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  1. i'd be interested in those places where I can find huge sunfish. I'll shoot you a PM.
  2. Airflo polyleaders work well. come in various sizes and sink rates from floating to extra fast sink. Have used them with great success at Bennett with cracklebacks and leech/woolly patterns. quick change out if you want to throw a dry or terrestial too. just like taking off a standard leader.
  3. Thinking of heading down for the last day of catch and release tomorrow but don't want to play bumper cars. What are the roads like.
  4. Fly-tying? I use Wapsi's Z-ment. Brush applicator. Was a Zap A Gap guy but get much better control with the Z-ment.
  5. Sweet Full-flexing 2wt. Orvis Ultrafine 7'9" 2 piece 2wt. Rod is in excellent condition. Has the original sock and tube. My poor photo skills don't do justice to this rod. Price is $185 shipped and insured to the lower 48 only. PM here with any questions. 3 day inspection. First "I'll take it" gets it. Can arrange a face to face at Bennett for a trial run if interested.
  6. any pale yellow thread will work. i use veevus 10. great taneycomo fly. under an indicator or dropper off of a big dry or larger nymph. i coat the entire fly in loon flow or sally hansens to protect the flashabou overbody
  7. Bunch of great suggestions. I love to catch trout on dries and little midges but for me at least, I find I need to break out the old sink tip line and strip something to catch fish regularly at Bennett. The crackleback in all the tried and true colors. Chartreuse works well sometimes and so does copper or orange. griffiths gnat stripped on the sink tip. Can never go wrong with a brown woolly. One of the best days I ever had during catch and release was with a white river demon (bugger variation). Here's a link: http://www.swedneckflyfishing.com/wr_demon.htm. i use bright orange thread but I am sure red works well too. When wet, the thread underbody kind of glows through the pearl midge braid overwrap. looks pretty cool. Another bugger variation I do well with on occasion is called the Oklahoma bugger (don't know why). size 10 or 12. gold bead Yellowish olive marabou tail. yellowish grizzly hackle and a peacock herl body. The flash is tied in a little differently. take four or five strands of olive or root beer krystal flash and tie it in behind the bead on top of the body before you palmer the hackle. then palmer the hackle up. trim the flash even with the tail. forms a "crackleback" of flash instead of the peacock herl. has been deadly at times.
  8. I know nothing about fly fishing but my son in Colorado is a beginner at the craft and I would like to get him started with a setup.  Is the fly rod you are selling suitable for a novice? 

    1. dpenrod


      really depends on what he is fishing for and what type of water he plans on fishing.  this is a lightweight trout set up that is pretty specialized.  would be good for small streams.  I wouldnt use it on really big water.  if this is his first rod I would probably recommend a 9' 4 or 5wt. if he is fishing mainly for trout.  u might ask him where he plans on using it.  if he is a dedicated small stream fisherman this would work for him.  hope this helps.

    2. Pepe


      Thank you for that in,formation.  Very helpful. 

  9. "Bennett Blue" cracklebacks and brown woollies.
  10. do you still have the kayak?  i'll be in kc this weekend...would be interested if still available...let me know

    thanks, kendall

    1. dpenrod


      still have it. could meet you sometime on sunday if that works.  my cell is 816-678-7796.  thanks.

  11. disregard. read a post a couple of threads down that answered this question,
  12. been itching to head down to taney and watching the generations schedules religiously. the last several days have shown 40 (megawatts) as the output for several hours. is this wadeable?
  13. John, sent you a pm. also, these older eyes are getting weaker by the minute. that closeup of the midge a couple of posts up-the body looks grayish to these tired eyes?
  14. rod has been traded. reel and line are still available for &60 shipped to lower 48.
  15. up for sale a great smallmouth combo. Rod is a custom (not factory) 9', 2 piece Sage RPL in very good used condition paired with a Sage 106M reel spooled with RIO 6WF smallmouth line. reel and line are also in good used condition. Not sure of the components on the rod as I bought it used myself. Does NOT have a fighting butt. Can take and send pics to interested parties. also comes with a white river rod on reel case for 2 piece rods. $220 shipped to the lower 48. paypal only. PM here with questions.
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