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  1. I know nothing about fly fishing but my son in Colorado is a beginner at the craft and I would like to get him started with a setup.  Is the fly rod you are selling suitable for a novice? 

    1. dpenrod


      really depends on what he is fishing for and what type of water he plans on fishing.  this is a lightweight trout set up that is pretty specialized.  would be good for small streams.  I wouldnt use it on really big water.  if this is his first rod I would probably recommend a 9' 4 or 5wt. if he is fishing mainly for trout.  u might ask him where he plans on using it.  if he is a dedicated small stream fisherman this would work for him.  hope this helps.

    2. Pepe


      Thank you for that in,formation.  Very helpful. 

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