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  1. Yup Trav, can't hide where I'm fishing!
  2. Know what you're saying Travis and Seth. Triple that with my boat. If there is much current at all I have two choices. Plow up through it causing a huge roller. Or keep it up top for a much flatter wake. Seems a lot of those in the big deep V boats that think they are being courteous running 1/4 throttle, and throwing big wakes are most often the ones giving me the stink eye, or "hand signals"! But then there are a few giving me a thumbs up, and pointing up because they want to see a 200' rooster tail. LOL
  3. I gave Phil an old Fishing Hotspots map of Taney a few years ago. Thought he might hang it in the office. Had lots of notes I wrote while at a seminar given by Scotty from Scotty's Trout dock many, many years ago. Maybe if Phil can find it he will post some of it here.
  4. Crowded up there today too. Plus full of weeds! Idle + weeds+ jet doesn't equal anything good! Then there was the idiot on a waverunner that thought stopping right in front of me would be a good idea! Luckily when I veered, and cut the throttle I wasn't in one of the bunches of weeds to suck up blocking my grate. Already had to do a lakeside clean out yesterday when I slowed down for little granddaughter to see the geese. By the time I looked down, and saw weeds it was too late!
  5. That looks like a Winter tournament day at Short Creek! Great report, but I can predict the fishing will cool off markedly by Wednesday. That's when I'll be getting down there!
  6. Not as quick as it looks......Or sounds! A tick under 60 on a good day. The fun part is when it's doing 60 on the river in less than a foot of water!
  7. There's been a 20' Gator seen on Taney often. Also heard because it tends to growl pretty loud!
  8. Just a thought with nothing scientific to back it up. The fish you recently caught in Taney were not recent stockers. Because of the travel bans, and Covid scare, fishing pressure on Taney was way down. But at same time, MDC continued stocking fish. So many of those stocked in March, April, and May have remained in the lake. Eating their natural diet rather than Purina Trout Chow.
  9. The wording on the sign hanging on the cable, on the bank, and in the text is a bit curious. There is no mention of boating. Only fishing.
  10. The management of the White River is a quite complicated undertaking. A lot more complicated than just dumping water from one lake in Arkansas or Missouri into another. It deals with handling water from the headwaters, and tributaries of Beaver Lake, through the White River chain of lakes, through Arkansas, and even the Mississippi river from the confluence with the White all the way to the delta. What they do in Missouri and Arkansas has an effect all the way through, and what is happening as far away as New Orleans can have an effect on what they can do in Missouri. I don't envy their t
  11. Nope, the trout parks, not Shepard of the Hills! From articles about the MDC Urban Fishing program.
  12. Travis, I have noticed the same thing the past three or so Thanksgiving weekends. We used to do really good with several different techniques. This year I looked at the wewther forcast, and didn't even bother bringing the Gator with me. Thought I'd hit the dock at Lilleys between Thanksgiving family Branson stuff. That didn't work well either. Tried some river catfish tricks. A slider snap with flat weights to stay on the bottom. Then allowing the line to pass freely through the slider. 3oz of weight wouldn't get to the bottom, just floated diwn stream like nothing. So I gave up. Tried a
  13. What's your prediction for about three weeks from now? Thanksgiving weekend
  14. If the Big O continues to drop you'll be able to walk home!
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