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  1. I have worn army issue type of wool gloves, and like them becuase wool insulates better when wet than it does when dry. Surpluss stores have them affordable enough, i don't mind it when i loose a mate. I was out for 4 hours on sunday night from 12-4 am in 16-18 degree weather my hands were wet , but stayed comfortable enought to stay out. good luck.
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for the info. I went out and had a great night . I had about 2 hours of day light to hike around and get an idea of where i wanted to fish. I headed out at about midnight, bundled up pretty good as it was about 18-20 degrees out. The moonlight was so bright i only had to turn on my headlamp to switch ties. I fished for about 4 hours, most of which was down below the rocking chair area, and i caught a few rainbows, but nothing very big. I decided to head up near the 1st outlet before i went home, and there i caught a 3 lb rainbow on a size 6 white egg sucking leach pattern with a glow material egg head. I caught 3-5 rainbows up to 14-15 inches or so and by then was just about frozen so i headed in. I have never had my fly reel freeze but it did on this outing, i had to plunge it into the water 5-6 times that night to unlock it so i could strip more line out, or turn the reel to wind the line in.... i won't use that reel in those temp's again. I surely would have lost anythig that was large enough to get into the use of my drag.... I fished during the day light hours the next two days, had a blast swinging soft hackles, and i would like to thank the gentleman that fished with on tuesday afternoon, i enjoyed our conversations and your company.... On Tuesday am while casting dry 20's to midge sipping rainbows i had a 1st, managed to hook up with a good fish, who after 30 seconds of being on my reel managed to get loose. I wound my line and and discovered that my fly line formed hoop end had come off of my line. i lost my leader and all. I have only had 2 or 3 of these types of lines and have never had this happen. Good thing i remembered how to tie nail knots... wierd. any how thanks to everyone, i will appreciate the info and the fine fishery you have there.
  3. Thanks, i had allready checked out the 1st article, well done . Sound advise in the second link as well, i could t not agree more regarding the importance of de-barbing all hooks. It seems that there is allways a splash just out of reach and about the time you dig a bit deeper, here comes a good cross wind.... no barbs sure make it easier to get the hook out of my fleece jacket... any how thanks for the reply, sounds like a "safe" place to night fish. I am looking forward to it.
  4. Hi there, i am making my first trip to taney tomorrow ( sunday the 12) an am staying at lillys. My wife is worried about me heading out at night in un-familliar water. Are there any areas to be worried about in the trophy water, ie un readable ledges, or potential snaggs , that might not be noticable to a 1st timer ? I have fished at night many of times, and have 20 years of river reading under my belt, so i am just asking about any thing that you feel you should warn me about ? thanks in advance. If anyone wants to join me on sunday night that could be fun to.
  5. Good to hear that you think the larger fish are around somewhere, now it's just a matter of finding them. I plan on fishing at night to target the larger fish, sounds about what i had in mind, buggers, sculpin patterns and streamers. Have you had a shad kill in the lake this year... i am betting it has been to warm. thanks again .
  6. Hi there, i have been reading posts for the last few weeks, and from what i have read it sounds as if there may be a large population of small fish in the water near the dam. I have not fished tanny yet ( first trip planned for feb 12-13 ) so i don't know what i am talking about here exactly. I was wondering what some of you think about the current status of the fishery with regards to - 1- does it seem that there is a larger population of small (8-11 inch fish) now than there has been in the past ? 2- has it pushed out or otherwise effected the population of larger fish ? 3- What is it that you think might be causing this dynamic ? I wonder what the effect of low flows, low generation , has had on the fish in the trophy area ? just thought it might evoke some interesting replies . thanks to all.
  7. hi there, nice board from what i have seen, you all seem to have the true spirit of board posting... lots of good info , seems like most folks treat each other with respect and stick to the topic . I look forward to getting to know you all. me - have been bait and fly fishing for 30 years, bait fishing in the midwest and south, fly fishing time was spent in colorado and in the pacific n.w. - just moved to ks and am planning my first trip to lilley's landing in a week or so. (feb 12-13) I will be coming out with my wife and son, but i would like to meet up with someone to fish the moonlight hours if the conditions permit. thanks again to the admin, nice place.
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