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  1. Poaching Story

    I think there should be an option for some leniency for first time "ignorance of the law is no excuse" offenders. But not for blatant wildlife hogs. I bet the $300 is less than a buck per fish for what he has taken over the years.
  2. Life at Outlet #2

    Is catching really that much more important than fishing to the people that crowd together like that?
  3. TinBoats Tourney

    Plus they are better eating. Or at least you get more meat out of a 12"-15" bass. You can keep more of them too.
  4. August 10-12

    So, is your fiance going to be your partner in the Firefighter's benefit tournament in a couple weeks?
  5. Leggy Foam Ant (Sz 16)

    Giess they have to set the line somewhere. But I never understood the ban on soft plastic as a part of a hard bait. Maybe it happens, but I have never seen a trout swallow a plastic tailed Road Runner, or Trout Magnet. I understand live, scented, or soft material as the entirety of the lure.
  6. Leggy Foam Ant (Sz 16)

    So soft foam body and rubber legs, legal. But soft plastic body on lead head jig (Trout Magnet, curly tail Roadrunner, Beetle Spin), not legal. Doesn't really make sense.
  7. Did they get them out?

    Fake news is not just about political agendas. Where are the real journalists that acrually get the facts before they present a story? Just seems like they take the easy way out. Don't bother working hard to discover the facts, and detsils. Just present a story on what they think went on. Sorry for the OT rant.
  8. Did they get them out?

    So did they get any out, or just pulled them out further into the lake? Never saw them doing anything but breaking the strap or pulling it loose.
  9. Did they get them out?

    I was standing up by the last Condo right next to the creek. Looking down on where the pile of three were. Just the pickup left. The red car, and white compact SUV were not there. One of the other people there said that they saw them drag the two off the pile, but they both broke off out in the middle. I think one of them is what they were working on when I was there. The plan might work with a diver to rig them correctly, and one of those big wreckers they use for 18 Wheelers. I probably left just before you did. A reporter from KOLR 10 in Springfield had just showed up. Maybe they will have some kind of report.
  10. July 20 fishing report

    Witnessed a bit of the "Fiasco of Fall Creek" this morning. I think they need a bigger wrecker!
  11. Did they get them out?

    Phil, did they get any of the cars out today? We were in town on a last minute trip, and I drove down to Fall Creek a couple times to see what was going on. Stopped by before we left town. Saw you out there, did you get any pics, or drone videos. What a Chinese Fire Drill!!! They had pulled two from the pile by the bank, and from what I heard they both broke off, or came unhooked about halfway across the lake. I watched it happen once. How do you remove cars waahed into a lake by a flash flood? Obviously not with two guys on Waverunners, a couple people in a pontoon boat, and a small, standard car towing type wrecker!
  12. Water to be down on Tuesday ??????

    Wonder if Bull Shoals is down enough to repair the air bags at Powersite? kind of think if not they would just flag the car lot, and do both jobs at the same time.
  13. Jet boat tours?

    Yup, Share with people on how to catch more and bigger fish..and hopefully encourage them to catch photo and release the bigger fish so more catch say a 4pound + smallmouth...or 40 pound common carp...even 2 pound bluegills.... "Catch what you can use and release the rest to fight another day" Bill dance For the past nearly 30 years Taneycomo has been my main fishing water. I just don't see the need to post about every fish, every trip, every tournament. It is quite interesting to randomly go back through many threads on both the Taneycomo forums, and even the trout forum and see the loudest complainers about the jet boat conspicuous by their absence. Do you, or have you ever fished Taneycomo? Especially from a boat where the jet boat is operating. The closest thing I have to a "steak" in a bar on the Landing would be a ribeye at Big Whiskeys. As mentioned before, I have no connection in any way with the Branson Jet Boat. In fact, when the first information came out that it would be going "up" and down Taneycomo I was opposed to it. Down lake should be no real problem. I do have an issue on demonizing it through uninformed, and false predictions of doom and gloom caused by horrendous wakes. It just is not going to happen. I guess it's just that even though my septaugenarian body may be deteriorating, my brain hasn't sunk to the "get off my lawn" mentality.
  14. Jet boat tours?

    Guess you haven't been around the Landing to see the "youg'ns" enjoying the kayaka, stand up boards, the new CraigCat catamarans. Then moving down the Landing for a ride on the zipline. I'm sure their next stop after the zipline will be the jetboat. Remember those young'ns are not all 20 year old snowflakes. A good number of them are the 35-50 demographic that have, and more importantly let go of the $$$. While many your assumed elderly "spenders" squeeze their nickels so tight ole Tom Jefferson's eyes bug out.
  15. Jet boat tours?

    No not involved at all. I am also not promoting it either. Just accepting the fact that it is a legal operation, and no amount of false, or exaggerated gloom and doom speculation is going to stop it. As long as it stays down lake from the Landing, I have no problem with it. I do have a few years, and river (and lake) miles of jet experience. I know how they operate, what they do, and how they do it. The previous posts from people who were actually on the lake opposed to your speculation are much more valid to how a jet boat runs. As for your friend's estimation of the speed it was traveling, the sound of it could be quite deceptive. So far from reports from fishermen in a bass boat, and also kayaks your prediction of a devastating wake just is not proving to be correct. Gatorjerk, really. A bit childish aren't you?

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