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  1. Lews vs Falcon vs Duckett ?

    I have the kovert 6'10" mhvy that is a great sb rod, and works great for sq bills and spooks, great quality for the price
  2. An impossible cast

    spent many hrs fishing out of a boat like the one on the book cover,
  3. jerk

    don't know what you guys are talking about but I'm talking floating worms because them stickbait things won't work, only A rigs work
  4. jerk

    twitch,twitch, pause twitch,twitch twitch pause, twitch pause get the net, won't be long now OH YEAH BABY
  5. turn over

    holly cow guys I was just wondering what the water conditions were in the sk area, didn't mean to stir up a pile of do do
  6. turn over

    lake turned yet in shell knob area of the lake, haven't been there in a few weeks. was out of pb2 on loz saturday and it had turned most of the fish we marked were 25-45 ft deep and bites were rare at best. what is water temp my jerk baits are chomping at the bit
  7. Bass report 10_22.17

    SHooooooo, don't you know stockton is a walley lake, ain't no good for bass. great job and congrats
  8. The old blind sow sometimes finds acorns

    thanks for the report and glad you found some fish, enjoy oregon
  9. A little research / who is fishing

    fished out of a boat last sat. on stockton, lots of boat trafic, weather was low 80's mixed sun and clouds had some topwater action then it was mostly shaky head had a mix of smallies largemouth and kentuckes and managed 7 leagal fish out of many shorts but nothing over 2 1/2
  10. saturday 8/12

    well we managed to catch over 20 bass with 6 being legal keepers, 2 brownies, 2 lm, and 2 kentuckies , biggest was a 2 1/2lb lm. all the fish came 2 to 12 ft deep, both creek arms and main lake and top water and shaky head produced the best
  11. 8/12-13 kimberling

    shouldn't have said that but when champ was the first to reply just couldn't resist, I hang my head in shame. that is good results on a summer weekend on the rock
  12. 8/12-13 kimberling

    a shirt like that keeps most of the fish with lock jaw LOL
  13. saturday 8/12

    will be there tommorow chasing bass, if you see a yellow and white triton say hi, I'll be the fat boy in the back of the boat
  14. America the Beautiful COE pass

    anyone that lives close enough you can also get them at Wilson Creek National park, a civil war battlefield sw of springfield mo , a word of caution people will steal them out of your vehicle. freind of mine forgot to take his down after fishing and went to walmart and that is the resxt of the story
  15. after dark baits

    my go to baits is a blk short arm spinnerbait w/ colorado blade, blk/blu jig and craw, and a 10" ol monster worm, but my absolute favorite is the one I'm catching on that night. usually just have 5 rods and 2 of them are back ups. nothing worse than having one of those professional overruns that go all the way to the spool !! not that I have ever done that

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