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  1. thanx for the report, 2nd fish looks like a brownie to me and a good one at that
  2. most sucky days are when I get to go, I'm like the old cartoon of the guy who always had the black cloud hanging over his head
  3. stupid bass are the only ones I can catch LOL
  4. I thought that was you Harry, how ya doin man
  5. sounds like a good day and thanks for the report
  6. maybe mr twister is just a troll looking to start excrement flying
  7. ketchup is 100 % right on tnis one, to run on plane in the fog is stupid, and anyone doing so is not just putting themselves in danger but others as well.
  8. thanks, looks like jigs,square bills and spinnerbaits to me
  9. going in a few days to SK , can you launch there and what's the water color in that area. thanks in advance for any response
  10. well said MoPanfisher well said indeed
  11. yes there were 7 boats of fools at our club derby on bull shoals, most of us were loading and on the trailers by 3, it was supose to go till 4 but there was a big storm comming in and we played it safe. my partner and I had 16-3 with 1 lm and the rest brownies with a total of 16 keepers. the weather made it a day to remember for a long time. ps everyone made it in safely
  12. we noahs ark flood of 2017 out of lead hiill, we had 16/3 only one lm the rest were brownies. we had a total of 16 keepers. was a club derby that was supose to go till 4pm but most of us were on the trailers by 3pm, jig and a c-rig lizzard worked for us
  13. ditto
  14. a fishin in the rain we will go, hi ho hi ho. going to bull shoals friday and saturday don't just love it when a plan comes together
  15. thanks for the report and congratsm on catching, a day fishing with your son is a great day