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  1. Yup. Won't be down until Friday morning. One buddy is coming with me. My other buddy is bring Dave with him in the evening. Dave's getting home from Africa that morning. We're in 3 or 4. Greg, Jeremy, John, Frank, and family are in Curtis's old house above Phils. Rumor has it some guy's bringing his almost authintic, semi famous jambalaya for Friday night!
  2. Same here on the circle hook Seth. But I go one size bigger with the crawlers. #6 for powerbait eggs, #4 for crawlers. Very few gut hooked fish. Plus for kds, or newbies I have fishing with me hookups are almost automatic when drifting. Bgctrading, standard Taney drift rig. About 3' of line (I use 2#, most use 4#), hook on one end, weight ( just enough to feel it tick, not drag, the bottom.) Tie a loop about a foot above the weight to attach to a snap swiver on your main line.
  3. Good thing it isn't the next weekend, same as the Branson Firefighter's Benefit tournament. Not that I will be fishing the landing, and below or anything.
  4. Boating under the influence, multiple Wildlife Code violations, warrent from another state. Sounds more like an extended stay in the Grabar Hotel should be in order.
  5. Are there lots of weeds in Bull Creek?. Especially growing to within 3' or so of the surface. Logs, stumps, even rocks, meh. Weeds, I'm dead in the water.
  6. Is your arm completely immobilized? I fished the RAW Tournament one year with my arm in a sling from a crushed elbow. Was at least able to turn the crank on a spinning rod.
  7. Should be four divisions. Novice, intermittent, professional, and Doty!
  8.  First tip, don't give up on them. I was the same way for a long time. Even in the tournaments that allowed bait. Finally forced myself to stick with the jigs until I learned, or gained confidence in them. I have been a lot more successful since. Be ready to buy a lot of jigs. Between losing them, and having enough variety to find what they like, you will end up buying, or tying a bunch. My goto color for several years was sculpin/olive with olive head. But for the past couple years it seems sculpin/peach with burnt orange head has been #1. White can be a killer especially in Winter. I've also had good luck when the water is a bit dingy with black. Then there's Phill's favorite LOL, pink. Also don't just stay with casting straight jigs. A small jig, 1/80 and smaller down to the half micro fished under a float can be very good. But conditions, and the mood of the fish right. Cloudy, low, or no flow, and just enough wind for a little riffle on the surface. Just stick with it, and you will get the hang of it soon.
  9. Heck, I could probably be to Powersite in 10 minutes! Picked it up this morning. They forgot the 598, just replaced the fuel guage, sharpened up the impeller, couple other minor issues, and fixed the trailer brakes that were all jacked up. There was a couple in the shop picking out colors, seat style, etc for a new one Randy is building for them. I asked if they had a motor chosen yet. Told them pick the largest possible that could afford, then go one bigger!
  10. Blown 598 and NOS system! LOL Ya don't think that 6.0 gets me in enough trouble?
  11. Don't know if lows in the upper teens, and twenties will do it, but that looks like the forecast leading up to RAW. Doubt it will bring on a strong "white bite" due to a shad kill, but something to think about. Also with the whole White River chain of lakes being a bit high, more perception in the forecast, and cold weather energy demands the fish might begetting used to heavy current by Groundhog Day. All I know is Randy called this morning, and said the Gator is ready to rock.....So am I.
  12. Do you have to be celebrating a big catch to go to Cakes and Cream?
  13. Buggy whips and rubber bib ovarall guys aside, I tell newbies there are three ways to catch trout on Taneycomo. You can bass fish, crappie fish, or catfish. Bass fish----Various jerk baits, stick baits, or crank baits. Or jig fishing bouncing a jig on the bottom. Just down size your jigs, and of course line. Crappie fish----Simple, fishing a jig under a float. Mostly jigs smaller than those I would use for crappie, but fished pretty much the same way. Catfish-----Bottom fishing with bait. Prepared bait like powerbait, live bait like night crawlers. With no generation fished with a split shot 18"-24" ahead of the hook. With generation, drifted on a " Taney rig". Three feet of line with a hook on one end, weight just enough to keep it on the bottom on the other end, and an attachment loop tied a foot above the weight. Personally I use circle hooks, and in a larger size than most. #4, smallest #6. The fish pretty much hook themselves, and swallowed hooks are much less likely facilitating safer releases. Whether using a leader attached to a heavier main line, or just straight line from my reel, the last line touching my lure or bait is 2# Maxima Ultragreen. Gatorjet, or Gator. Either is what most people on Taney know me by.
  14. Update, Bass Pro informed me last week that they were canceling my order because the rod had been backordered for 30 days. I checked their website yesterday, and although the 6'6" is still not in stock it is available on backorder. At $ 2 more than the previous sale price that they cancelled the backorder on. kinda easy to see why JM is the Five Billion Dollar Man he is! My own feelings are that I shouldn't fall for his bait and switch game, but I really would like to try this rod. So I swallowed my pride, and ordered one again anyway. At leadt I used some Cabella's points I had, and had it shipped to the store free. So it's only costing me about fifteen bucks. If I get it this time!
  15. I guess I kinda dropped the ball this year. Usually the first to mention the NYE gettogether. I couldn't make it this year, and thought maybe somebody else would start the thread. Guess without Gator's Jambalaya if just ain't the same LOL. Next year for sure!!!
  16. Well,you guys made me do it! Plus both BPS, and Cabela's have free shipping right now. I need another jig rod like I need another nose. But I just ordered a 6 1/2' Airstream, and from Cabela's the Phlueger Summet XT they have on sale. Had about six bucks in points at Cabela's so the reel only cost me thirty bucks.
  17. I'll open this again. Because I just got a call from my friend up there, and he is being told that it does indeed mean bucks only. They even called someone with the Conservation Department that said that is what it means. Why then don't they just post the areas as bucks only? My best guess is "ticket bait".
  18. The small docks along the Landing aren't really designed for access in and out of boats. Double rail all the way around that you have to crawel through or over. There are six public slips at the cruise boat dock to accommodate patrons of the Paddle Wheel. I have always wondered why there aren't more convenient public slips at other places along the landing. I guess they don't think fishermen on Taneycomo would pull in for dining in the restaurants.
  19. One of many youtube videos on the subject. Just do a google search on trout bead youtube. I bought a supply of beads, hoohs, and the clear rubber "pegs" last Spring, but haven't tried them yet. Think when I'm there in October it might be a great time to give them a try.
  20. Just noticed this. Thought entries weren't open until October first. Are you already taking entries?
  21. Look at the 25 series Phleuger reels. They aren't the tiny little mini reels like others.
  22. My jig rods are all the Lilley's rods. 6', 6'6", and 7'. All with Phleuger President, or phleuger Purist reels spooled up with 2# Maxima Ultragreen line. All work very well, and I don't deviate from the 2# even when the water is nof as clear, or fishing deeper.
  23. Heading down in the morning. Hope to make up for a disastrous Branson Firefighters tournament. Tooth ache that turned into an infection in my jaw, and a trip to Cox Urgent Care Friday morning. No sleep other than maybe 5 or ten minutes at a time for almost four days. My partner thought I was going to fall asleep and drop my rod into the lake. Or worse yet, take a shockingly cool plunge off the front deck of the Gator. Not the best way to fish. Daughter, and Son-In-Law coming this trip. Hope we can get on some fish.
  24. Lilleys Landing Resort and Marina, Branson Mo. Denny Dennis Sporting Goods Fenton Mo. Dunn's Sporting Goods, Pevely Mo. Weaver's bait and tackle, Lebanon Mo. Support local merchants!
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