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  1. my go to baits is a blk short arm spinnerbait w/ colorado blade, blk/blu jig and craw, and a 10" ol monster worm, but my absolute favorite is the one I'm catching on that night. usually just have 5 rods and 2 of them are back ups. nothing worse than having one of those professional overruns that go all the way to the spool !! not that I have ever done that
  2. thanks for the report, fishing with grandpa is special so go and enjoy as much as possible
  3. yep they parked the bell on a great spot in that part of the lake, but shoo it's a secret
  4. hitting big wakes on pad is not a good idea thats why the the throttle will go both ways, up and DOWN sometimes it pays to slow down a little
  5. geez guys doesn't anyone have anything better to do than rant on about something like this, 12 pages and it's still going GONE FISHIN
  6. at my age Dr thinks I'm experiencing some vertigo from being in the boat for several hours prescribed generic form of dramamine available over the counter and cheap at wally world. went fishing last evening and seemed to help but I could notice took just a moment before my land legs felt solid
  7. guys common sense and courtesy toword others has almost ben bred out of existence, I work with the public and see proof of that daily
  8. will be on the lake tomorrow night and will listen for the music, hope it's something I like but they stopped making good music after the 60's and early 70's. that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it LOL and yes I'm an old phart
  9. but I did have a jet ski go across my bow at 1 am once, we need a way to selectively remove some pepole from this world
  10. from memorial day to labor day is the time to fish at NIGHT
  11. did the kids still have there heads, that troll likes to bite their heads off
  12. shell knob sucks, there is a troll living under the courtesty dock and he will push you in the lake I know because he did it to me LOL
  13. thanks rick for posting, I have fished with greg and he is a great guy and a good stick
  14. a barrett 50 caliber might solve some of it but probably couldn't get away with it
  15. wasn't alone the boater and several others came to my aid. think I was dehydrated and was very weak for awhile after drinking more fluids began to feel better not sure I would have made it out without some assistance