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  1. Nothing like a low freeboard kayak with a rudder to deal with the wind....
  2. Cat fishing from a kayak is fun also....Fighting a 24" cat with one hand and the paddle in the other hand trying to keep from being pulled into trees... A good challenge, throw running water into the mix....
  3. Any one up for a trip this week ,,,thinking tuesday-friday.....
  4. I modified my 17 footer for a 28 lb thrust...back when I had a canoe...http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/topic/24091-adding-remote-steering-to-a-clamp-on-troling-motor/
  5. woodman

    Night bite

    That mouse...reminds me of my little pond , A few yrs ago I got into feeding the fish grasshopers and crickets I would catch in a big net.....Well I have a no kill mouse trap, so I tossed one into the pond and instantly a bass got it,,,,seconds later the mouse pops up and swims to shore,I guess the bass prefered bugs....
  6. This is taken just down from the firey fork acess....this trip... This picture is of my first kayak I ever made...5 years ago same spot on the river.....
  7. From Griswald to Howards I caught lots of fish a few 14'' brownies ........This was the biggest obstacle in about 4 feet of water....
  8. My biggest bass 14" on those lucky strike troute worms , they were tearing up the orange with white stripe......Headed to Mule Shoe this morning before heading back to the city.....Also some 19" cat on creek chubs ......
  9. I thought as much....A few years ago when they were starting the bridge project....there were a group of conservation guys at Mule Shoe,.. snorkling and checking out the fish down stream.....These were young guys, they said there were some real nice fish in there.... Also I have never been from Bannister to Fiery Fork.......
  10. Has anyone gone from Mule Shoe 11 miles to Griswald Ford? I'll bet it is pretty flat.....
  11. I havent been since last year with all that green algie......And above Howards ford the chanel had changed....Looking forward to seeing any more changes with all the new bridges they did a few yrs back.....
  12. I'm all caught up with cabinet jobs, ready to get away from all these local lakes I have been fishing the heck out of......Back to clear water and smallmouth. This week , any one interested?.......
  13. The latest camp out.....Crawford State Park September 26-28, 2014
  14. I saw the film, awesume.... Can you imagine what Missouri fishing would have been like 200 yrs ago, before the mechanized age wreaked havoc on the land, all for that stinking dollar bill, and greed..... Being in KC. I would have liked to have seen how wide the Muddy Mo. really was...
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