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  1. You may want to try the 11point river for Otters, I always see a lot of them from cane bluff to greer around the spring creek area.
  2. COOK, I would not miss your ceremony of the fly rod for anything. I think Brian is going to give you three fly rods this year. See you on the water. Superfly
  3. I took an ovvernight trip Sat./Sun. Greer to Truner. The fishing was great. Golden stoneflies, prince nymphs, and yellow and black bitch creeks produced the fish. A 16' rainbow was my big fish, about a dozen to hand. I just spent around 3hrs fishing. More of a camping trip with my wife. Saturday night was exciting, wet and wild with the all night thunder storms. The tent held up fine. Just a wet sunday morning.
  4. Thanks for the update on the fishing. What color of stonefly?
  5. 1. Don's Crawdad 2. Yellow Stonefly 3. Red worm / eggs - salmon 4. JiGS - variety of colors 5. Prince Nymph
  6. Give Troy a call and he can answer all your questions. They make some great leaders....... I have used them for pulling streamers for white bass, dry flies on Crane, and nymphing rigs on the 11point. For most of the leaders I like the 3' ones and bluid off that. Superfly
  7. superfly


    What is your favorite recipe or way to cook white bass?
  8. superfly


    Does anyone know why they/someone close sandstone rd/lane? I went down it the other day and the fence crossing was not blocked.
  9. Good luck on your trip. Just listen to Brian on the fishing tips and you will do fine. Bigger spring water on 11point vs Aug. = bigger split shot. Pick up a hand full of the purple prince looking flies from Brian. They did good a week ago. He will have some other special flies/jigs for you too. Superfly
  10. No joke they were BIG. I bet they averaged 20 to 25lbs a piece.
  11. I would like to report FIVE large otters as big as SEALS. I spotted them about three hundred yards up stream from where Spring Creek dumps into the 11point. The biggest one was right at the mouth of the creek. Spring Creek is about 3 miles downstream of Cane Bluff. Please trap and remove them. Thanks, Superfly
  12. Stock the Brownies. Justin you have a great idea. Just Do It!
  13. Brian and Ryan, Thanks again for another great Oct. Rally on the 11point. Great day fishing, warm sunny day, and an excellent BBQ. Go Tigers! Superfly
  14. Mr. Roller refurbished a fiberglass rod for me. He did a great job....
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