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    Learned to fish on Bull Shoals, Taneycomo, and Table Rock. Now, because of living in Kansas City, I mostly bass fish Truman and upper Lake of the Ozarks....and some smaller lakes in the Kansas City area. I get down to Table Rock 4-5 times a year. Really enjoy getting my 6 year old son on the water at sunrise for a good top water bite, then a little dropshot (video game fishing), some "fast" boat driving (50 mph), then back to the cabin for some outdoor fun. Absolutely love Table Rock, and hope to one day have a little place on the lake.

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  1. I don’t have any current information but in my experience you need to get out early (like 30 min before sunrise) to find the morning topwater deal. Watch for surfacing fish and toss a topwater or grub into them. Also have a ned rig handy for numbers of bites later on. Table rock can be pretty tough in the heat of the summer if you’re not familiar with the lake. If you really want to get your nephew on some fish, take a morning and go down to Taneycomo, stop in at Lilley’s Landing and have them get you set up to catch some trout. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with that decision. Best of luck.
  2. I’ve really enjoyed your posts over the years. Good luck in your travels and future fishing endeavors.
  3. Brennan


    Enjoyed watching Wheeler catch fish on the double fluke rig. Never tried it... do you guys throw it?
  4. Airstream, 6” or 6.5”.
  5. I picked all three rods up today and feel like, for under 40 bucks apiece, I did OK. I really like the seven footer. I think it will be great for the jig and float technique on Taneycomo, and would be a decent light Ned rig rod/grub Swimming rod as well. I think all three will have a place in my trout fishing arsenal. Thanks for all your input.
  6. I went ahead and ordered all three....for less than the Price of the St. Croix. Free ship to store...can’t go wrong. I may just keep them all...we’ll see. I’m thinking the 7 footer may be a good jig/float rod for my son. Thanks for the input.
  7. i was thinking of picking up a St.Croix panfish series spinning rod for casting light jigs for trout, but just noticed the Airstream series is on sale online at BPS for 39.97. Anyone have any thoughts on which length might best suit this technique? can't decide between the 6', 6'6", and the 7' versions. Im thinking the 6'6", but might just order all 3 and sort it out when they arrive.
  8. Thank you so much for your post. Stay strong in your recovery. I’m checking my steering right now.
  9. Don’t know about the line size, but I use 6lb green BPS excel for all things spinning.....I know there are better choices, but I’m a cheapskate. Also, dedicated topwater setups have 14lb excel.
  10. Bill....any reliable way to hook up with those followers you mention? I’m coming down next week to the dam area and think my young son would get a kick out of hooking up with a follower right at the boat. Maybe a weightless senko or a wacky rig? Thanks.
  11. Still praying.....God bless.
  12. Brennan


    Wow! Just Awesome. Glad to see you’re raising him to be a Jayhawk. Took my 9 year old out Crappie fishing yesterday and the highlight was a 10lb carp on an ultralight. He’s still excited about it this morning! Memories.... Well done.
  13. Bo, my dad used to tell me about using a flasher back in the day. He learned bass fishing in the 60s and 70s, fishing oxbow lakes off the Mississippi out of a 14ft flat bottom boat. He would rent a small outboard motor each trip because he didn't have the money to buy one. He did save up and buy a flasher and said it was a game changer for him. It was mostly shallow water power fishing stuff (big purple worm, devil's horse, big O, big yellow spinnerbaits), but he said it was amazing to find channel drops and actually have a better idea of the contour of the bottom. When we started using the modern stuff 10-15 years ago it really opened our eyes to what's down there. Putting into practice the stuff I've learned on this site has really changed my fishing. When we first started fishing the Ozark lakes, it took us a while to get away from the bank. Once we figured out how many fish were behind us, our catching increased 10 fold. Good luck.
  14. Bill, I did read your report right before posting. I found your description to match what I was doing exactly. I fished a point that you showed me a few years ago when you guided me in June. I've caught so many fish in that area of the lake just based on what I learned from one morning with you. I had that trip arranged with you a few years ago as a present to my Dad, but he wasn't able to come along with us. He was not well at the time, reaching the end of a long battle with a terminal illness. He rallied for a short while that September, and I brought him down for his last trip. We went straight to some of the best spots you showed me, and I'll say, he had the time of his life. We caught and released probably 50 bass that morning. I always stop on that spot...and always catch at least one. Its a place I take my son, and we talk about his PaPa. Guys, take a trip with Bill if you can. The memories may just last a lifetime. Attaching a picture from taken from that spot... Thanks again.
  15. Fished a few days this past weekend and caught quite a few. Caught pretty much everything off one location...4 trips in a row. Fished an outside bend main lake point about a mile or so above the mouth of the Kings with topwater early in the morning. The fish would move in and out of the shallow side feeding on small shad. Plenty surfacing out in the main channel as well. Honestly, they were just here and there...and everywhere around this timbered point. Tried to force the topwater bite but had most success swimming a grub through the surfacing fish. As the sun came up, caught plenty more on a small jigging spoon of the Cabelas variety. Had my 8 year old son with me and he caught his first "solo" fishies (he cast, he reeled, he set the hook...). He had a blast, and for the first time, asked to get up early and do it again the next day...and the next. Saw and caught fish on the graph from 15 - 50+ feet. My son said it was "cooler than playing Minecraft," so a small victory there. Tried to make the shallow bite work but just couldn't get it going. Thanks to everyone for all the reports.
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