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  1. Gatorjet

    browning airstream rod

    Well,you guys made me do it! Plus both BPS, and Cabela's have free shipping right now. I need another jig rod like I need another nose. But I just ordered a 6 1/2' Airstream, and from Cabela's the Phlueger Summet XT they have on sale. Had about six bucks in points at Cabela's so the reel only cost me thirty bucks.
  2. Gatorjet

    Bucks Only On Public Land Macon County

    I'll open this again. Because I just got a call from my friend up there, and he is being told that it does indeed mean bucks only. They even called someone with the Conservation Department that said that is what it means. Why then don't they just post the areas as bucks only? My best guess is "ticket bait".
  3. Gatorjet

    Branson Landing Public Boat Dock?

    The small docks along the Landing aren't really designed for access in and out of boats. Double rail all the way around that you have to crawel through or over. There are six public slips at the cruise boat dock to accommodate patrons of the Paddle Wheel. I have always wondered why there aren't more convenient public slips at other places along the landing. I guess they don't think fishermen on Taneycomo would pull in for dining in the restaurants.
  4. Gatorjet

    fishing beads

    One of many youtube videos on the subject. Just do a google search on trout bead youtube. I bought a supply of beads, hoohs, and the clear rubber "pegs" last Spring, but haven't tried them yet. Think when I'm there in October it might be a great time to give them a try.
  5. Gatorjet

    Lilley's Winter Tournament Schedule 2019

    Just noticed this. Thought entries weren't open until October first. Are you already taking entries?
  6. Gatorjet

    Proper Spinning Rod Setup for 2lb test

    Look at the 25 series Phleuger reels. They aren't the tiny little mini reels like others.
  7. Gatorjet

    Proper Spinning Rod Setup for 2lb test

    My jig rods are all the Lilley's rods. 6', 6'6", and 7'. All with Phleuger President, or phleuger Purist reels spooled up with 2# Maxima Ultragreen line. All work very well, and I don't deviate from the 2# even when the water is nof as clear, or fishing deeper.
  8. Gatorjet

    Holiday Weekend Report NON-RESTRICTED ZONE

    Heading down in the morning. Hope to make up for a disastrous Branson Firefighters tournament. Tooth ache that turned into an infection in my jaw, and a trip to Cox Urgent Care Friday morning. No sleep other than maybe 5 or ten minutes at a time for almost four days. My partner thought I was going to fall asleep and drop my rod into the lake. Or worse yet, take a shockingly cool plunge off the front deck of the Gator. Not the best way to fish. Daughter, and Son-In-Law coming this trip. Hope we can get on some fish.
  9. Gatorjet

    Powerbait and Trout worm deal

    Lilleys Landing Resort and Marina, Branson Mo. Denny Dennis Sporting Goods Fenton Mo. Dunn's Sporting Goods, Pevely Mo. Weaver's bait and tackle, Lebanon Mo. Support local merchants!
  10. Gatorjet

    First time rules questions

    So a jig, which is a lure if it has marabou feathers tied on it becomes "bait" if it has soft plastic attached to it instead of marabou. Think I've got it now.
  11. Gatorjet

    Taneycomo, May 30 fishing report

    Might result to that. Probably will have some in the boat. Nick and Mandy's niece is here with them, and loves to fish. Probably take her out bait dippin' tomorrow.
  12. Gatorjet

    Taneycomo, May 30 fishing report

    Tried a couple of my known productive spots down lake from Lilleys Landing this morning. More properly formally productive spots. Not even a single bump on sculpin/peach jigs near Cooper Creek, Monkey Island. The bridges, a or landing. Even tried trolling a Flicker Shad down by the Landing. Nothing. Went up to Fall Creek, and fished the Gulp Worm under a float. Caught one about 12-13 inches, and several 10" fish. All fat, and healthy. Caught one more about 12" in 1/16 oz scupin/peach jig.
  13. Gatorjet

    Powerbait and Trout worm deal

    "This kind of talk"? I believe I have been trying to be nothing but respectful, and informative. I made a comment about not shopping at Dicks, and answered a question as to why. My answers have been based on fact, not political agenda driven media hype. But I will let it go at this.
  14. Gatorjet

    Powerbait and Trout worm deal

    No offence, but you either live in a sheltered world, or have an obvious lack of knowledge on the subject. I quite often hunt with handguns. Since 1972 I have hunted deer with a 44 Magnum revolver. For the past several years I have used a Thompson Center Contender handgun. I also have, and at times still do carry a 10MM Glock G20. My son that has several AR platform HUNTING rifles also has a Glock G40 in 10MM for hunting in Missouri's Alternative Methods deer season. What was formally called "muzzle loader" or "black powder" season. But now also allows centerfire handguns. Not only in Missouri is there a special season where handguns are used for deer hunting. Illinois, and many other states have a specific handgun deed hunting season. As for the use of the AR, or any semi-automatic rifles in school shootings, the first school mass shooting was at the University of Texas in 1966. 13 killed, 31 wounded. The weapons used. Remington 700 volt action "hunting" rifle. Remington 141 "hunting" rifle. Sears model 60 "hunting" shotgun. Maybe a few facts over liberal news media fiction on the subject could help you expand your knowledge of the subject.

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