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  1. Great! Perfect. Thanks for the lake insight Dutch. Much appreciated.
  2. Black bass.......what should I expect? Not familiar at all with the lake or any typical patterns.....can anyone point me in a general vicinity?
  3. agree or disagree it doesn't really matter. Wont change anything anyway.
  4. 🤣Hell no, I bet half yall cant read....🤣
  5. Christ on a bike.....just looking g for a book to read. lol🤣
  6. I am wanting to read this book. Anybody by fat Chance have it lying around? Knowing Bass, The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish...by Keith Jones
  7. for bass I would probably be thinking 1/2 to 3/4 back in creeks or coves and throw a spinnerbait. wiggle wart and rock crawler may be decent too. can probably still catch fish with jerkbait too.
  8. 5 limits.....ouch. looks to be fishing pretty tough.
  9. what bass tournaments were at pomme this past weekend? results? reports?
  10. I have a club tourney there on april 6. Hope it is heating up by then. I am going to try to prefish some the weekend or so beforehand. I guess the dam area has the best water due to visibility or is the warmer muddy water more productive up the rivers? 46 degrees and should be warming. possibly a wart bite soon?
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