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  1. Elfrink Trout Tournament this Saturday

    Sounds like the weather might be quite interesting this year.
  2. Valentines trip

    Three "well over a pound" and one pushing two pounds wouldn't be anything discouraging. Add four of the fat 12" fish that have been pretty common from the Landing to Fall Creek, and it wouldn't be a bad bag to weigh. Unless Greg and his partner hit the trifecta with another huge Brown!
  3. Favorite spinning line

    Maxima Ultra Green. 2# for all jig fishing. 4# for jerkbaits. 6# main line, 2# leader for drift rigs. Nanofil with Berkley Vanish leader for jig & float.
  4. 40th annual Dummy Trout Invitational

    A friend who is one of the guys that started RAW 30 years ago invited me. I first told him why do I want to fish a trout tournament? Those skinny little fish will swim out the overflow on my live well. But I went ahead and tried it. Some 27 years later I haven't missed one! Even when my arm was in a sling after elbow surgery. My son and I now also fish the Masters, and Elfrink. Plus a good friend and I fish the Firefighters benefit tournament in August, and will be joining in on the MOAFS tournament at Lilleys Landing in May. Great fun always. I find your one fish, big fish weigh in quite interesting.
  5. Little Fishing today

    Saw that from the Landing side. They had a couple people on the docks trying to wave people down. Who do they think would notice from all the way across the lake. They told me that they were replacing the cable, and it slipped. Not supposed to do that. Hope they learned, and have a safety boat on the lake next time. Saw the Lilley's boat hit the cable, and take a big jump sideways. Thankfully the people in it were OK. I saw you over there helping to warn boaters. On our side it wasn't out in the lake as far, and protected by the docks. So we moved on.
  6. RAW Trout Tournament

    Team Gatorjet Boats Fishing missed our 9th top ten finish in the past 11 years by .08 pound. Mostly on jigs. Brown/orange/orange head, Sculpin/Peach/orange head, gray/white/whote head, Pink/white, and chartreuse/white. But like Team Seth, our largest came on a live crawler 1/2 hour before weigh in. Still a great day on the water with my son! Our cabin mate is used to getting up early, and had us up by 6:30. Packed up, checked out, and the Gator on the trailer by 8:30. After a great breakfast at Grand Country Buffet we got out of Btown in time to miss the melee on I-44.
  7. New Year's Day

    Thanks Phil, just saw the change of location. Great idea.
  8. Trophy? How Long is a Trophy Trout?

    Would "put and take fishery" then exclude Taneycomo? I certainly would consider a 20" rainbow out of anywhere in Taneycomo a trophy.
  9. taneycomo flow

    1. The information from SWPA is notorious for being wrong quite often. 2. Yes, they control generation based on need, but CoE can, and does tell them to release more through the turbines as part of the flood control plan. So it's a little of both. so if the CoE wanted to lower the level in Winter, and the lake wasn't at, or near flood stage, it would be by running the turbines.
  10. taneycomo flow

    I don't think the CoE makes generation decisions based on anybody's precipitation forcast, long range, or short. Like the previous posts point out, it is a very fine, and difficult balance to achieve. Make room for predicted rainfall, and if it doesn't come, low water. Maybe to the point of not being able to generate power when needed. Leave the lake at close to top of power pool, and one week or a few days of heavy rain, and disastrous flooding results.
  11. New Year's Day

    Nope. Pot luck lunch. just bring what ever you feel like sharing. On the past we had kind of a list of what people will be bringing. We've had some really great eats over the years. I'll bring my almost authintic, semi-famous jambalaya. 😁
  12. taneycomo flow

    Here is a link to a story about how unusually low it was in 2011 at 906'. http://ozarkadvertiser.com/?p=1954 But to show how quickly things can change, and how hard it is to manage a lake, that was in February, 2011. In April of 2011 Table Rock set a record for flood level!
  13. taneycomo flow

    That's something somebody pulled out of a hat. Not sure there has ever been a "Winter pool" established by the CoE. The lever they are assuming is Winter pool is actually bottom of power pool. Instead of a website that only assumes things, go to the people who actually built, and operate the dam. http://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/data/tabular/htm/tabrock.htm
  14. Size vs Quantity?

    But will they give you fewer, but larger taters, and chickens?
  15. Size vs Quantity?

    We have been many times, and have never experienced any "aromas" other than the amazing food. My wife has an extremely acute sense of smell, and has never noticed. I can't count the times we have been to DS, and I honestly can not even witnessing a horse having an "accident". I have heard a very few people say they didn't care for various things about DS. From no tableware, to too much show, and not enough horses, to not enough horses, and too much show. But never anything about smell. Sounds like a bit of phantosmia, the brain making you think you smell something.

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