs. All small mouth. Lots of wind. First time on this lake and wont be my last.
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